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  1. Bubble arches if it was me.
  2. Power floated. Thanks.
  3. Out interest, what paint have you guys used? I've got mine to do, and haven't got round to buying the paint yet! Has anyone any recommendations? Craig.
  4. Happy New Year to James and everyone else.
  5. Hi, and welcome to the forum.
  6. Cuili1

    Required expansion

    Good job. 👍 Here in Scotlandshire, we don't need planning or a building inspector for a garage.
  7. Welcome to OSF. That a brilliant and interesting car.
  8. If you've not had any response with this, I'll get them for you... But it'll be a couple of weeks as I'm Offshore just now.
  9. I'm glad this popped up, what a great read and road trip. I done a North American road trip, hired a rent-a-wreck 1985 Ford Sable (I know not a OSF, but it was am old Ford lol) in Toronto. Drove it from there to the Alaska border, down through the Rockys, into Vancouver and round Vancouver Island. Then all the way down the West Coast of the US top the Mexican border. Then Coast to Coast of the USA, then Down to the Key West, then back up the East Coast of US, round Lake Ontario anti clockwise in to Toronto... 10 weeks. 23500km
  10. Really nice car mate. I agree with @Rally Pack 2000
  11. I'd call myself a newbie too... 7 years I've had the RS.
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