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  1. Hi, and welcome to the forum.
  2. Cuili1

    Required expansion

    Good job. 👍 Here in Scotlandshire, we don't need planning or a building inspector for a garage.
  3. Welcome to OSF. That a brilliant and interesting car.
  4. I've just read though this, and I'm sorry if it's been mentioned or I'm thinking out the box in the wrong direction... But I had a similar issue years ago and it ended up being the earthing cable to the engine, The black sleeve over the crimped part made it look ok, But under it, it had melted bad and only gave in when the car got hot!
  5. If you've not had any response with this, I'll get them for you... But it'll be a couple of weeks as I'm Offshore just now.
  6. I'm glad this popped up, what a great read and road trip. I done a North American road trip, hired a rent-a-wreck 1985 Ford Sable (I know not a OSF, but it was am old Ford lol) in Toronto. Drove it from there to the Alaska border, down through the Rockys, into Vancouver and round Vancouver Island. Then all the way down the West Coast of the US top the Mexican border. Then Coast to Coast of the USA, then Down to the Key West, then back up the East Coast of US, round Lake Ontario anti clockwise in to Toronto... 10 weeks. 23500km
  7. Really nice car mate. I agree with @Rally Pack 2000
  8. I could be wrong with the way I've read in to this... I thought the shells were to be made from the Magnum panels and they are getting round a lot of the IVA rules by selling it as a kit! Kit cars now go one the road on new registrations for the year they are completed and inspected, do they not?
  9. I'd call myself a newbie too... 7 years I've had the RS.
  10. Yes, sad news RIP @Jimbonic Has my thoughts spot on.
  11. Thank you @Rally Pack 2000 the bulbs arrived yesterday.
  12. Nice find, good luck with the build.
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