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  1. if a mk2 escort boss fitsa mk3 capri ill take the wheel !
  2. first job will be get an mot on it and then as i go along but fairly quickly is the plan
  3. its home ! despite being stored with the handbrake off the rear brakes seem quite seized , all four tyres were flat and i forgot to take a pump so i literally had to pick up the back of the car and walk it out of the garage it was in ! in doing so i have bent the rear bumper somewhat but the car really does seem to be about as rust free as ive ever seen a mk3 capri. there is a dent on the passenger side door and rear 1/4 so it will need some paint but all in all it seems solid and pretty straight. 2 previous owners last one since 1991 and been in a garage and not moved since 19
  4. not sure if thats good or bad lol i like that im still "oldskoolford youth" despite now being 26
  5. Hi Guys, its been 6 years since I last had a capri on the road and I am picking up my new one hopefully on Friday ! no pics yet but some of you might recognise the username if i post up pics of my old car. had a little scout around this morning and i recognise quite a few names that are still regularly posting! that was my capri back in the day my first car and i miss it ! be nice to do it again but with more income and ability to make a nicer car (it wont be going matt black)
  6. dad is over there with an empty 18ft ifor williams trailer that was likely to be coming back empty
  7. nothing to pay like that as we are all in the eu
  8. good advice as always vista ill look into it
  9. hi guys, ive been away for a while ... but my dad gave me a call yesterday to say he had found a mk1 escort 4 door in a scrap yard in france that looked complete and clean with one slightly rusty arch , strut tops not been welded and still mint and started up first turn of the key so obviously been in regular use till recently. given the french attitude towards cars i doubt if a car from a scrappy would be expensive over there its by no means a specialist classic breakers. is it worth finding out a price for ? how much should i consider paying ? and from what ive read i
  10. i have used wonga.com whilst i dont owe anyone any money and have no overdraft i was relatively skint at the time waiting for a paycheck on the friday but something came up that i didnt want to miss out on so i borrowed the money for it from them and had to pay back an extra £4 or something like tht 3 days later
  11. if its a sailsbury axle is that the same as the ones found on landrovers ? and could you fit an air locking diff ? ???
  12. i find im at my best in the 3-6 pint range
  13. just because its newer doesnt mean its more reliable i would look at vws ... i just bought a mk2 golf gti as a daily while i look for a capri again the 8v gti was and is a fantastically reliable car and older cars have the advantage that if it does break you can fix it yourself cheaply
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