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  1. Interested in the spit and have pm'd.
  2. Nellybus

    Escort mk1 ducktail

    Thanks for your replies and links guys much appreciated, think I might see how close the capri one is 👍
  3. Nellybus

    Escort mk1 ducktail

    Thanks for that already seen that one though and thought it was a bit expnsive to be fair.
  4. Nellybus

    Escort mk1 ducktail

    Looking for a ducktail boot spoiler for my mk1 anyone know where I can buy 1? Tia.
  5. Nellybus

    Thruxton 50th anniversary

    Few nice cars turning up already and I think Guy Martin is driving one of the Williams cars.
  6. Nellybus

    Mk1 escort newbie

    Thanks it's a ybt 😉
  7. Nellybus

    Mk1 escort newbie

    Thanks guys, looking forward to running her up the strip tomorrow afternoon at the pod to see what she'll do 👍
  8. Nellybus

    Atlas pinion seal

    Excellent thanks.
  9. Nellybus

    Atlas pinion seal

    Can I change the pinion seal on my atlas axle without having to get the backlash reset? Thanks in advance, Nelly.
  10. Nellybus

    Mk1 escort newbie

    Quick hello from a newbie with mk1 escort, absolutely loving this car, had a few mk2's and mk1 xr2s in my youth but this is my first mk1 and it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it 👍