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  1. Rich T

    Just plain wrong!

    And the Beetle in the background looks like it may have more roof than it needs.
  2. I think he'll need it.
  3. Thanks for the reply mate. Due to me thinking they are like hens teeth (and my impatients 🙄), ive bought a brand new aftermarket one. No idea if its any good yet but hope to be trying it out in a few weeks. Any problems and I'll get back to you. Cheers Rich
  4. I slept with worse in my younger days 😁
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK1-MK2-ESCORT-MK1-FIESTA-CAPRI-MK1-PAIR-OF-BLACK-DOOR-MIRRORS-L-R-SIDE/323788763491?hash=item4b63507163:g:8HgAAOSwL89cwdTX Any good?
  6. 😁 Does that apply to Escorts and Cortinas?
  7. Thanks again Col. You have all the answers! Ill come back to the catch tank. As my car is (was) a lhd, the battery is on the offside and working to relocate it as im running out of space carb side. But is on my shopping list 👍
  8. Started fitting the fuel system. Pump in the boot vertically mounted and connected to the tank. Now working my way forward from there. Attention turning to the engine bay and mounted the carbs onto the head studs to assess space. What do i do with the crank case breather that used to go to the old manifold? Do i need to drill and tap the manifold for a union to fit the crank breather pipe? or is it a case of fitting one of those mini breather filters to the hose and let it breath to atmosphere?
  9. Thank you both. Never really done any modifying on my cars, other than a bit of lowering here and there. Ive always changed parts like for like on the cars ive had and would have this time if the servo would clear the 40s. Rich
  10. Media controlled by the government. Nothing new there then.
  11. Just doing google images of pedal boxes and came across this thread on another site. http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=886871 Ive got the exact same pedal box for my car, fitted but not plumbed in yet. The reservoir feed pipes are in the ports on the cylinders different to what i was expecting . Mine came with no instructions but would have thought that flow in would have been nearest the cylinder base and flow out at the end of the cylinder? Surely?
  12. It is registered with the DVLA as a lhd. Im doing the work myself. A mechanic of almost 30 years and MOT tester. A few reciepts but not for everything. All labour done by myself.
  13. Yep, early last year. Did about 500 miles in it last year and took it off the road about September time. The import paperwork had lhd on it.
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