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  1. Maybe he means front footwell tubs?
  2. I have a feeling there won't be many Australian built cars in this thread... Looooooooool!!!
  3. No recent pics as in storage-i may have someone to finish it now tho will update asap.
  4. Whats his budget as i may be tempted to sell my mk1, 2 door twincam rep project-won't be cheap tho.
  5. If i had 60-70k SPARE for an escort i'd buy a real RS for that money and have some change!!
  6. Don't bother-complete waste of time and money.
  7. Specifically RP is talking about the CC convertible-it was designed by Pininfarina and has a 2 part folding roof.
  8. Goodwood Speedweek live-on again today on normal ITV at 2pm.
  9. Some nice metal there! On again at 2pm Saturday-Goodwood Speedweek live.
  10. Yep does a lot of hard to find parts-gets it all remade and is top notch. As said he's very busy and can be tricky to get hold of. Very knowledgeable. I think he may be leaving ebay soon as it's getting worse on there he now has his own website. https://stage1.org.uk/
  11. Lol I managed to pick up a fluid bottle for £15 I think it was in 2016-even then the prices for them were crazy-just got lucky.
  12. Exactly-whilst described as a 'drain' I think it would actually do the opposite lol. And for the sake of authenticity i'd rather have a remade one and save myself hundreds of pounds. Seems a perfect candidate for 3D printing doesn't it-and should be cheaper than £60 to make-but of course add in the term 'RS' or 'Twincam' and you can triple that haha.
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