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  1. Hi there If you get stuck in future needing a colour match, try emailing Bodyshop Consumables (i know someone that works there) they could help you out next time bscmanchester@outlook.com
  2. Hi there. You could try Bodyshop Consumables they colour match and could mix this up for you! bscmanchester@outlook.com their email. Pretty helpful, drop them an email if you really cant find the paint as they could mix it from scratch (i know someone that works there ?)
  3. This is an unfinished project that belonged to a family member. Pretty sure it's a mark 3 (the amount of paperwork it's gathered over the years is amazing/impossible to look through!) I wondered if anyone would know who to ask in regards to having it done up? It runs but i want it in as good condition as possible and i havent the foggiest how to fix cars! It has its original german papers, id like to know a little more history on this type of car if anyone can help?
  4. Such a nice car! We have a 2 door cortina (mark 3 i think) looking to have some work done to it. No idea how to do it myself. Think i'll start a new thread!
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