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  1. What brings a person to leave cars of any description to rot let alone ones like that? Madness. They need to be tracked down and sent to prison!
  2. Off you go then! You can frame it and show it with the car when you've finished it.
  3. Who'd of thought that a car was under there! It looks in good condition considering.
  4. Is that a Firenza? Does that mean after you finish the escort or instead of? It would be good to see another car saved from the grave
  5. Blimey, that's clutching at straws. It could be a mole hill under there!
  6. The club stand made it into the Classic Ford magazine! You can just see my roof in the background!
  7. Who knows what would come out of that garage!
  8. When I was rebuilding my pinto earlier this year I had to buy a new 32/36. I got told that Burtons had 10 in stock and bought a brand new unused weber. They may still have some left.
  9. My daughter, missus and me were watching an old only fools and horses and Rodney was dressed in a white suit with black shirt and white tie and someone said that he looked like a negative. My daughter asked what that was!
  10. There are different grades of polybush, so they don't have to be racing harsh. Go to Burtons, they sell Powerflex bushes and they do a classic range so they look authentic.
  11. I had a terrible leak in both corners of my mk2 escort so I used clear silicone. It had a great test at a show where it rained from 9.30 until I got home about 5. I didn't get one drip! Silicone is about £1.5 a tube. Cheap as chips.
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