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  1. good to know cheers rich
  2. beautiful rs love them good luck with it ill keep an eye on the progress
  3. thanks mate ill update often any advice I can offer you just ask
  4. rich t that's the one I've been looking for thanks mate and ray yes I have no idea why they ask for the air freshener to be removed very very odd
  5. Ah not far at all mate,cant say I've seen yours about though sadly. I had a modena green mk1 Mex before this.
  6. I like the smell lol its a Feu Orange traffic light air freshener all the cars I went in in the 70s/80s smelt like it it just brings back all those memories
  7. does anyone know where I may possibly find one of the traffic light air freshener's?
  8. and I'm gunna put 7x13 under the arches i think
  9. hi john its an early escort its 1975 im going to put Capri front struts and brakes on it,hoping to get it done by June and dt36 I'm from Caerphilly area
  10. thanks ill keep updating pictures throughout
  11. cant wait to get it finished now thanks colr6
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