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  1. Rich T

    Quick racks

    Stanard Mk1 (74 disc brake) front legs. But dont want to change em as ive fitted new adjustable shox and springs in the last year. Dont want to be throwing money away.
  2. Rich T

    Quick racks

    You did and i bought the wrong ones. Thanks again Col. Youve saved my bacon.
  3. Rich T

    Quick racks

    These? https://www.motorsport-tools.com/escort-mk1-mk2-rs2000-capri-steering-track-rod-end-green-type.html
  4. Rich T

    Quick racks

    Mmmmm Another problem has arrived. Fitted the rack and the mk2 track rod ends to the rack. Happy days. Then found that the tapers on the tre's are too big to fit in my mk1 steering arms (scratching head) Is there a metric track rod end thatll fit in my mk1s arms? Putting capri legs etc on isnt really an option. Any ideas?
  5. Rich T

    Bias Pedal boxes

    Thanks. Yeh, ive seen parts for sale with style in the ads.
  6. Rich T

    Bias Pedal boxes

    How do you avoid repro stuff? I plan on buying everything from one of the usual suspects and not ebay.
  7. Rich T

    Bias Pedal boxes

    Afternoon. My car is in bits at the moment getting its RHD conversion. Anyway, before it goes back onto the road itll be getting a few mods in the engine bay which means ill be using a remote servo. Seen this pedal box https://www.burtonpower.com/adjustable-bias-pedal-box-ford-escort-mk1-cable-clutch-brk001.html (Ill be comparing prices with other companies before i buy) and looks like what i need, i think. Do i run one master cylinder to the servo ( front brakes ) and non servo to the rear or twin servos? Cheers Rich
  8. Rich T

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-escort-mk2-rs-2000-mexico-sport-dash-insert-stainless-steel-5-clock-dash/303014622361?hash=item468d143499:g:zrgAAOSwCnVbu2GO:rk:1:pf:0 Sorry, my mistake. Thought it was for the entire clock set, not just the trim...
  9. Rich T

    Plastic repairs

    https://www.frost.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=dashboard If you fancy having a go yourself? Never had to do it myself but Frosts stuff is usually pretty good. Rich
  10. Rich T


    The wheel above had to be done twice. If you look at the black segment in the 1 o'clock position, id taped up incorrectly when i painted it. All good now lol
  11. Rich T


    Not the best image i have but it took me ages to get it on here and cant face trying again lol. Set of 4 rough but perfectly round mexico steelies. Shot blasted then painted stardust silver. Then masked up and the black inserts painted. Then laquered. Took about 3 hrs per wheel.
  12. Rich T

    Losing coolant from radiator overflow

    From cold fill the rad up. With the cap off see if you can smell exhaust gasses (or see smoke) from the top of the rad. If so its deffo head gasget.
  13. Rich T

    Losing coolant from radiator overflow

    Dodgy seal on rad cap?
  14. Rich T

    Videos...( not rude ones)

    What breed is it?
  15. Rich T

    Just Turned Midnight

    Happy New Year