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  1. Thanks for the info. A mine of information, you are 😎.
  2. Capri V4. Cheers for the infoπŸ‘. If it needs to be done it'll get seal and gasget/s. Wont even try bottles of stopleak etc.
  3. Nice oneπŸ‘ I'll check the car and find the leak 1st.
  4. Got a bit of a leak unfortunately. And noticed little patches of oil in the floor. I put it on the ramp on friday evening to do some other work on it and had a quick look. Its wet between the back of the engine and bellhousing. Going to have another look soon and get to the bottom of it. Assuming it maybe the crank seal, who supplies decent quality ones? Dont really want to do the job twice. Cheers Rich
  5. Im going to try and go to this. Its no show winner but it should get there lol.
  6. Set of genuine 70mm centre caps for my 4 spoke alloys. £46 😊 If they turn up!
  7. VID-20200111-WA0000.mp4
  8. Morning all. Last year as an impulse buy i bought a pair of front opening 1/4 window frames for my 2 door as mine are past their best. But the seller didn't know weather they were of a 2 or 4 door car. Is there a difference and if so is there a way to identify them? Ive got a 74 door. Rich
  9. Rich T

    Just plain wrong!

    Looks better than the standard version lol
  10. Got an original 1300 gt air filter housing here up for grabs. The air filter in it has done about 100 miles if that. Rich
  11. Put a wanted ad up mate. Someone may have what your after πŸ‘
  12. Happy New Year everyone πŸ‘. As sead above. Hoping for a decent downpour asap in OZ Rich
  13. Thats ^^^ my favourite so far 🀣.
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