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  1. Haha-both Southwestern terms for tourists-emmet comes from the old English/Cornish term for 'ants'.
  2. Nice just like mine but a bit better nick lol-also I don't know what is Deluxe about them either haha-nice car.
  3. Hi parcel weighs approx. 16kg, 62cm x 48cm x 45cm.




  4. Ok i'll have to get a quote can you pm me your address please mate.
  5. Pair of brand new JBW RS 4 spokes, 7 inch x 13 inch, ET+6, never fitted or had tyres near them, with caps and new wheel nuts (metric I believe). Cost £216 - will take £140 + post or send your own courier I will box carefully or collect near Truro, Cornwall.
  6. Not really an install when you're dropping an escort over a scoob chassis-more an 'onstall'?
  7. meXEco


    There was an ad on there a couple of weeks ago about a Sapphire Cossie-the ad was written by someone who was after info as the car had been used in a scam advert-and the bloke said at least 3 or 4 people had been stung out of deposits-I honestly couldn't believe this had happened-who would send an unknown person £3000 as a deposit on a car they hadn't seen in the flesh? I was thinking of sending messages to these scam ads or bidding ridiculous amounts-but thought better of it as then they had my user name and could possibly hack my account. If you ask to see the cars they come out with some bullshit about it being their uncles who is out of the country etc etc. send me some money i'll have it delivered lol...fools and their money!
  8. meXEco


    Easily spottable--they usually hack a legit users account-use a weird starting price (I dunno why they do this?)-then on one of the pics they add contact info (usually a gmail email address or similar) asking to include the item number or specific title of ad ( as they list 10's / 100's of other fake listings too) and not to contact thru Ebay. Also look at other items for sale-usually another 100 cars at ridiculous prices. If you are tempted (don't be) always contact thru Ebay-never send a deposit as would you ever buy a car without seeing it-really? Pisses me off having to scroll thru 50 pages of fake ads when browsing classic car section-Ebay take ages to remove and sometimes can't remove them-dunno why a multi billion pound company can't stop this...And if people do send deposits without actually seeing a car in the flesh well more fool them I say-remember the saying 'buyer beware'.
  9. If the underseal stuff is hard and/or brittle like mine was-use something like a paint scraper to chip it off then use wire wool with thinners on to clean the residue off. If its soft and sticky-well that's a pain in the ass unfortunately.
  10. Looks like one I had on mine they look good I reckon.
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