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  1. Munch

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Hello Lee, good to see another mk2 owner join up! It does look tasty in orange.
  2. Munch

    RS mk2 parts wanted

    That's a great idea, I might do an oil change and hey presto RS oil! The possibilities are endless. . .
  3. Munch

    Body Jig ( spit roast )

    oooohhh, 2nd mot. Your little boy is growing up so fast!
  4. Munch

    Orange Is The New Black

    Tres Bon! Is that from the car cave in Scotland?
  5. Munch

    This made me laugh

    That's ok, no offence taken! That's funny you should say that though, I have a picture of my car as my desktop screen saver at work. It's fairly close up and taken from an angle of the front, but I am shocked at the amount of people that come in to my office and ask if it's my Capri! Clearly there are less OSF fans than we realise.
  6. Munch

    This made me laugh

    I was out in my car today and I pulled over to wait for someone and this guy in a truck pulled up next to me and was gesturing and trying to talk to me. I wound my window down and he was quite excited and said "wow that car's the the round ones, I can't believe it, it's so cool, that's the nuts, i'm going to go and get my Capri" and drove off! It really made me laugh. You wouldn't get that in a focus RS.
  7. I have decided to sort my engine out mainly due to a sump gasket leak and the fact that I don't know the history of it, so for peace of mind I wanted to get it stripped down and checked over and fitted with a whole new set of gaskets, cleaned and repainted, but while its in bits why not make it a little bit better with new pistons, lightening and balancing, new oil and fuel pump and a skimmed head etc!! I don't want a 200bhp beast, just something with a bit more grunt. I am going to stick with the standard carbs and filter to still give an original look. Anyhow, I will start a separate thread on this, but I went to take it to my mechanic this morning, (incidentally who appeared on cars that rock with Brian Johnson as the mechanic working on the fastest mini in the world). So I went to my lock up put the key in the ignition, put my foot on the clutch, as I leave it in gear, and turn the key and the car jumped forward. I couldn't quite understand as I was thinking but my foot's on the clutch it shouldn't be doing that. I still had pressure in the pedal so I tried to take it out of gear and it was very difficult to do so, but I managed it in the end. Once it popped out of gear, it went in and out fairly easily. I hadn't started my car since bringing it back from the NEC in November but it wasn't really that long ago. I then started the engine with ease, but I just couldn't get it in gear. I warmed the car up, turned it off and on and off. Started it in gear and hard on the brakes, but still the clutch wouldn't free itself. I thought there's only one thing I can do here, and that's push it to the road and start it in gear and try and change gear without the clutch, so that's what I did. I had to collar some random passer by to help me push it out of the lock up and I started it in gear and got it to the road where I turned it off and waited for a big gap before I took the plunge. Once I got going I just could not get it out of gear and was caning the nuts out of it in first gear until I had a few cars behind me and I pulled over and turned it off. The clutch still wasn't free, so I started it in gear again and off I went. I was trying to pop it out of first through the revs, which I did eventually manage but then It wouldn't go into second! By this time I was coming up to a roundabout, but all of a sudden it went into second and I got round the roundabout without having to stop and then hey presto, the clutch was working. I had no more issues. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. Munch

    Discussing the Retropower Mk1 Escort Project

    I'm with you on this one, although I have watched all the episodes I did skip bits. I enjoy seeing the before during and after pictures, not the before, during, during, during, during, during, during, during, during, during, during and during pictures!!! It is interesting though especially when he went to Cosworth, but boy can he go on.
  9. Alright Nick, I might venture over there, it looks like a really big show from the link. Besides, you need a shiny car next to yours to showcase its originality!!!!!
  10. Munch

    Trip back in time

    I think I would buy a shell, engine, carbs, seats, door cards, carpet, wheels, gearbox, clutch, radiator, jack, fuel tank, brakes, servo, master cylinder, axel, prop, suspension, nose cone, bonnet, dash, dials, steering wheel, seat belts, steering column, exhaust. . . I think I have covered everything! This way I can make myself a whole new car. Alternatively, for my existing car it would have to be seats and wheels.
  11. Munch

    Inlet manifold kit twin 40's

    You know what they say. . . you get what you pay for.
  12. Well that's just showing off. I might take mine out and take a picture of it in front of a puddle!
  13. Blimey, it looks like you are actually building a car, not repairing one with that list. You forgot to add a shell to the list!