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  1. meXEco

    Cant get on

    Working now.
  2. meXEco

    Cant get on

    Ok cheers dude refresh doesn't seem to work for me just the search link.
  3. meXEco

    Cant get on

    Anyone else having trouble getting on here today-can only get on via a google search and click link?
  4. meXEco

    Australian Twincam Thread

    DONT ENLARGE THE HOLES LEAVE THEM AS THEY ARE! please. 😉 You have a rare set of wheels don't mess with them.
  5. meXEco

    Mk2 ESCORT 15" wheels which et to use

  6. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    I don't really get it either-hardly customising is it? I admit its probably a dark art to put it on well but its just stickers at the end of the day for people with more money than taste.
  7. meXEco

    Mk2 ESCORT 15" wheels which et to use

    If they're there give em a try-what width are they that would help-7's prob too wide. Standard RS 13x6 alloys are ET+19-so ET 0 would push the wheels out a further 19mm if they were 6 inch wide.
  8. meXEco

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    I always want to ask silly questions etc. but am worried they'll hack my account so never bother.
  9. meXEco

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    Well they seem to be getting quicker at removing them now from searches-yesterday there were 8 whole pages of newly listed ones I had to scroll thru-if you clicked the link it would say item removed-but the search page would still show them-weird.
  10. meXEco

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    No I mean remove them from the main page-you usually still have to scroll thru pages to get to the real stuff-theres still loads on there now.
  11. meXEco

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    Heres one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Elddis-4-Berth-Crusader-Supersirocco/283337633647?hash=item41f83d2f6f:g:YfwAAOSwEVlcOzyE
  12. meXEco

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    Just search uk ebays classic cars section-under the main description it usually says 'all paperwork included-buy it now £5000-you may loose this opportunity' etc. then the description claims he's on holiday and to mail directly to blahblah@gmail etc. with what the car is in the title-check other items usually another 100 cars all with the same M.O. can spot them a mile off.
  13. meXEco

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    They're back-looked yesterday and 7-8 full pages I had to trawl thru before getting to the legit stuff-shocking how long it takes Ebay to remove them and how easy it is for them to hack in first place-getting fed up with Ebay nowadays.
  14. meXEco

    Fuel pipe question

    Yes forgot to say I used plenty of rubber lined P clips to secure the copper.
  15. meXEco

    Fuel pipe question

    I did similar-used 8mm copper pipe along chassis rail under car and braided into boot from alloy tank to pump/filter, and rubber fuel hose into engine bay to carbs-just used jubilee clips to fix to copper.