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  4. Depends if the inspectors know what they are looking at. The engines look identical other than the block being about 1/2 inch taller. Do they check engine numbers or the code on the block?
  5. Rich T


    Gearbox mount? Ive had 3 gearboxes through my hsnds this year. 40+ years and a little oil contamination takes its toll on the rubber in them. Rich
  6. Early Nissan skyline. Straight six on side draughts. I think.
  7. Probably more than miles per gallon.
  8. Any filter between the tank and the carb? Could be crap in the carb/jets?
  9. What Col sead. Dont stick twin 40s on a standard 1600 xflow even with a sporty exhaust. Thats what ive done. Mine sounds nice but theres little or no extra bang for your/my buck. Cam and head work a must.
  10. My favourite group as a kid and my 1st ever single was Driving in my car picture disc. Still got it . My best songs of theirs are probably Embarrassment and One step beyond
  11. Like the van but would have to change the front end back to standard. Its the purist in me i think 😁
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