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  1. yeah allowed on here that FB dangerous every one sees it LOL
  2. No but he did say keep your RS original and as it is
  3. Lol Mike Brewer said don't restore it leave as it is its only original once !!!! The bronze more door MK1 1300GT is owned by Tony Rudd a member of the OSF and what a car it is proper mint
  4. Here's a collection of classic fords at The NEC 2019 classic car show including the Sweeney Car enjoy
  5. Hi mate i will have that only down road from you in Aylesbury need one for my 1300e i can collect for Colin no problem Nick
  6. As Ray has stated i went through a similar polava with the DVLA but thanks to Ray i got my V5C, but even knowing the car was original and had the corresponding paperwork and Vin numbers apart from the strut one it took me 3 months, however i kept ringing them and was always being told the department is very busy with enquiries of the same kind, DVLA told me this was because a lot of these cars are fraudulently being re-shelled due to increase in value of them, seems if cars are coming out of the woodwork after a long period they are requiring proof that the car really exists But i did have a caseworker who i was dealing with and i did get through to her (Helen) every time, with a case line phone number but mine was a UK car stood for over 20 years hope you get this resolved i know how frustrating it is .
  7. best steels in my opinion do look good when fitted 😀
  8. Look good in any man cave or home
  9. Just got hold of this 1300e a project to get it back on the road and to use occasionally, car comes with a lot of history and as a 1 one owner from new well looked after with a lot of original parts
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