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  1. Thanks for your replies everyone. I'll grab the V5 and have a look see what needs filling in. Will get it in the post very soon and report back 👍
  2. Not sure i want to "bend the truth" as it still has the full original bulkhead and small tunnel. As far as bulkhead mods went, all holes were welded up on the left and holes made on the right for steering, clutch and brakes etc...
  3. So my car is complete and very happy with the quality of the work done with no hidden horrors. NOW a rhd and 1600 xflow from the 1300 it was. Obviously i need to tell my insurance but what about any other authority? Original Ford xmember, correct rhd column. Genuine Ford bulkhead plate fitted where the clutch cable goes through. I dont want to avoid what needs to be done but neither do i want to stick my head above the parapet where i dont need too. Anyone know the facts? GOV site seems to be a little open to interpretation to me. Rich P.S Also has. REAR Tramp bars Panhard rod Adjutable shocks Standard multi leaf springs. Standard height. FRONT Twink rollbar Springs new standard lbs/height Adjustable shocks Quick rack. Standard height.
  4. Ok. Im on my phone and can only make out A5 ????
  5. Whats wrong with the plate?
  6. I thought Es had flared front wings. Could have been replaced at some point i guess. Ive had 3 Es but not for 20+ years so no idea if its genuine. Just my 2 peneth worth lol
  7. Evening n welcome. Looks a nice project. What are your plans for it once its back together? Rich
  8. An MOT on it may make a possible buyer more willing to pay out aswell. If youve paid out for someone to do the work on it i fear it may owe you more than you'd get for it. If it is as good as it looks, id say 10-12k
  9. I agree. Thats why i went with black ones. Not so in your face.
  10. Id be more concerned about the cardboard fuel tank.
  11. Depends on what you are after i guess. I polly bushed mine even though im not going to track day the car. I used black edition bushes that are super firm. Maybe i was a bit ott with it but added to the other suspension parts i fitted means the car feels nice and firm. Unlike any other mk1 ive owned. I wanted black because i didnt like the orange red yellow purple look. Saying that, the tramp bars i bought came with yellow bushes so fitted them. They started to fall apart within weeks and within about 20 miles. I dont know weather the colours determine the compound in the bushes but wouldn't use yellow again. One problem i did come across on the rear spring hangers was the inner tube that goes in the new bushes was slightly to small. 1000s of a mm i think but its metal on metal so they didnt fit. An engineer next door to me ran a drill /reamer down them for the perfect fit. Im very happy with them but at the end of the day, its your car so its up to you. Rich
  12. Evening n welcome. A lovely looking car you have there👍. Ive not been on here long myself compared to some. A very welcoming bunch. Hope you enjoy your time on here. Rich
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