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  1. Just happy its not 1 man 1 jar! So could be worse. Definitely not one to watch!
  2. I bet that caught a few wronguns in its day 😎
  3. This is the part that isnt happening. When i press the pedal the bar flips up or down. The rods do push into the cylinders and the pedal feels good. Last night i had a tinker and brought the gap down to 2mm. Thats 6mm off centre between both rods (3mm each). They still look straight to the naked eye. Bar not flipping now and no binding. I may wind the gap back to 8mm and fit spacer shims.
  4. Yeh, i didnt fancy a cable. I was hoping to set it up, lock it off and leave it.
  5. That pic above, i pulled the bar fully to one side just to show you. The article i read sead that too any more than 1.5mm and the bar could move whilst driving and adjusting the bias without the driver knowing. Makes sence.
  6. Having a quick google and have found that the gap between the clevis's and the pedal tube should be 1.5mm max. I have a gap of 8mm. But prior to fitting the box when fitting the cylinders it was measured out correctly to make the push rods run dead straight with the cylinders.
  7. Yes. Theres no free play. It feels like a new car brake pedal.
  8. Evening. Another question. Ive got the braking system set up and bled and the pedal feels good. But havnt tried them yet as i havnt fitted carpet, seats or gear knob. Thing is the bar that the cylinders attach to seems to seesaw when i press the pedal. Is this normal? The lock nuts that lock the cylinder rods to the pedal are tight and i cant see any way of keeping the bar horizontal. I know its floating on a rose joint so the cylinders can move indipendantly but should there be any seesaw movement? Its not excessive but i thought the push rods should stay inline with the cylinder I cant see any way of stopping it , it maybe normal. I do not know. Rich
  9. Have you got any pix of past shows? May pop up with me other half.
  10. Thanks for letting me know. Hope to have a little time on Friday to have a look.
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