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  1. Cheers bud Off a 2.0 ltr if I remember rightly. I welded tramp bar brackets on and did a disc coversion at same time. Before I changed it, it had 20mm spacers on, which I didn't like. It handles the road loads better now. Just noticed yours is a mk1, but unless I'm wrong, should be similar set up anyway. Cheers. Fozzy
  2. I put a 52" capri axle on my RS2000 with tarmac arches and 8" minilites. My wheels are what I would consider being centered and don't catch the arches. It's close, but misses. I have considered getting RS4s with a slight offset and putting a 1" lowering block back in.
  3. I noticed it other day too. I'm still not too fussed over the colour TBH. Red would have been a lot more betterer. ? Fozzy
  4. Mmmm, it wasn't quite as good underneath as I thought. It is quite holy. ? Fozzy
  5. Nevermind that, get them on instead of leaving us in suspence like this. ? Fozzy
  6. Gonna be watching this thread mate and looking forwards to the next pictures. To say it's been stood nearly 40 years, the underside looks pretty good. Fozzy
  7. I am beginning to start thinking on the same lines TBH mate. Although a remote servo as I understand it can go in the boot if required. Fozzy
  8. Mine has a big valve head and rl21 cam in. Apart from it needing fully tuning, next year now, mine is lumpy. I put it more down to the high lift cam than it needing tuning, but maybe I'm wrong, but won't really know till next year now. My head isn't painted BTW. That's on the pinto, not my shoulders. ???? Fozzy
  9. Thanks Colin, I'll have a look what type that is I've got. I know this one I've got looks old, but not really looked at it closely. Fozzy
  10. Yes Vista mate, I did forget that bit about needing 2 servos. If i go down the route I'll put the servo on the front. Fozzy
  11. Why not ad a remote servo to it bud. Fozzy
  12. Ta mate. I do have a remote servo that I got out of the mither in laws garage, so I suppose so long as it's ok or resealable, if needs be, then I could look at that if I found it as you described. Fozzy
  13. Are using a servo with yours Colin. ? Cheers. Fozzy
  14. This is mine in white, (obviously) and I was thinking of putting some colour into it. I was, and maybe still am thinking of castrol colours, red roof, green back end etc. I also like the really bright red colour I've seen on Google images. Trouble is, once it's done, it's done. Personally, I like both your colours, although the Rothmans probably gets a big bigger vote from me. Fozzy
  15. This winter I plan on doing some more jobs on the RS. One being putting a bias pedal box in. This is to help tidy the engine bay up and get rid of the tower. How easy do they go in and is there any cutting away needed. Also, what do you recommend as in make, is anyone any better than tother. I've seen them one fleabay for about £250 then there's the reservoirs to get. At this moment I'm thinking of ditching the servo as when my servo went down, the brakes didn't seem any harder to use, and I've since put discs on the back. What's your views. Cheers. Fozzy
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