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  1. I'm up for a meet up. a pub car park sounds good, but I wouldn't advise on Basvegas!
  2. I had a C63 that had launch control and I only used it once just before I sold it. It was absolutely brilliant and hilarious at the same time and I'm kinda glad that I didn't try it sooner because I would have used it more. Surely if the manufacturer has put it on the car it must be safe if used in moderation?
  3. As Samuel would say, "that's a tasty van". It looks absolute gorgeous in classic Ford mag. Well done Mick👍
  4. Same for me. I used to get told who had reacted, but now I just get "somebody"
  5. I completely understand that you only really learn by making mistakes, but I'd rather not give someone incorrect advice, but it is good to offer up your thoughts and it is what keeps forums going. Next time someone wants an engine rebuild, i'll be there🤣
  6. Ha. ha!! Since buying it I have only taken it the NEC, so I haven't got any new pictures but here's one from there.
  7. I completely agree with Vista in that advice is difficult to give if you're not confident on the answer being correct. I would love to chip in a bit more, but am not that experienced with the mechanical side so tend not to.
  8. Munch

    Modern Wheel Size

    I thought I'd take a picture of an old 13" wheel with 185/70 tyres on next to a Porsche wheel 19" 295/30. In the flesh the difference is huuuuge! I measured the discs on the Porsche and they are bigger than the escort wheel!
  9. The actual drawing looks far better than this photo. The colour isn't quite right as I wanted candy apple red which is a darker red than the drawing but I am well chuffed with it. I sent him a load of pictures of all the items I wanted to put on the car, like wheels, wing mirrors, seats, steering wheel and obviously the car itself. I told him I wanted it de-badged with 1/4 bumpers and lowered and he did the rest. His name is Christopher Dugan. He has a website, which showcases his skills. Some of the pieces look like photos they are that good. It cost £350. It was a lot but as I said, I am wel
  10. I have already bought the seats from Cobra. I think they will suit the car quite well as they're a bit old skool offering enough support without being a proper racing bucket seat. I have also already got them down the interior shop. Here's a taster picture of what I am doing to them.
  11. Here is a proper picture of the wheels I want.
  12. Another set of parts I overlooked is the heater. It didn't have one at all, so I now need a heater with all associated plumbing and air vents, so if anyone has one or knows who has I would love to know. Thanks.
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