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  1. sick paint

    v8 tina

    hi guys and gals so how many of you all are running v8s in your tinas any pics i was building an st powered tina which is in this forum but decided against it lol and now fitted a ford 347ci 8 inch rear and c4 box with trans brake should be fun
  2. sick paint

    ford 302 needed

    hi everyone i am looking for a running ford 302 5.0 v8 if anyone has any kicking about let me know
  3. sick paint

    new guy

    Well that is the front end done now for the body work and the fun bit.
  4. sick paint

    the st tina

    That's very cool gives me food for Thought mmmmmmmm what sort of time did you run at the 1/4 mile
  5. sick paint

    the st tina

    Cool thanks for that what set up are you running on your st lump and do you have any pics of your mk1
  6. sick paint

    new guy

    here you go the spec at the mo is st170 zetec rebuilt type 9 box retro ford mk1 tina to type 9 bell housing gaz adjustable coil overs up front group 1 big brake kit with vented discs eccentric top mounts strut bar original cross member and steering box to make it fun lol and to comply with new 8 point system the work at the mo has been all up front as the rest of the car was done years ago by pre owner so it has had new inner wings new inner kick plates new strut tops new inner strut supports basically everything you see in primer and white etch is new i bought it with all this done all have had to do is put the new wings on but i am trying tor replace the bits that are not right like the driver sill is good but not the same shape as the passenger so trying to make as clean and original as the factory made but with a modern engine that will be fun to drive and it will haul ass as going to rebuild engine with forged pistons ect and turbo so a sleeper lol
  7. well here is my mk1 STina bought it with all matching numbers original 1200cc pre xflow and box had been fully rebuilt buy pre owner who worked for ford in the engine assembly part history is as follows 2 owners from new i am the third first guy ordered the car from new with all the extras the second guy whom worked at ford i bought it off was the son of the first owner full service history with ford up to 1989 then car was taken off road for restoration and repair after a crash then put back on road 1997 then taken off road again in 2012 to restore some more the guy lost heart in it after all the bad bits were done and now to me picking it up 5 months ago. were i am putting the new wings on that came with car and swapping the engine for the st170 lump and rebuilding the car and going through it to repair anything that needs it. will be uploading pics as i go
  8. sick paint


    hi guys sorry for late reply i could not access account as i cant remember username password or email address LOL and i have just sold the 300e and brought a all matching numbers mk1 cortina deluxe i am now squeezing the st170 lump in funny how life works o and the car has no rot and the price i paid you could not buy a two front wings for lol it was a bargain
  9. sick paint

    the st tina

    hi guys thanks for the input and advice the type 9 i bought of a guy who owns a gearbox refurbishment company and been fully rebuilt with longer first gear i am still undecided weather to boost it or run N/A with bike carbs and cams i want something quick and fun and to pee the boy racers off LOL does anyone know were to get the tramp bar set up for an English and were to get the gt shafts from also what sort of power would the rear end take before BANG as i would love to keep the look and feel of the original car
  10. sick paint


    hi everyone i was on this forum years ago when i had a mk1 cortina i now own a 1962 300e van with 1600 gt in the front i am a custom airbrush artist sign painter and pinstriper from colchester Essex hence the username