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  1. It's definitely an early one due to the bonnet release button in the grille and the heater dome with pointy sides, so yes 1968/1969.
  2. A simple Google search revealed this:
  3. You say you have a full on Atlas-maybe get that shortened instead of bubbling keeping it in period and probably cheaper to do as well?
  4. Then do it exactly as it was it deserves that lol as it has a nice history. It doesn't need unnecessary bubbles to make it a rally car that you probably will never use in anger anyway? You seem more concerned on its eventual value more than its historical value - but I reckon leaving it as she was will be more valuable in the long run. Just my humble opinion of course lots of good cars get ruined by going too far - remember the saying 'keep it simple stupid!'
  5. Was worrying about this as mines out on the 8th April will get it done as soon as we're back to some sort of normality.
  6. Seems a very reasonable price for a tidy looking car shouldn't hang around long good luck.
  7. GT40-the clue is in the name @ 40 inches tall. Awesome though one of my all time favourite cars must have been a blast!
  8. Which will probably end up like this...😵
  9. Just got it on PS4 - cross between banger racing and Demolition Derby - oh and there's a mk1 Escort in it!
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