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  1. Thanks, just the guy at quickfit needed the stats as the computer didn't go back that far lol
  2. Hi guys. I wonder if anyone can tell me the toe settings on my mk2 escort. I have fitted 2inch lowering springs. Many Thanks
  3. merry xmas to one and all....... Santa did come but forgot my twin 40,s lol
  4. possibly, the previous owner had a couple extra screws to hold them in place but these were left. think I will just blank them off. Cheers for your input
  5. only about 8 / 10 mm. thought it might have been for some kind of handles. might just get some black poppers and blank them
  6. Away from the cage and stuff for a minute, I notice on my rear door cards I have two holes, one on top of the other about 100mm apart, are these for grab handles or something, the ash trays are missing was just going to blank them off anyways.
  7. black and white I would imagine, are they still available for purchase do you know ???
  8. How about an oldskoolford sun strip......after I get a windscreen of course
  9. fair points buddy cheers :-):-)

  10. thanks buddy appreciate it :-):-)

  11. think thats the road im thinking of mate. thanks for your input..

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