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  1. You were supposed to be sending me a wheel to see if they suited my car, but never bothered. Nevermind.
  2. Thanks for that mate. Gonna be while before I need one, but it's interesting to know.
  3. Today I had a friend of a friend from down south look at my RS2000. He had them and worked on them years ago and seemed quite knowledgeable. We spoke about my plans and he mentioned about putting a vernier pulley on. He said he'd done it in the past and it made loads of difference to the set up. So my question is, are there any advantages to putting one on and what are they.? Cheers. Fozzy
  4. I'm South Yorkshire and you're East Yorkshire, and I cant understand a f##### word you say Col. 😁😁😁
  5. Hi RP, no mate, the colour and decals are as I got it 2 years ago. Although once I get the time I may change something, we'll see. But then that's a whole different discussion on here. 😂😂😂
  6. Bloodyhell lads, you certainly know how to make me think. And I do appreciate what you're all saying. Well I've just re-insured it today and for what it costs and costs to keep in the garage I've decided for the time being to keep it. Cheers 😀
  7. Thanks mate. 👍👍
  8. Hi mate, and thanks for the advice. Over the years I have come to the mind that if I don't use something, it gets sold and I don't regret it. I don't need the money, but may, and I stress may need more cash for a building project, so it's a bit of both, lost interest, although when I go into the garage and take the cover off, it makes me smile, and, maybe needing the cash for a project if I get the chance to buy it. Ofcourse, if it doesn't sell, then I'm quite happy to keep it and do something with it when I retire in a couple of years time. Thanks again bud. 👍
  9. Just testing the water here for if there would be any interest in buying my 1976 RS2000 flat front, 2.1 pinto, twin 45s, big valve head. MOT and tax exempt. It's a very nice motor and my intentions were to strip the engine down to re-cut the valves, put a different cam in and put a full new gasket set in, supplied. It needs a new ring gear at about £60 as there's teeth missing. I put a 52" capri axle on last year with disc conversion. I also put a new water pump on, fan and radiator, also new halogen headlights. Overall, the car is very nice and it gets commented on as mint, but it's not. TBH, once the valves have been re-cut and cam changed and tuned, it's a fast usable motor. But if you want to show it, then it'll need painting in places. ATM, I cannot envisage me having the time or interest in owning it any longer due to time and work. But if it doesn't sell, it can stay in the garage and keep appreciating in value. Withdrawn from sale. I'm keeping it thanks to this lot below. 😄
  10. Cheers bud Off a 2.0 ltr if I remember rightly. I welded tramp bar brackets on and did a disc coversion at same time. Before I changed it, it had 20mm spacers on, which I didn't like. It handles the road loads better now. Just noticed yours is a mk1, but unless I'm wrong, should be similar set up anyway. Cheers. Fozzy
  11. I put a 52" capri axle on my RS2000 with tarmac arches and 8" minilites. My wheels are what I would consider being centered and don't catch the arches. It's close, but misses. I have considered getting RS4s with a slight offset and putting a 1" lowering block back in.
  12. I noticed it other day too. I'm still not too fussed over the colour TBH. Red would have been a lot more betterer. ? Fozzy
  13. Mmmm, it wasn't quite as good underneath as I thought. It is quite holy. ? Fozzy
  14. Nevermind that, get them on instead of leaving us in suspence like this. ? Fozzy
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