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  1. Thanks for the reply, is the gazebo 3m x 4.5m ?
  2. Love your display lads well done. Random question, where did you purchase your gazebo from ? Thanks Richard
  3. Morning Can someone post Andy's telephone number or inbox me his number please? Thanks Richard
  4. Thanks Old Skool to the bone That is exactly what I thought, thanks for your help Richard
  5. Morning guys. What information do you need to supply for the plate ? I need to get a new one made up. Thanks Richard
  6. Actually just read my post again and a bit misleading, I had trouble with starting when I fitted the Ignitor kit, and had the dizzy 180 degrees out so the car would not fire. But I have also had trouble with the car cutting out when Idling and this lead to a faulty module on the Aldon Ignitor kit.
  7. I had this problem and it was the little Ignition module that packed up on the Aldon Ignitor kit I was using. The car was idling fine and then cut out. I would check the timing as I have also been caught out with having the dizzy 180 degrees out !!
  8. Thanks It has been hard work chasing people up, texts, emails, phone calls, but maybe a bit lucky at the same time. I will get photos up when the restoration begins Cheers Richard
  9. Thanks for the reply, I will contact Andy and discuss the options
  10. Have managed to source both rear 1/4 panels. They are both NOS one is in fantastic condition, the other has a few dings and surface rust but not a big issue. Tailgate has also been sorted so things are looking good. Cheers Richard
  11. Hi Did you supply the axle and diff ? I have an English axle but it is in a poor state. Do Arrow Engineering supply Axles and diff assemblies? Thanks Richard
  12. I was hoping Magnum panels would produce a limited run just to sort a few of us out. Everything else is not a problem but I reckon as soon as the Soda blasting hits those panels, there will be nothing left. I have even looked at purchasing another Estate just for the panels !!!
  13. Hi. I am after 2 x Rear 1/4 panels for a MK1 / 2 Estate. Hopefully someone can help me out. I can arrange collection not a problem. Many Thanks Richard
  14. Thanks for your comments, I will ring Graham Regards Richard
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