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  1. Wow, even from those pictures that colour really suits the van. I do love blue!
  2. The colour is always a personal choice, but I think it's a brave man that changes the original colour if you're going back to standard spec. If you're going for a custom build, then the colour won't matter, but then it's your car so unless you're doing this to sell and make money do what you want. It doesn't look too bad from the pictures. What's the underside like?
  3. It's the Classic Ford show, how can OSF NOT attend?? Whatever people thought of the organisation, there was still a great turnout of classic Fords. I enjoyed the show last year and I would like to go again this year. Nuff said.
  4. I can't believe you're still tinkering not so lucky Jim! Surely you've not had more problems? Square headlights are the new black πŸ‘
  5. What brings a person to leave cars of any description to rot let alone ones like that? Madness. They need to be tracked down and sent to prison!
  6. Off you go then! You can frame it and show it with the car when you've finished it.
  7. Who'd of thought that a car was under there! It looks in good condition considering.
  8. Is that a Firenza? Does that mean after you finish the escort or instead of? It would be good to see another car saved from the grave
  9. Blimey, that's clutching at straws. It could be a mole hill under there!
  10. The club stand made it into the Classic Ford magazine! You can just see my roof in the background!
  11. Who knows what would come out of that garage!
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