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  1. Doc134

    V6 Essex Bottom pulley

    That’s great, thanks for that. have scaffold pole and oxy torch, should shift it if I’m lucky!
  2. Doc134


    Hi, I’m Doc. Actually not a car guy, but have a V6 Essex powered trike, all with Capri running gear. Will need tech advice as I refurb the beast. Yeah, I know I’m a philistine in some people’s eys, but I’m keeping a bit of motoring history on the road in another way.
  3. Doc134

    V6 Essex Bottom pulley

    Hi, can anybody confirm I can take off the bottom pulley without disturbing the timing. I want to refurb all the pulleys so I can powder coat as the engine is visible. I know it’s keyed just not obvious if it will affect the timing set up Sounds a stupid question, but I’m sat here without a manual at the momen Thanks in advance