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  1. Callum2.1

    Stack dash

    The cost is putting me off lol
  2. Hi guys could anyone tell me what my interior is worth I currently have front seats and rear Front door cards Headlining. Someone told me the seats are from a twincam?
  3. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    Ok thanks for the advice guys. I will sell my 8x13 wheels and tyres and buy a set of 6x13 wheels
  4. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    Yeah what would you recommend lee?
  5. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    What tyres do you guys recommend with 6inch wheels?
  6. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    I really don’t like mk1 escort with big arches. would the car make a good track day with standard arches? The wheels rub pritty bad on times, should I go down to 7” wheels? I also think Harris performance fitted wheel spacers they can’t be helping?
  7. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    Yes fitted 175/50/13 tyres. ive just looked up Gary Martin and his work looks very good. I will contact him in the new year and see what he says ?
  8. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    Can anybody recommend someone to install my cage from custom cages?
  9. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    Thanks for the advice ?
  10. Callum2.1

    Stack dash

    I’m looking to fit a digital stack dash to my escort, Has anyone here fitted one? if so could you please post some photos and shed some advice on fitting etc Thanks ?
  11. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    Near swansea. I have spacers fitted at the moment would taking them off stop the rubbing? yeah catch tank was from Harris. Whats my options for gettting the shocks more vertical? Maybe I won’t rally it but keep it for track days Thanks
  12. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    I’m only looking to do Tarmac Events. I currently have 13’s x 8 but the wheels are rubbing on the arch quite often
  13. Callum2.1

    MK1 Rally Car

    I’m currently in the process of planning to convert my mk1 in to a Rally Car, the Car will mainly do tarmac stages and track days. Is it a must that I should fit larger tubs and rear turrets? What are the advantages of doing this?