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  1. I've found a very helpful guy for new studs: Jeffco Engineering 11 Hay Road Builth Wells Powys LD2 3BP ...but I need to know the spline diameter... without taking the drums off (as I'm time poor) does anyone know that the stud spline diameter would be for my 1973 MK1 1300XL drums? Apparently available diameters are 13.1mm or 14.3mm. I'm thinking 13.1mm Any time saving help is appreciated or I will at some stage get round to whipping a stud out... Many thanks! Martin
  2. Brilliant... I'm getting old and should have considered this already). Many thanks for this.👍
  3. Thanks to All for the responses above and sorry for this late reply (I was locked out of the forum...???) I'll have to take it up with Speedshack. If I'm completely stuck, I may have to swap the suspension legs entirely for Capri type... Things are not so easy (unfortunately) ...wheels look nice though.
  4. I bought some wrong wheels for my Escort MK1 1300 XL 1973. I believe they're Capri Laser, shamfer seated. Being too smart for my own good, I bought some RS shamfer wheel nuts and went to put them on nut the thread is wrong... The original studs on the car are a slightly smaller diameter... As I have found out there are an endless number of different types of wheel nut for RS wheels. Could anyone tell me the thread type I need and if such a shamfer type chrome nut exists please? Cheers, Martin
  5. I'm certainly not an expert but there are numerous different wheel nuts for Ford RS alloys... Flat and tapered heads for different wheels (though to me all the wheels look basically the same. There are some people out there who are well up to speed with these. All I can say is, the nuts you have are for RS Alloys with a tapered base (Capri Laser has these) and are wrong for your wheels. It could be dangerous so best to workout the right type and get them on. I've got a similar issue having bought some mystery rs alloys for my escort... Got to get the fight seating and thread (which I currently havent...).
  6. Lol. Its never too late... Long time since the show. I made it eventually but things transpired to make it a difficult day. I changed rear pads, and cleaned and eased everything about a week before the show. Set off on the beautiful sunny morning but about 15 miles in, going around a bend, the right rear chrome hub cap dismounted... I seen it in the mirror and went back, found it... It was scorching hot! Despite being free as a bird, somehow the right rear was rubbing continuously and getting very hot. I limped back to base and switched cars and eventually made it to the show. It was superb with some machines I didn't even know Ford made! Unfortunately as I had commitments associated with the world cup final, I had about a couple of hours (not enough) and had to hit the road. There wasn't enough time to track any of you down I'm afraid. I'm on a mission to have a complete change of brake setup now. Ordered discs and got to get a servo sorted (I'm too old for needing lightening reactions and legs like Geoff Capes). Hopefully all that will be sorted for next year's event (or other excursion) before hand. It was great so see such a collection of machines and some real beauties. Hopefully I'll get parked in the main area next year...
  7. Hi All, I've had enough now of the standard non-servo, drum brakes on my Escort MK1 (its not fun anymore...). Gotta fit a servo and discs... Has anyone got any serviceable items they want to get rid of in this line or suggestions of where to go shopping? Many thanks, Martin
  8. Sorry JP, Life go on top of things for a while leading to this extensive delay... I'm now convinced they are aftermarket and fitted by amateurs... I'm going to have to get some replacements and get them on, hoping I don't uncover any serious mysteries in the process. Just looking on line for panels now... Cheers, Martin
  9. Thanks for your comments Khanlad and Col. My car does get a lot of attention and admiring look but there's a few things I want to do. I'm happy to go whatever but was being a miser thinking I'll just get a show pass and save a couple of quid... (tight a..). Hopefully if work permits I'll see you both there! Many thanks, Martin
  10. Brilliant thank Col! I'll get the diary sorted and hope to be going. I looked at the site and considered booking a to show but mines not really up to close scrutiny; nice but some stuff to tidy still... (best not annoy the judges) Hopefully I'll get things clear and booked soon.
  11. Looks an interesting bit of kit but I can't see how it would be likely to tell much about the loaded condition of the engine unfortunately. Alright for basic adjustment to get started but maybe a lot of trial and error to get near right for load. I suppose you could give it a go with the constant incline but as mentioned above how cheap is your time?
  12. Gents I seem to loose my way on this thread and have now PMd J Payne regarding the bolt locations... I'm still pretty sure that my bolted wings are as it was made (possibly even the original wings ...had an easy life). As I have bolted wings, if I want to nudge them back a bit is there any welding required?
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