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  1. you know that,s not a bad idea. i am not blending the arches to the car. I will be attaching them so they can be easily removed and replaced. So they will get painted separately. I can take the bonnet with the wings. Great idea. Thanks.
  2. Good day. I am buying a set of bubble arches for my escort. The cars green. No idea if its original but need to find a way to match it. If i buy a Spectrophotometer, will it work out the paint code that allows the paint shop to mix to match the car. Any links appreciated
  3. I also have a LHD mk1. Use these guys.when it co.es to electrics, dont cut corners. Get new electics and have it all professionally installed. Do t have your pride and joy coming to a halt or worse, going up in flames trying to save 100 quid. https://www.autosparks.co.uk/fd295-ford-escort-mk1-rs2000-engine-bay-harness.html
  4. Ha ha ha. I know the feeling. I have a few classic cars and compete in local classic rallies. Part of it is an individual time trial. I sit and tell myself to take it easy. Excelerate gently. Balance the car. 3....2...1... ahhhhh banzi. Ha ha. Yep i know the feeling
  5. Ok. Its got nothing to do with the diff. Just the axle.
  6. I am looking for a 2.8 axle. The 2.8s came with a LSD. I will off course change the gearing. I have 2 spare t9 gearboxes for the car. Its a wee bit of trial and error to be honest. And i just want to have fun. At 52 years old and having never hill climed i seriously dint see myself as being competative. But i will try to have fun with the car. As for having the right cam. i will wait and see. The exhaust is a simpson race system. You should be able to find on line.
  7. Hi guys. I am putting a bubble arch kit on my mk1. My wheel of choice being 7.5 x 13 rs 4 spoke. deep dish. Has anyone got a set for sale?
  8. In 2012 i bought a le mans green 2.0 mk1. In a barn outside Zagreb originally from germany. 2 door. Rock solid with 2.0 pinto. Grand sum of 1000 pounds. I now live in croatia and decided i wanted an RS replica. Well the originals a fortune. Since then i have spent 16k on parts and its still not turned a wheel. I have spent the last 5 years in kuwait so have had no real time to work on it. I finally found recaros for it so had the front and back seats redone by Alldrige trimming in dark brown beta cloth. European 6 dial dash. Yes i bought the wrong one first time round. Had the car professionally polished and stripes added. Team dynamic 15" alloys and loads more performace parts. I have now embarked on an engine rebuild. Again performance parts. Originally i have stayed with original arch but now decided bubble arch. Hey why not. So they are in the post from Germany. The one and only missing part now is a good back end. English with slipper. Preferably a 2.8s rear end. We will wait and see. So attached are a few photos. Any questions welcomed.
  9. Ok as far as you tube goes. Hmm. I doubt it. It's never done 10 meters on the road as you see it. Unless someone else done it without my knowledge. So what's my plan? Hill climb. Always loved hill climbs. My late dad hill climbed beside Jackie Stewart on the old rest and be thankfull road on the west of Scotland. I used to go to the Doune hill climbs near Stirling. And there is a climb event in Croatia. I have a 2.1 bottom end with Mahl forged pistons. Standard crank. Lightened fly wheel. Fully ported head with big valves. Skimmed for extra CR. The Newman cam is not the fastest bit will suffice. Kent valve springs. Twin 45s and a full Simpson race exhaust. Should be Interesting. I still need an english/atlas rear and and slipper. It's now got a full original recaro interior. Albeit fishnets and not roller tops. Oh and a hole lot more parts. Should be fun.
  10. I bought my escort as a barn find. It was in a small village outside Zagreb. The car was from Germany and already had a pinto installed. The wiring was terrible, it had twin side pipe exhausts and jacked up rear suspension. But it was a rock solid 2 door with decent paint. Over the last 5 years I have been in Kuwait working and finishing the car has been impossible. I have all the parts to build it. The car originally cost me 1000 pounds but my spread sheet now reads 17k and its still not on the road. Madness. So here are a few photos.
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