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  1. Goodwood Speedweek live-on again today on normal ITV at 2pm.
  2. Some nice metal there! On again at 2pm Saturday-Goodwood Speedweek live.
  3. Yep does a lot of hard to find parts-gets it all remade and is top notch. As said he's very busy and can be tricky to get hold of. Very knowledgeable. I think he may be leaving ebay soon as it's getting worse on there he now has his own website. https://stage1.org.uk/
  4. Lol I managed to pick up a fluid bottle for £15 I think it was in 2016-even then the prices for them were crazy-just got lucky.
  5. Exactly-whilst described as a 'drain' I think it would actually do the opposite lol. And for the sake of authenticity i'd rather have a remade one and save myself hundreds of pounds. Seems a perfect candidate for 3D printing doesn't it-and should be cheaper than £60 to make-but of course add in the term 'RS' or 'Twincam' and you can triple that haha.
  6. In this day and age they should be a piece of piss to knock up?
  7. Like a mk3 Escort but with a boot lid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Orion
  8. I had the same when selling my mk1 a few years ago-oh it's modified we wanted more of a road car etc. even after seeing hundreds of pictures of it with stripped interior/cage/etc. so why bother coming to look lol.
  9. It's in a small locked barn behind a locked metal gated lane. The renters visit regularly to feed and tend their horses so will be every couple of days if not every day. Obviously won't be driving it. Conservatively valued at £2500 i may up this though. Just done a quick online quote for £51 with Flux but will need to call and confirm everything but for a quid a week I think i'll be doing it cheers chaps.
  10. Wow that seems a good price and deffo worth it for peace of mind. It will be getting partially stripped at some point for welding work etc. which will make it harder for potential nicking but it has a lot of sentimental value to me being a late mate's pride and joy. Just covering for fire/theft.
  11. Does anyone use lay up insurance and if so what sort of prices are you paying? I know there's a lot of factors to take into account just wondering if I should do it as I have a mk2 Golf GTi which is currently stored in a mates barn that he rents just outside my little village which is not habited ie there's an old farmhouse which is in disrepair he rents the barn for car work/storage etc. his missus rents the fields for her horses so they pop over there regularly. Just worried it could get nicked or torched etc. and if it's only like £100 to get cover I probably should get it as thinking if i'
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