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  1. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    I agree the bus isn't wrong its done extremely well-and i'm with you on the Aggro estate also.
  2. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

  3. Just buy an exhaust made for an Escort-that'll be more hassle than its worth trying to fit it-even if it does fit.
  4. Clocked it wasn't a '68 Escort from first pic.
  5. Thinking the same to be honest-if and when my mk1's ever built and finished I don't think i'd like to take it anywhere-I have no secure parking at all where I live and as RP said you can get into them with a lolly pop stick. My bonnet can be opened from outside and with 8k's worth of Twincam in there it wouldn't surprise me if the engine went walkies one day if not the whole car. Its a shame as I used to use it as my daily for a few years and really enjoyed the attention it got-I don't think i'd like the attention it gets nowadays unfortunately. Would be looking for a classic without the bad attention or value to replace her. Don't want to get rid of it as its the car me and my father were looking forward to doing before he passed 18 months ago-it was his car and it means a lot to me but i'd rather sell it than it get nicked sadly...
  6. meXEco

    Just plain wrong!

    Hahaha oh dear my eyes!
  7. I remember that from the magazines - number plate says it all!
  8. meXEco


    They look nice-deffo rolltops.
  9. http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1535030
  10. Guy on ts did some cossie bits himself looked quite good easy enough to do small batches i'd imagine.
  11. You may have to separate them now-my missus has them and a few years ago the same happened-8 babies later and we had to split them up into male/female/those that got on with each other. Ended up with 12 pigs over 5 different cages-space nightmare but they're funny little buggers. So either get them sexed and separated when they are old enough to leave mum-or snip snip which'll obviously cost a bit.
  12. Haha I know luckily my '68 was standard when I got her and had all the right bits-good luck with the search. Glad you've replaced those seats for period correct also fancy a set of Contours for mine maybe.
  13. Its a nice mk1-but not 20 grands worth in my opinion with just a zetec in it.
  14. Probably done on purpose for the 'rat look' lol.
  15. Hi-with it being a '68 you will find a lot of parts are different to the later cars-and thus harder to find and usually more expensive-depends what you want the car for really.
  16. meXEco

    RIP Keith Flint

    The Twisted Firestarter died today aged only 49.
  17. He's actually hacking legit accounts and hoping some muppets gonna hand over cash without them being able to view any car-you gotta be a bit of a sucker if you hand over any cash without seeing a car really.
  18. And again another shed load just appeared.
  19. Just look at Ebay uk classic cars section newly listed on any given day you'll see.
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