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  1. J reg with the late door handles etc. but early heater dome? weird...
  2. i paid that for my all steel dry sumped tc motor about 7 years ago lol.
  3. Apart from the wheels, mirrors and Lotus badge? No...
  4. Yeah actually same here again-first few blocks of home page then stops. Not always though very off and on.
  5. Yeah seems fine again now.
  6. But surely these replacement parts are still way cheaper than if a new car was hit? If the car body shop is seemingly allowed to make money from the accident surely you should be allowed to make your car as good again-at the end of the day her insurance is paying for it right-so it should be going on parts to put your car right not his labour fees jesus.
  7. Still doing some weird stuff-sometimes only a fraction of the home page loads-sometimes when clicking a post nothing comes up only the title, and when clicking my red notification icon the screen just blurs and nothing appears? Not whinging just letting you know other stuff is/isn't happening.
  8. But a bumper? Would you rather spend hours trying to straighten one-or fit a new one? King insurers dont know their arses from their elbows...
  9. He would rather bash at the old one? He doesnt have to pay for a new one does he the insurers do? WTF?
  10. Get the insurance company to try and find the parts to show them how hard it is-its not a generic Jap import!
  11. Yep all weekend for me too-managed to briefly get on via a Google search link but couldn't do anything once on-glad its sorted it was soooo frustrating.
  12. Cant you just drop it all out the bottom-use the hoist to lift car off it?
  13. He always tried to haggle way down himself when buying-but when it came to selling he'd hardly budge pisstaker he is.
  14. Evening-they were produced from November '67 and went on sale early January '68 (i have a Jan '68) you need to check the build letters in the chassis number to see when it was built. A WCXM will fit but you don't necessarily need one. Any front legs should fit with the correct tca's and rack combination so Capri Billies etc. Very early Twinks had rollbars yes but some had weld on brackets-if you look at yours where the front bumper bracket mounts-the holes dont go all the way through the chassis rails it just uses captive nuts instead so you'd either have to drill through the chassis leg and weld tubes in-or Stage1 motorsport does the correct early weld on brackets for rollbars-this is what i'll be using as doing a Twincam rep with mine-they are not cheap though but for me its the correct way.
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