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  1. It's not my field, but as far as I'm aware they are what they say... Weld through is for use when welding. The Etch is for priming the hole body before painting. I don't think the weld through primer is a suitable all over undercoat primer to paint on to. That's my understanding of them, I could be proven wrong. lol
  2. Welcome along Bob. Good to see another Scottish Escort on here.
  3. That's a fair point, and could be correct. But is there aftermarket E-Dipping out there? The company I was going to use, book your car on a new car factory production line, so it goes through with new cars.
  4. Yes, exactly the dilemma I had, but what I hadn't thought of, was all these articles that I was reading, and bodyshops I was taking advice from weren't writing or living with the car a few years down the line. I looked into the heat removal system, it sounds good, I've spoke with them, even they don't offer e-coating because they say a good spray primmer is better! Who knows!!!?
  5. I 'thought' I had researched this to death... Decided to dip... Then came across this forum, as it turns out in the wrong order! My MK2 was dipped, with the intention of e-coating after any wielding was done. I have change the way I'm going forward after taking onboard what advice I was give on here, from the like of @Vista that has be there, done that and lived with with it. My RS2000 thread is on here if it helps you any.
  6. Ha, Yes, that's the place. To be honest I don't see them a lot neither, but they are around. There is a wee local classic car display at the highland games and a few of them turn up for that. I know of three Mustangs... 2 early convertibles and one fastback. There is one American guy that stayed, he's got a wee collection of american police cars, and there is a early Corvette. Craig, Do you follow the Scottish Retros page on FB? A good bunch of guys that like to do run-outs with nice classic cars. PS, I'm Craig too. lol.
  7. Hi and welcome. I'm just a wee bit north and a ferry from you. There are a few Mustangs around me, the Americans lived in the town a while back, when they left, the cars were left behind. That looks a lovey car you've got your self, I've always fancied one.
  8. Cuili1

    If only

    No, sorry. I just found it like that.
  9. You found it then... Welcome along to OSF
  10. Got this from a rallying group I follow.
  11. I'm liking the sound of this... Be good to hear how it goes.
  12. Welcome along to OSF
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