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  1. Turns out that I need a rad for an auto box application, as it is plumbed in. I might consider a remote oil cooler, instead of it being integral
  2. I'm afraid I did run it, as I was on the M6, and the hard shoulder was cordoned off by road works for the smart motorway. It was a rapid decision to make, to avoid stopping in a live lane. I found a gap between the concrete barrier, that had cones. Fortunately, there was just enough of a gap. I thought that I was going to clout one. Any commendations on a standard radiator? On ebay, there's one for £134,which actually has a photo of it
  3. And the spark plugs. Right to left is 1 2 3 and 4
  4. Here you gang. Looks like I need a new radiator VID_20191212_145710.mp4
  5. I've not had the time since I have put in my lockup,work gets in the way 😁 I might go up before I start work at 5pm. I'll need to put some oil and water in and do a comp test.
  6. if you are getting a spark at the time it cuts out,see if the mechanical pump is delivering
  7. Thanks for your empathy,it's the love of Classics that makes us tolerant. No froth in the oil cap radiator is empty,wasn't when I left.. Yes,it'll get pampered,with a new head gasket I assume. Once the head comes off,I shall see. Got back at 3:30am 😁
  8. Thanks. Just a bit of aggro. Broke down at 18:30 and recovery will be with me at 1:30 😁
  9. Hello all, driving back to Manchester on the M6 in my new purchase, then suddenly...pop! and from what I could see in the dark, in the rear view mirror, a cloud of smoke....headgasket do you reckon? VID_20191209_224727.mp4
  10. ....worth mentioning,just in case
  11. I remember seeing one on ebay about 3 years ago,I was tempted
  12. the engine has either a Weber 2V DFTM or a Weber VV TLD,so it's mechanical pump which might be the issue
  13. Is it a CFI or a carburettor engine?
  14. I've taken off the inner arch splash guards on my Sierra and sprayed in U-POL Gravitex. The Neutrarust 661 looks interesting. I use Fertan,a bit similar. I did try Vactan,but not as good as Fertan
  15. Magnum are local to me,and went to buy a Focus sill,and there was a Mustang shell
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