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  1. More to come later inc 1300gt pistons, gt air filter housing, oblong lights,1/4 bumpers and front skid pan undertray etc....
  2. Believed to be for a mk2. Bought this for my mk1 but it was too small at the base and fell through the hole in the tunnel. Gear lever gaiter. £10
  3. The car is gone so just left with a few bits left over. All items plus post. 74 escort front springs. Complete originals. Were not saggy etc when on the car so good to go £25
  4. Erm, just found these.....
  5. I only advertised it on here It probly could have been found with Google etc but knew i wouldn't end up with any tyre kickers on here. Daz. Nice to meet you. Enjoy the car mate.
  6. Rich T

    Corona virus

    Wouldn't believe a thing the chinese say. It wasnt made public knowledge in china untill it was out of control
  7. When i put the price down on the car, my manager called it a knee jerk reaction. I dont think so. Saying that, i hope the new owner is happy with it. It's a cracking little car.
  8. I like the orange one you sold to eeb but out of reach for now. As are all cars at the moment. I'll have to see whats in the bank in a year or so. Also where we are at with this bloody virus.
  9. Cheers. Yeh, I'll be sticking around. Once we've got past this virus situation and ive found some sort of storage, I'll be looking for a 100E i think. Always fancied one.
  10. VID-20200319-WA0000.mp4
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