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  1. Beetle looks tidy-apart from the rear lights lol.
  2. Would've been even more if it wasn't for those mirrors and chrome trim lol....
  3. Yeah just spoke to my mate he's hopefully gonna pop over with his fault reader.
  4. Went to get my 2nd vaccine today, and getting back in the car it took 10-15 secs of turning over to fire and start. Was a little hesitant on the throttle at first but then seemed fine. Drove 5 mins to get some shopping, then it took another 2 attempts of 10-15 secs to fire again, and again a bit fluffy under throttle. Drove out the car park and rev counter died, engine light and warning triangle light came on and felt a little unresponsive under throttle. Managed to drive the 4 miles home. Any rough ideas what would cause this-seemed weird the rev counter stopped working i'm thinking a sensor of some sort maybe? -2011 petrol KA.
  5. Being Australian she's probably poisonous as well lol.
  6. Exactly. If you got the money and you want/need it you'll pay. I don't get people who spend 100's of thousands on watches or millions on paintings but I'll never be in that position so my opinion doesn't matter lol.
  7. meXEco


    I know mate we were wishing the Fire Brigade would hurry once we saw smoke coming off the KA and luckily they did. I think it actually protected our place a bit!!
  8. meXEco


    It was scarily quick to develop Col.
  9. meXEco


    We were in the lounge (big windows) and heard them pull up and someone say call the fire brigade. I looked out the window and there was a scorch mark on bonnet and a little bit of smoke-looked electrical to me. BMW diesel. They tried popping the bonnet but it wouldnt open, the pub opposites landlord came out with an extinguisher and tried quelling it through the grill. I went and got my housemate from the back and by the time we'd got back there was loads of smoke. I went out and immediately moved my car and told them the owner of red Ka lived opposite in bottom flat which they proceeded to knock on door but no answer. Within 2 minutes there were loads of flames underneath and looked beyond saving. Another 2 mins and tyres were exploding and people freaking saying it's gonna blow up etc and the Ka started smoking. The Ka owner unfortunately was in their back garden and didnt hear the commotion somehow and it was too late by now to move it. We were getting a bit concerned that the fire brigade hadnt arrived as it seemed to be getting a bit close to our wooden windows and bay roof, but they turned up within 6-7 minutes. Quite scary for a minute really.
  10. meXEco


    This just happened right outside my digs-went up pretty quick. No one hurt and I just managed to move my car which was in front of the red KA.
  11. Someone probably got hold of the plates and applied for a new doc back when you could and it was easier.
  12. https://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/64169-identifying-your-rs-alloys/&tab=comments#comment-983315
  13. 13.5? Thought only proper mk1 RS wheels came in 5 1/2 inch wide (measured inside rims not outside) with a 71 code, and 75 code would denote mk2 RS wheels in 6 inch.
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