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  1. Nice one Ray . Im drilling friday evening subject to getting my wiper mech back from my mate.
  2. Its at a mates with a rhd wiring loom that i bought thats having 45 years of DIY "modifications" addressed. Going to try and see him tomorrow evening. Hope i can catch him in. Didnt want to go to big and cause water ingress in the future. Please thank matey on twitter for me. Cheers
  3. Doing my rhd conversion at the moment which involves changing the wiper motor and mechanism. Welded up the old holes and need to drill out new. Not sure how big the holes need to be as i forgot to measure the ones i welded up . School boy error. Anybody have their wiper mechs out at the moment so they could measure the holes (in mm) for me please? Cheers Rich
  4. Makes an awesome Album cover though (what MJ did or didnt do aside) .
  5. Ok. A homage to its last build :) . I think itd look great. Its your car though, not mine
  6. Id paint it orange with black pinstripe. A homage to the original build. Im guessing (and it is a guess) that a bubble arched Alan Mann painted Anglia has been done before. Yours looks like a one off.
  7. Thanks eeb. I'll keep that in mind.
  8. Thanks Ray. Ive got some really good. Seam sealer that i used on the floors. Ill just use that.
  9. Morning all. Ive got the entire interior out of my car at the moment sorting out a few problems etc. Now behind my dash board (Upper bulkhead, scuttle, blower motor panel and A posts) covering the seams, there is a load of old white seam sealer that has seen better days. Ive got most of it out with just a few bits left to do. Ive got no reason to believe it isnt original (correct me if im wrong). What should i replace it with? Tiger seal, normal silicone sealer? Will be contacting frosts next week for a few other bits. Anything they do you could reccomend? Cheers Rich
  10. Brilliant! All in one piece i hope and caught the twats that nicked it!
  11. Rich T

    Fallen idols

    RIP Mr Vincent
  12. Rich T

    RIP Keith Flint

    RIP Mr Flint 😟
  13. Never heard it called Bath Tissue before 😆
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