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  1. ....worth mentioning,just in case
  2. I remember seeing one on ebay about 3 years ago,I was tempted
  3. the engine has either a Weber 2V DFTM or a Weber VV TLD,so it's mechanical pump which might be the issue
  4. Is it a CFI or a carburettor engine?
  5. I've taken off the inner arch splash guards on my Sierra and sprayed in U-POL Gravitex. The Neutrarust 661 looks interesting. I use Fertan,a bit similar. I did try Vactan,but not as good as Fertan
  6. Magnum are local to me,and went to buy a Focus sill,and there was a Mustang shell
  7. Thankyou gents for the welcome. Someone was asking about YRO 800X,that's why I have joined,aswell of Classic Fords. Not just Classic Fords,Classics in general,like the MK1 Cavalier,Ascona,Chevette and all other Marques
  8. I hope I haven't confused you,it's a 2 litre pinto with stock cam. The cam timing issue is on my Sierra with a I4 dohc,N9 engine
  9. I've been aiming to put boost on a pinto for years,just not got round to it. Gathered info about putting boost through a Weber 32/36. If I had more time, it'll be done by now
  10. Hello, I'm Paul. At the moment I own several Sierra's,one MK5 Cortina and recently bought a MK1 Focus so I can stop using my Cortina as a daily. I was hoping to solve the cam timing on my Sierra,but not had the time,which I've aimed to use as my daily. Regards Paul
  11. I can say that I have seen this Capri,and it is in Stockport. I won't say the precise location,as we don't know who is lurking on the forum