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  1. That certainly sounds like a plan, I'm up for that.
  2. One of the reasons I want to return to the show is to see what the new venue will be like, it was fantastic last year, and I see no reason why this won't be the same.
  3. Sweeeeeeeeet! Gotta love an orange Mk2
  4. Nice turn out, looks like a good day👍 Lovely photos.
  5. The write up does make the tour sound interesting, it's a shame I can't make it. You should fill those places with a write up like that surely.
  6. I'm famous! Thanks for that, I don't tend to look at things like that so I would never have seen it. There were some nice cars there.
  7. It wasn't that bad!! I thought it was funny and that's what counts!!!
  8. I think the mk2 Mexico's are worth about £700, but i'm prepared to offer you £1000😂😂
  9. No worries, we wouldn't have found out about your engine if I hadn't started this thread so it's all good👍
  10. You are sooooo right! These things seem to drag on way longer than you think and when the sun comes out you have no car to drive! Good choice, I did think about the Omex throttle bodies but decided to stay original. Mid summer seems a long way off though, what else are you doing to your car?
  11. Munch

    If only

    I had a customer come in to work last year who said to me, I've just bought a packet of fags that cost more than my first car! . . . ahhh the good old days. Great ads though. Weird that you used to put your address on them, I suppose you would just turn up.
  12. I changed the oil and filter at the end of summer and the oil pressure went up, but it I hadn't noticed it was low.
  13. Yep, new clutch going in.
  14. Very appropriate. How do you decide what car to work on each week? I find it hard enough with just one!
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