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  1. Thanks guys, pretty much as i thought but its always good to get a second opinion. Cheers Troppo
  2. G`day all I`m going to be fitting a five link arse end to my MKII in the near future. I`m a fitter/welder by trade so no problems there but i was after any tips or tricks involved in making the job easier. Cheers all Troppo
  3. Thats the same post on another forum but the is the one i saw Dont know if they would work on a mkII though. Cheers mate Troppo
  4. i think i read a post a while ago on here somewhere that you can get a mg lockset that will fit the doors and boot
  5. OK, the only problem with keeping the leaf springs is i wanted to be able to adjust the suspension depending on whether i was on road, track or dirt. Then i wanted the shockers to be more vertical than the standard angled position of the stock items. So the question is, is there a way to have coilovers and tramp rods?
  6. OK so some good advice on the suspension cheers guys, will save me a lot of time and stuffing about. Think i will go with the flares though just love that look and i reckon the yellow will be a winner on the colour front (unless i change my mind again lol)
  7. There will be some dirt track and fast track use too though its not something i can afford too often, but will go as hard as i can when i can afford it. You had to do it didnt you? I was warming up to yellow, maybe yellow with flares but now ROTHMAANNNNNNSSSSSSSSSSSSSS lol
  8. troppo

    Just plain wrong!

    I really cant believe some of the things you guys are able to get away with over there 95% of what ive seen on the previous pages wouldnt get allowed even after tens of thousands of dollars of engineerng scrutiny, but then most of what ive seen shouldnt be allowed on the road for any reason what so ever
  9. G`day all Just looking for some opinions for now. Going to make a start on my mkII 2 door in the coming months and am looking for your thoughts. I was originally going to go with the Rothmans Rally liviery, flares,tubs, half cage, stripes and as many of the rally mods as i am allowed here (South Australia) while still keeping it road legal. Its currently a dark metallic green which i kinda like (haz been put on so thick its split like crazy paving through shrinkage) and was originally Blaze Yellow. At the moment its a toss up between full rothmans and a blaze yellow showroom looking job. Either way ill be going 5 link, coil overs, tubs, larger tunnel (got a type E rocket box in it) and some mild engine work. What are your thoughts on a direction to go? Keep the look and value of showroom stock or go all out and throw the rothmans kit at it? Thanks for your thoughts Cheers Troppo
  10. Well, just spent a couple of hours reading this thread and all i have to say is " By god are you talented or what?" bloody great work from start to finish mate. I can only pray my work is close to this standard. As for the colour, i wouldnt have chosen it personally but once it was painted i fell in love with it. I couldnt sell it after all that quality work.
  11. Done this several times, mainly due to leaky matrix`s. never had a problem with a length of hose from pump to manifold. Keeping a working heater is easy enough, take the heater box out from under the dash and fit an electric heater with fan in place of the old matrix and fans. Theres no waiting for hot air this way either.
  12. Impressive work she`s going to be a real head turner
  13. So is there a difference between the cortina and escort bell housings? Because i have to take the engine out to change the clutch. The bell housing jams up on the trans tunnel before i can get the input shaft out of the spline in the clutch, no matter what amount of wiggling or jiggling will get it off without removing the engine and box as a unit. I have taken enough gear boxes out of these to know how easy it is to do in other escorts. hell ive done one on my own on the side of the road (a bitch of a job for sure but still able to do it.) Well thats one mystery solved engine and VIN numbers dont match. No interesting numbers on the engine casting but it does have T4 cast in a couple of spots, thats nothing i et
  14. Just saw this on the book of face, the only real difference i can see is the location of the hole in the webbing
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