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  1. Sounds awfull. Take it easy. Its all fruit and veg from here on in.
  2. Congratulations. 2 beautiful cars and deseved winners 👍
  3. Rich T

    Just plain wrong!

    😳 there are no words...
  4. Very nice mate. Enjoy it 👍
  5. How many likes are you allowed to give? Im waiting to see if my old Escort turns up 😘
  6. You'll need the owners logbook when you go to register it in the uk. The original, not a copy.The dvla will ask for it.
  7. 1/4 bumpers and gear stick gaiter SOLD.
  8. Just a note to say, the parts are at work and i am not. May be a day or 2 to get to the post office. Ill have to incorporate posting with a 'shopping trip'
  9. 1/4 bumpers. Good condition with outer brackets. No inner brackets. Ready to go. £60 inc post.
  10. Genuine front under tray. In good shape. £60 inc post.
  11. Out of a 74 mk1. This pair of headlamps in good condition. Only 1 of the 4 clips fitted so looks like the PO used araldite/metalfix to hold the bulbs in. £50 inc post.
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