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  1. I wouldn't rely on someone elses measurements too many variables-wait until you are with the car and measure yourself then contact a wheel supplier with given measurements to be sure.
  2. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    Badly photoshopped.
  3. Heard lots of stories regarding the DVLA managing to 'lose' your important documents and not giving a f%$k at all but when they want something it has to be done yesterday arseholes.
  4. Hopefully this was just an innocent person going about his (fast) business-if not well done for sharing you may have some important info.
  5. I'd say from £50 each for a straight rim needing paint/polish up to £100-150 each for a perfect finished/original rim.
  6. Thought it was alright-better than the last lot anyway-at least Harris can drive.
  7. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    I agree the bus isn't wrong its done extremely well-and i'm with you on the Aggro estate also.
  8. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

  9. Just buy an exhaust made for an Escort-that'll be more hassle than its worth trying to fit it-even if it does fit.
  10. Clocked it wasn't a '68 Escort from first pic.
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