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  1. When you breach Ebay rules they jump on you instantly-yet when they do it they drag it out beyond belief-grinds my feckin nuts...
  2. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    Well they've ruined that one...
  3. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    Obviously 'shopped.
  4. The difference is that isn't a Ford VIN tag it's just a bit of plate with only the chassis number on it-would you spend £20k on a car like that? Doubt it...
  5. Decent and knowledgeable maybe-but that's not a proper stamped VIN plate anyone should know that it's just a stamped bit of plate with a chassis number on it (and not that shells number at that) and warning bells should be ringing-plus that shell aint a March '68. DVLA would be all over this.
  6. What do you reckon? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-Mk1-2-0-Pinto-5-Speed/333470057565?hash=item4da45d445d:g:Wl8AAOSwDABeFKB9
  7. She is lovely-it's just that blue hose keeps bugging me lol-swap it for a black one and perfect. 😁 Much better than a lot of tat out there GLWS.
  8. meXEco

    Goblin Garage

    Gotta remember Col its all for TV-I very much doubt they paid 3k probs just said that to make their profit seem less.
  9. When I fitted mk2 Recaros to my early mk1 I had to make up new mounting points as there were none for the runners, as the tip forward seat brackets are in a different position and they fit without removing the clip plate.
  10. They must have or they wouldn't actually work would they?
  11. Although looking closer they don't seem to be splined? How'd they stay on or turn lol?
  12. Well there ya go https://www.fordcortinamk2oc.co.uk/club-spares/wipers-washers/
  13. These are the type of things that need remaking you very rarely see them for sale.
  14. Have you tried to find the guy that sold the new rectangle lights on Ebay from down under-I bought a load years ago but you don't see them advertised anymore-maybe he just did a small run? Seems an expensive way to do it-maybe they are just waiting to be made again-cant remember who it was now tho...
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