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  1. Allanscort

    Tappet Setting - Pinto with BP300 Camshaft

    Sure it is a cork gasket I bought. Found a set of Sealey crows feet on ebay, 10-19mm for £10 odd, purchased. Thought it could be tricky bending a spanner.
  2. Allanscort

    Tappet Setting - Pinto with BP300 Camshaft

    Yeah I was going to use a 19mm last night but found an imperial one, can't remember size but it seemed a better fit, probably just a better quality spanner. I'll look into bodging some spanners to suit, cheers. As for fitting the valve cover back on, just best to stick the gasket to the cover with some rtv sealant then fit it? No need for sealant on the head? See you can buy a 19mm crows foot individually, thought you would have to buy an expensive set, might just get this instead. https://www.zoro.co.uk/shop/hand-tools/spigot-end-fittings/19mm-o-e-crowfoot-wrench-3-8"-sq--drive/p/ZT1005552X?utm_campaign=pla-Hand+Tools+-+&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping-pla&utm_keyword=ZT1005552X&istCompanyId=6aa6787b-063e-4414-802d-129f235df603&istItemId=wtqixrlttr&istBid=tztx&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI97CSl5Cp3QIVwbHtCh0yqwiUEAQYAiABEgIhqvD_BwE
  3. Allanscort

    Tappet Setting - Pinto with BP300 Camshaft

    Yeah that looks like the way to go. I'm not at the car this weekend, what size spanner fits the lock nuts? Need to buy a cheapy I can bend. Got sidedraft 45 webbers on it but its still a bugger to get into!
  4. Allanscort

    Tappet Setting - Pinto with BP300 Camshaft

    Cheers guys, using 8 & 10 thou. adjusted a few of the inlets tonight, fiddly job getting it set right! after tightening locknut. Probably need to invest in a smaller spanner for lock nuts for carb side. Get there!
  5. Hi, Escort has become very tappety low down. Can someone confirm the correct clearance (follower-cam) for bp300 cam? Found a thread for BP285 stating 0.35mm (0.014") for all valves. Also is it best to measure the clearance when cam is exactly 12:00 when the lobe is pointing directly up? New build last year, roughly done near 1000 miles. Thanks Allan
  6. Allanscort

    Newbie From Edinburgh

    Hi mate, Welcome, I'm a bit along the road from you, near Glasgow. I own a modded 4 door mk2 escort. Some lovely cars you have there!!! Escort my favourite!
  7. Thanks again for the info. The feed is now fixed, found a break in the wiring. Just the circuit board to fix now as there is a break in it at the bottom bulb for the earth. Going to try some copper tape to join it, failing that maybe get a replacement cluster off ebay and swop whole circuit. Getting there! So much for having a so called proper auto electrician look at!
  8. Allanscort

    Hi from Glasgow

    Hi fellas, Sorry been busy. Thanks for all the comments - More doors the better ha Love it! Its a good wee forum for help. Definitely keep an eye out for meets and try and get along to one at some point.
  9. Hi mate, Could you explain in more detail how to tap into the headlamp switch plug and where it might be located? Will it be on the column, at the stalk?
  10. I don't think there is any other option but resort back to original plan to hard wire the bulbs to a switch. I need the bulb loom complete with the holders (X3). If anyone has this, let me know. Thanks Guess I can run a new feed from a switch to the connector pin (grey/yellow) if the board is still intact.
  11. Just realised I checked the wrong wire. The grey/yellow has no resistance showing. Electrician did say there was no power getting to it and a jumble of wires behind dash! What now?
  12. Yeah I checked that pin on the block, seems to be power there. Thinking the same, that it must be a break in the circuit board where it feeds to that bulb. Going to try and upload a pic, I want to run power to it to check the board but scared I might damage something else.
  13. Thanks, okay I'll check that. I had a qualified auto electrician working on it. He owns a rs2000 but didn't manage to get it working either.
  14. No it doesn't have a dimmer, mostly working before I fiddled with it! Bulb holders are fine, power not getting to the cluster.
  15. Hi, My dash lighting for the instrument cluster has stopped working completely! Blew something when swopping the bulbs stupidly! Looked at wiring, fuses etc nothing! Plan now is to hard wire these if possible. I read on here, I think of someone doing similar. Difficult to solder on to the connectors for the single bulb holders so thought about joining up two of the wired ones and running to a relay/switch. Does anyone have the bulb holders with wire, 3 bulb holders? Or help/advice on best way to do this? cheers, Allan