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  1. Munch


    That's good enough for me then, Quaife it is. Thanks dt
  2. So there I am driving home from showing my car on Sunday at a local event and bang, I lost all drive with the engine running and still in gear. I got recovered within the hour which I thought was very good but because it was Sunday afternoon they said I will have to have a 2 stage recovery, the first to my house and then on to a garage during the week. So upon further inspection with the engine running and the car in gear I checked the prop and found that it was turning, so it is either the half shafts or the diff. Talking with a diff specialist they thought that it was more likely to be the diff considering i'm not running big power and half shafts are generally very strong. Earlier that day one of my friends asked me what I else I wanted to do with the car, and I said that over the winter I wanted to get an LSD so I think I jinxed myself! I was quite fortunate that it happened so close to home really, as 3 weeks ago I was at Mallory park and I did a session on the track. It was a 280 mile round trip with 4 up so it could have been a lot worse if this had happened so far from home. Looking on the bright side, I will have a lovely new LSD to play about with soon! Anyone got any tips for which LSD to get. Burton's sell the Quaife ATB as a direct replacement for the original diff.
  3. I've just read another thread and found out. Thanks anyway👍
  4. I think what helps the club win best club stand is the variety of cars we have and there was a good turn out. I would hope they will learn a lot from their first year hosting this event and if it is held at Mallory next year i'm sure it will be better organised. I will be going wherever it is.
  5. I enjoyed it. I couldn't believe how quickly it emptied out when it started raining either. I liked the track format, it was great to see and hear all the old cars giving it some round the track. Although I was there, what was the trophy for?
  6. I think you have to think of the enjoyment you get from driving it and taking it to shows, and if that's gone then maybe the time is right to sell, but surely if it brings a smile to your face when you see it sitting in the garage then it must be worth keeping for that on its own. Good luck with whatever you decide, and I hope it's the right one.👍
  7. I agree, I think those 3 describe classic Ford ownership down to a tee.
  8. 7 years isn't quite newbie status. You can move up to dedicated owner status😁
  9. So 107.7 on the first run and after new jets and some tinkering with timing 125.3. I suppose figures are for pub talk but the reason i did all of this was for reliability, peace of mind and a bit of extra grunt. The way the car drives now is so much better than before. It's power delivery is really smooth and it pulls really well. I am over the moon and can't wait to test it out at Mallory on Sunday. I can highly recommend Rich @ Redline in Laindon, Essex where I got my car set up. He is soooo knowledgeable and told me through all the stages what he was doing, why he was doing it and what affect it will have. It was very interesting for me to witness.
  10. Sorry, I was there for 3 1/2 hours and needed to get back to work! But here they are.
  11. I've just realised I didn't include a finished engine bay photo
  12. So, the day has come for my rolling road. Here's my car getting set up
  13. I'm a newbie and only had mine a year now.
  14. That sounds quite frustrating, especially for the length of time that you were there. I hope you can work out the problems. Mine is going back in on Thursday after I had some problems at the rolling road. The only ponies I am interested in making friends with are the ones under the bonnet!
  15. Hello Vista I have 2 tickets already, but I have another 2 friends that will be coming with me that require show entry only. If no one else comes forward for the job lot then keep me in mind please. Thanks
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