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  1. Yup started off really liking VW's-wanted a splitty van-but a guy on the estate we lived on had the mk1 Cortina for sale-it was only £350 or 400 if I remember correctly and both the Beetles needed quite a bit of work-so they got sold for not much and the Cortina was mine-that's when I got the Ford bug as Dad was into them as well he had a few 1600E's so knew a bit about them. The Alfa-haha yes good quote by Clarkson i'm in the club lol - think I paid £300 off a mate-good car that was went like stink for a 1300.
  2. From what I remember: 1972 Bay window camper converted from panel van-my first car-never did anything with it or even drove it bought it before I passed my test (BCV738K)-swapped for- 1985 VW Polo coupe-swapped for- 1972 1303S beetle (REV700M) 1973 1300A beetle-sold both for 1966 mk1 Cortina 4 dr 1500 Deluxe in Maroon-first Ford-used as a daily-cracking little car (EAN967D) 1984 Alfa 33 1.3 another great little car pretty nippy 1978 RS2000 Black-used as a daily for a few years (MDR543R) 1978 RS2000 White-bought as almost finished resto used for couple of years (XKO950S) Couple of 80's Metro sheds back when they were a penny a dozen and disposable. 1969 mk1 Escort 1300-bought as basket case project stripped it-bought a load of panels (SAD144G)-then sold it for 1968 mk1 Escort bare shell-which me n dad built as our first real start to finish car (ORL39G)-sold 1968 mk1 Escort 1100 Deluxe-bought on Ebay when we still had the one above as an investment and daily-used for a couple of years then stuck in storage-still got and waiting to be fitted with a Twink. (MRL917F) Couple of Corsa dailies. Renault Clio 1.5Dci daily past few years. Now got an 11 plate Ford Ka daily-and still got the '68 Deluxe mk1.
  3. Not seen him for a while-he can be very tricky to get hold of tho due to him being very busy. But 6 months is quite a bit of time to spot a mistake-not making excuses i'm sure you'll get it sorted he's not the sort of bloke to mess people about.
  4. Don't have any pics on file and cars away in storage presently not much help lol but all from very early cars (Jan '68 and Aug '68).
  5. Hmmm that's a new one on me also-I can't recall which I have on mine I THINK its the ones on the left. When I sent all mine off to Bogdan in Poland i'm pretty sure I would have noticed a difference in them. I would suggest one is a Chinese copy but I haven't heard of or seen these before-and would also assume they would have copied an original one so maybe there are 2 different early types?
  6. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    Ooops sorry just saw previous reply.
  7. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    Made for the Sly Stallone Judge Dredd film.
  8. Not as many black as the other colours actually.
  9. Do you have a link for the stalk you used i'm confused lol.
  10. I think over here early early cars had only single speed-then later early cars had twin speeds.
  11. And I think this was the guy who did mine-perhaps not as good as the Switchmans but quite a bit cheaper-and I was more than happy with mine. I sent him a load of mk1 switches-maybe a dozen or more-and we agreed a deal where I wanted 5 restoring and he could keep the rest-worked for me and him so both happy. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-mk1-Capri-mk1-switch-refurbishment/223494921794?hash=item340955de42:g:oHcAAMXQ-BZRAqdX
  12. Think this is the guy Scott was on about: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-Mk1-Switches-30-EACH-EXCHANGE/153486229392?hash=item23bc7dff90:g:OI8AAOSw-5RZjXRh
  13. I got all my early ones done by a guy on Ebay from Poland-it was a few years ago mind but he did a cracking job-not sure if he's still on there i'll have a look. So yes it is possible.
  14. OMG! You sure that's not from Aus lol with the wheels and mirrors.
  15. Cant you just glue a plastic block onto where the screw for the cowling goes and screw into the block?
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