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  1. Ferret-head


    Hi Rick Good luck with the build, don't forget to put up some pictures
  2. Ferret-head

    Greetings from Manchester

    Hi paul
  3. Ferret-head


    Hi Jim It's looking good!
  4. Ferret-head

    Opinions on imported old skool Ford's

    Cheers for the replies By the sounds of it I haven't got too much to worry about!
  5. What's all your opinions on this subject? I've been looking on eBay at the south African mk2 escorts and they look the part! More importantly their fitting my budget so..what's to look out for? Like duties and taxes? Anybody had any experiences of putting an import on the road in this country ?
  6. Ferret-head

    Hi there all!

    Cheers everyone Thanks for the replies
  7. Ferret-head

    Hi there all!

    New on the site, just to get the ball rolling really! Haven't got any old skool ford wheels at the moment but hope to soon, years ago my first car was a 4door Mk2 escort and second car was a mk3 capri so I'm no stranger to old skool fords. So hi to everyone!