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  1. Just moved to cornwall so hopefully il be attending the run and the show on the sunday. Best get cleaning then
  2. Few more pics wheels blasted and powder coated steel timing cog as the old are made of nylon and apparently can break.it was a noisy bleeding thing when first fitted but seems to be quietening down.thanks for looking.il try to get some early pics of the resto cheers mel
  3. Thanks .never noticed the sign haha.she drives lovely.the janspeeds sound great.burbling nicely until i give it some.i can see the fuel gauge going down ha.
  4. Hi sorry ive not been around.thebresto is complete so il shove a good few pics on its grease on the rear spring.honest .looks like rust haha.and then off to be motd stripes fitted .wing badges on .taxed and motd.woohoo
  5. New member here.heres a pic of me 18 years old. Haha frankie goes to hollywood tshirt on as well.
  6. Thanks chaps.not my cup of tea to be truthful. But when finished should get me something nice.
  7. Hi.intriduced myself yesterday.so i thought id shove a few pics up of the car as it stands. hope u like .thanks .mel
  8. Hi.newie here.ive spent 3 years on and off restoring my mk2 3.0s capri 1977 model.its nearly finished.il get some pics up soon.cheers.mel
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