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  1. meXEco

    RIP Keith Flint

    The Twisted Firestarter died today aged only 49.
  2. He's actually hacking legit accounts and hoping some muppets gonna hand over cash without them being able to view any car-you gotta be a bit of a sucker if you hand over any cash without seeing a car really.
  3. And again another shed load just appeared.
  4. Just look at Ebay uk classic cars section newly listed on any given day you'll see.
  5. Same everyday-same arsehole 'selling' 50-100 cars for £4800 each-all with paperwork present all his mates or uncles with no internet access and he's going on holiday-email direct etc. etc. A lot of them get removed but still show up in searches-dont know why Ebay cant do something about it the amount of money they make i get bored of trawling through pages of fake ads the sites gone way downhill.
  6. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    Probably a door on the other side as its in America.
  7. Almost 5kg more than an alloy one-cant see an alloy one weighing 2kg tho?
  8. meXEco

    Contour seats

    Lol so you've made everything you cant see on your cars? Just showing the guy what he asked up to him if he wants to use his own bent metal and insulation tape bushes.
  9. meXEco

    Contour seats

    If you're spending 7-800 quid on seats whats another 70 for the correct parts?
  10. meXEco

    Contour seats

  11. meXEco

    Contour seats

    Early type c clamps https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-escort-mk1-front-seat-clamps/362539825761?hash=item54690eba61:g:S8MAAOSwYX9cSD~u:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  12. meXEco

    Cant get on

    Ok cheers dude refresh doesn't seem to work for me just the search link.
  13. meXEco

    Cant get on

    Anyone else having trouble getting on here today-can only get on via a google search and click link?
  14. DONT ENLARGE THE HOLES LEAVE THEM AS THEY ARE! please. ? You have a rare set of wheels don't mess with them.
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