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  1. I have my tickets and no trailer in site👍 So Rally Pack, will we see you there? You could pop over, it's only a short flight😂
  2. Thanks Monza, I'm well chuffed. Good to hear you're coming to the NEC. I will see you at Castle Combe first though👍
  3. Are you coming to the NEC? You can have a proper nosey
  4. Tres bon, tres bon. That's cool that you've kept your first car. My first car was a mk2 as well but there wasn't a chance in he'll that I was keeping it! It had more holes in it than the game of kerplunk😂
  5. To be fair it wasn't cheap, but just look at it😁
  6. Very tasty looking motor that. Loving the colour. Welcome to the forum. The next event we're at is rally day at Castle Combe on the 21st of this month, then it's the classic car show at the NEC in November. Both great events for completely different reasons.
  7. Oops, that's a good point! I'll have to do that tomorrow after work
  8. I stayed in the crown plaza at the NEC which was less than a 5 minute walk, but it was firkin expensive. This year I have booked a B & B one stop on the train away for a third of the price.
  9. So I picked the Tina up yesterday but didn't get chance to wash and wax it till today, so here are some pictures just taken on my drive.
  10. I would recommend any day other than Saturday, it was heaving last year. It was good to be there for 3 days as you could take your time and come and go from the stand rather than trying to squeeze everything in in one day.
  11. Thanks for organising this event Mr Gerbil, it's gonna be wicked! See you there.
  12. If you can find one, i'm sure a fiat uno turbo would be in that price bracket. I always wanted one in the early 90's and I think they're awesome! Did you get them in OZ? They were few and far between back then, so future classic is definitely on the cards.
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