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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_Alpine_GTA/A610
  2. Hmmm Gal Gadot......
  3. Lovely-is that a hint to a Twincam motor in there?
  4. I reckon £1600 is a bargain to be honest-and think it'll get a bid or 2. Worth more than 1k in bits...
  5. They are completely different as top set has about 30 fixing points each, and lower set has 3 each.
  6. Rather have that 4 door than a bloody Porsche that's for sure.
  7. So not all Ozzy cars are bad then. That's awesome. 👍
  8. Must be a nice smooth ride!
  9. Why can't i add pics in pm's? The option is not there only insert from url?
  10. Ordered new sensor-went to fit and wrong type-only 2 pin and wrong size connector. Re ordered the right one listed as RPM/Crankshaft sensor with 3 pins and bingo. Easy to get at also which was nice.
  11. Looks good - but Jesus Christ state of that shop!!
  12. Code reader said PO355 - possibly crank position sensor.
  13. Meh DVLA are useless at the best of times up to him what he wants to do.👍
  14. I meant V5 wise-obviously insure it as what it will be modified as...i'm pretty sure there's loads of cars out there highly modified and insured with 'standard' V5's?
  15. Just get paperwork done before chopping car?
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