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  1. thanks mate. the 1300 is getting lifted out tomorrow ready to be collected, trhen i can crack on with tidying the loom and cleaning the bay ready for the 1600 at the end of december.
  2. the fronts are avo coilovers, the rears are avo adjustable shocks with very short 600lb springs, not cut springs, just very short, they came with the suspension. Not much help
  3. Do it mate then get it down to uxbridge
  4. cheers guys, the pepper pots wont be on the car when its back on the road in the new year, but they've done me proud, they look a hell of a lot better than the 4x12 standard steels I've got something to go on there that I personally think will suit it down to the ground, then at the end of next year they'll be getting 'modified'
  5. Hello people, I'm just going to update this so you all know what I've been up to until now. I've painted the top and base of my k&n air filter in satin black, it makes it look a million times better, plus I really don't like chrome at all. I've also fitted my alloy top mounts, they brighten up the engine bay, well impressed with the fit on them nice and easy to fit too. Spent a couple of hours tonight, fitting my Kenlowe slim line fan, on the front of the radiator. It cleans the bay up so much, I'm well chuffed with the improvement, its also alot quieter and pushes alot more air. I also fitted my new washer bottle for the front and also an early spec header tank (thanks Danny) I love how it sits on the front panel and removes more clutter from the bulkhead. I need to buy some black heat wrap for my 4 branch for when I get the 1600 in at the end of December, then I'll mate that to the Ashley front half of the exhaust then mate that to my stainless steel rear half. I've still got my RS front splitter to get painted and fitted, but thats getting done by a bodyshop and at the same time they are going to mop my car I also need to get my new wheels painted. So in January the car will be all together and on the road looking fresh, ready for next years shows. No pictures as yet as my mobile internet on my laptop is shocking. I will get some up online once its all together.
  6. thanks, the 16i is a rep, a reshelled 16i into a 3i shell.
  7. thanks alot mate, like i say, theres a few things i want to sort that i'm not happy with, i have also got a set of supersport wheels that i need to get powder coated but my brother has got to speak to someone about that for me. got a real hankering for a 1ooe though, maybe next year.
  8. thanks fellas, im pretty happy with it atm, not long til its how i want it, just got a few little issues to sort to solve reliablility issues.
  9. I'd just like to say a massive thanks to ashton mobile for the work they've done on my car (1300 crossflow) today. They sorted the exhaust manifold blow, adjusted the tappets, set the timing properly and advised me on a few bits i need to do. All in all very, very happy with the service, big thanks goes to Joe! It's nearly silent, I had to blip the throttle earlier because it was that quiet Very highly recommended.
  10. I bought this little monster on back in early december, it was completely standard, got 37,000 miles and 3 previous owners and lots of service history. IT stayed standard for about a week and then Mart popped over with Lee, and me and Lee watched Mart fit my lowering springs that I bought that Squiz picked up for me. We also slung some pots on that Mart had laying about with 175/50/13s on too. I've got a few plans for it, picking up some new wheels for it soon and lobbing off a couple more coils from the -50mm springs and fit a stereo as it gets a bit boring on a drive with nothing to listen to apart form the chirp from the 957cc sewing machine. Mart also brought over a mountney steering wheel in brown, but I only need the boss, but that will do for the time being as I'll be buying another wheel, another mountney, but in fresh brown leather with black spokes. Anyway, a couple of pictures, the mk1 has been to ashton mobile today for a setup and a tidy up. It's being dropped off soon so things are on the up, keeping the 1300 until next year so i wanted it running well as it's gonna get some miles in the coming months. Need to change the alternator, battery and associated wiring up to the alternator, also has a little oil leak from the pump, so need to get a gasket and get some fresh oil for it. Also need a late crossflow head ideally to get it running perfect and it'll also be quicker. will update with some new pics over the weekend. Does anyone have a mk1 alternator and the wiring that goes up to it, ideally about 6 inches of the loom?
  11. this car is amazing, its literally perfect, it definately needs a 3 slat grill though! I've bee trawling through the cars for sale section looking for a 100e for half an hour because of this car
  12. Where does everyone park normally then? On the sides of the road or in the park like the old days?
  13. i wondered when this would pop up, waynes car wasnt it. love it
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