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  1. Thanks for your reply. That could create problems then as I only did part floor pans when I restored it and also sections of the petrol tank and spare wheel wells. I have a feeling there are other patch repairs too.
  2. Evening all, It's looking very likely that I shall be moving to Bavaria in the summer and I really want to take my Mk1 with me. I'm looking for information regarding what the rules are for registering and running a modified Mk1 Escort in Germany and wondered if anyone on here had any experience or info. The car isn't wildly modified, 2ltr Pinto, 5 speed, lowered on Mk2 front struts and rear axle with Mk2 brakes front and rear. Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers
  3. I might be interested in this mate, could you tell me what sump is fitted to this, is it a Mondeo one or an Escort one?
  4. OOPS, forgot to say.... I think with the early EEC-iv, the speed sensor is used to even out the idle when decelerating etc. i.e. no throttle but vehicle moving and has nothing to do with an electronic speedo however I think you can run one from this sensor if you wish.
  5. I'm building up to doing this conversion in a MK1 escort van. I bought an 1800 escort and pulled the engine, most of the wiring and anything else I thought I might need off it. The speed sensor for the ECU screws onto the gearbox and then the speedo cable attaches to that. You can use the speedo cable from a zetec Escort as it will fit an OSF speedo head and the original speed sensor. Then you need to get a threaded adaptor from Burtons or Europa to allow it to fit on your type 9. Here's the link to the Europa page (Cheaper than Burtons!) https://www.europaspares.com/product/73 ... _t9a_.html Hope this helps mate
  6. Gonna watch this one with interest. This is exactly the conversion I'm planning to do with my escort van. Good luck with it mate, keep the updates coming.
  7. Here's mine mate, it fixes to the front x-member and through the rear spring monts on the chassis rails.
  8. Thanks mate, I kinda thought that might be the case.
  9. I've got a rear quarter panel for a 4-door mk1 escort and I'm trying to work out if it's a genuine Ford one or not. It's got this sticker on the bit next to the hole for the boot. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. You're right essentially mk1, but from the A posts back. All the panels forward of this are mk2 or specific to the estate or van, although I'm not sure about the kick panels or bonnet hinge/heater bulge panel. You'd have to change the inner wings as the drip rails are in a different place and they're a different shape where they meet the front panel. basically the whole inner wing is different with the engine bay being slightly narrower on a mk1. All panels at the very front are totally different. front panel, slam panel, radiator support panels and front crossmember, I think the chassis rails are very similar though! It is doable, and you could probably modify some of the original panels but it's a pretty big job to get right. Hope that helps mate.
  11. V6col, you are 24 carrat gold my friend. Just ran it up and sprayed some WD40 round no1 inlet port, the idle instantly smoothed off. Picked up a gasket, just got to make time to fit it. Thanks for all your help guys.
  12. Hadn't thought of that, it's an EFI head too, they have a tendancy to go through inlet manifold gaskets don't they cos of the shape of the port?
  13. Forgot to say, I took your advise EscortHeadCase and checked all the timing, all seems ok, can't see any broken followers or anything like that. What did yours turn out to be?
  14. Well, finally got round to whipping the cam cover off. I found that there were a couple of tappets that were very slightly tight so I adjusted them and put it all back together. Unfortunately it made no difference whatsoever. It makes no difference to the idling if you pull off no. 1 lead, however there is a noticable change if you bring the revs up. Wierd thing is it starts up fine, hot or cold. So it looks like I'll have to have the head off, just got to find time to do it now.
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