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  1. That’s a cracking line up of classics (I use that word loosely, as I have a few that are 10 years newer that could be called classics now) 😁
  2. It was shell coming home day yesterday.
  3. Cuili1

    Black plates

    I’m the same, I’m not a purist, but that’s one thing I don’t like. The MK2 looks far better with the white/yellow
  4. Happy New Year to you, and all the oldskoolford guy & girls.
  5. I’m pretty sure the engine earth just goes to the battery in mine, and from the battery to nearside inner wing. I only replaced the floor in mine, bulkhead is original and I can see that hole. (I’m only looking at pics, shell isn’t here or I would double check for you)
  6. No, but you’ve got me intrigued, as I can remember seeing that hole in my car! is that directly under the heater hole, in the middle?
  7. And the shell has been painted, it will be ready to pick up very soon.
  8. Also got all but a few bits back from the platers.
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