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  1. My modena green escort I had in about 1990. Then me, when I had a six pack. More like a 1 barrel now. 🤣
  2. Did you give him a receipt saying 'sold as seen with no warranty given or implied'. If so, tell him to get stuffed.
  3. Yeah, seen that mate, and may bid, so long as it doesn't go stupid, which it probably will do. Cheers
  4. Why not do what I did and tap a thread onto the rod that the circlip fits onto. Can't remember what I cut it to now, maybe m8.
  5. I'm on the lookout for a MK2 RS2000 petrol cap. Have you got one hidden in the garage or drawer, if so, I'm interested in buying it. It doesn't matter what colour it is as I'll hand it to my paint sprayer. Thanks in advance.
  6. Haha, looks can be deceiving mate. Actually, parts of it are very good, and other parts are crap. 😁
  7. Yes, me too. It's gonna be a while as the paint shop will drop on it at quieter times. That's fine by me as it saves me lots of dough, gives me chance to sort engine, and my garage. Lol.
  8. Got the car loaded up and off she goes for respraying. I'm keeping it white. In the meantime I've got engine work to do.
  9. The bores look good. Nothing bad to report. I put a gauge across them and without my glasses on, read 93mm. I was told it was a 2.1, so that's good. The pistons have been balanced too and are forged with 45 degree bottoms.
  10. So i stripped the engine and got the pistons out. What do these stamped numbers tell me. Cheers
  11. Thanks for that bud. I suppose when you look at it, whether I buy a new head, fit a new cam and rockers I might be up to that kind of figure of yours. So might aswell send my unit to vulcan.
  12. Hiya dt mate, thanks. 👍 2.1 pinto, big valve, RL21 cam, which needs a more road friendlier one putting in as it needs changing anyway. I know you suggested a cam last time mate. I've just been looking at a new head from Burton, at £745. 🤔 Cheers. Fozzy
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