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  1. i use my MK 1 escort but only on dry days prefer driving it than my modern car
  2. lol Colin meet Alvin aka Stardust you have seen it in the flesh
  3. the only result you had was having Alvin coming over Alvin must be your lucky charm
  4. be nice see you there i will be the one in the shinny Mk1 Escort which is only original once
  5. Hi all does any one know if OSF gona be there https://carfestivalbooking.com/events/chiltern-hills-vintage-vehicle-rally-25th-anniversary i am going just was wondering if we have a stand then i will go with OSF Cheers NIck
  6. just need a M reg to have a full house
  7. Nick Heer

    Nice bed

    can you believe that a flaming bed has a better stance than my MK1 ?
  8. love the wheels, great stance looks the part whats the drive like with all the lowering done
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