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  1. Thank you both for your advise. I will start searching for a CWP, cheers Dave
  2. Hi, I'm building a 1700 fast road xflow and using a Corsair 2000e box and was wondering what would be the best diff ratio to use. I'm more interested in acceleration than high top speed (90-100mph would be fine) My car is a '65 Mk1 2dr Cortina, originally a 1200, I think the diff in it is a 4.1, could I use this? Any advise would be very helpful, cheers Dave
  3. Thanks but you’re talking Zetec and type 9 and thats different. There must be someone out there that’s fitted a 2000e box in a Mk 1 (Non GT) Cortina?
  4. Thanks, but I really need Mk1 Cortina info
  5. Hi, does a 2000e gear lever hit the floor handbrake when fitted in a Mk1 Cortina?
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