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  1. Maverickmk2

    Mk2 zetec conversion

    Ok, cheers. Do I connect my temperature gauge to the bottom of the water rail?
  2. Maverickmk2

    Mk2 zetec conversion

    I have just put a new zetec crate motor in my escort. Can I keep my 42mm aluminium radiator or do I need something bigger like a 62mm? Also I have a retroford water rail and I am not running a heater so do I put a bolt to plug the rear?
  3. Maverickmk2

    Any zetec conversion parts

    I was gonna get the nordzi pro as it is half the price. It says you can install within minutes?
  4. I am doing a 2.0 blacktop Zetec conversion on my mk2 escort. The only thing I have is engine mounts and zx6 carbs. If you any retroford parts or other parts I with need let me know. cheers
  5. I have a Mk2 escort and want to convert to a 2.0 zetec. I am going the buy this kit off retro ford. I wanted to know what else I need? I already have zx6 carbs on the current pinto set up. Also is there any other cheaper kits out there? I am 19 so have a limited budget. cheers
  6. Hi guys, I have a mk2 escort with an English axle(I think) with lsd.I have a leak from the main gasket and wanted to know how to change it. I have taken the prop shaft off already, can I just unbolt the diff and put the new gasket on or do I have to take the half shafts out as well? cheers
  7. Maverickmk2

    Mk2 escort what carb is this?

    Found this plate to fit these carbs plus the filter. It's bolt on but £105 😪 . Just ordered it so hopefully it fits.
  8. Maverickmk2

    Mk2 escort what carb is this?

    After a lot of research I think they are zx6r carbs. The last owner said he had the car dynoed at 152bhp with a worked head, piper cam,vernier pulley. do you think this will work?Is there any thing cheaper?
  9. Hi guys, I just brought a mk2 escort with a 2.0 pinto.I need to find out what carbs are on so I can find an air filter that fits. It's on bike carbs but don't know what their from(They are Mikuni). Can anyone tell what the carbs are from and what filter will fit?