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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_Alpine_GTA/A610
  2. Hmmm Gal Gadot......
  3. Lovely-is that a hint to a Twincam motor in there?
  4. I reckon £1600 is a bargain to be honest-and think it'll get a bid or 2. Worth more than 1k in bits...
  5. They are completely different as top set has about 30 fixing points each, and lower set has 3 each.
  6. Rather have that 4 door than a bloody Porsche that's for sure.
  7. So not all Ozzy cars are bad then. That's awesome. 👍
  8. Must be a nice smooth ride!
  9. Why can't i add pics in pm's? The option is not there only insert from url?
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