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  1. Well i have now purchased a bubble arch kit and the wheel size, as many know, now is the deal. I measured under the rear, between inner suspension and outer arch. 12". I reckon i can slip a 10" wheel under there on the 48" axle. -10mm offset which will give plenty back space clearance. Has anyone done the same and what were the results. . Oh yeah, 13" wheels.
  2. for sure looks that way. Anyway, the 52" capri axle is measure from the face of the flange and not the face of the break drum. SO from centre axle to brake drum face will be approx 28". But your right, be patient. Get the axle and the wings on and the measuring tape out and get it right the first time. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi. I am installing a bubble arch kit on my mk1. I have wheel optio s and want to consider a set of 8" x 13" on the rear. I also plan for a 52" capri axle. Does anyone know the ET and offset for this configuration. I am not currently with the car or i could drip some plumb lines and get the measuring tape out. Who can help so i can order. I want the wheel and tyre wide as the arch will allow without spacers. I dint like to stress the bearings or wheel studs and more than necessary TIA
  4. i think i am going to go for the 225 x 50. thanks guys
  5. They look good. What brand did you get.
  6. you know that,s not a bad idea. i am not blending the arches to the car. I will be attaching them so they can be easily removed and replaced. So they will get painted separately. I can take the bonnet with the wings. Great idea. Thanks.
  7. Good day. I am buying a set of bubble arches for my escort. The cars green. No idea if its original but need to find a way to match it. If i buy a Spectrophotometer, will it work out the paint code that allows the paint shop to mix to match the car. Any links appreciated
  8. Hi guys. Ok, so i have decided to big wing my mk1. Also decided on 7.5 x 13 RS deep dish 4 spokes. So that leaves tyre choice. The obvious old school being a Yokohama 205 x 60. Well it was in my day. But i want to thrash it. Its what the cars made for. And want plenty rubber on the road. I was looking at other options, and saw Avon do a 245 x 50. Any ideas of this guys and does anyone have any photos of a mk1 wearing this option. So this is where i am trying to ballance looks and function. Too low a profile may be functional, but may make the car look stupid. A bit of a conundrum here. Help and opinions gladly appreciated.
  9. I also have a LHD mk1. Use these guys.when it co.es to electrics, dont cut corners. Get new electics and have it all professionally installed. Do t have your pride and joy coming to a halt or worse, going up in flames trying to save 100 quid. https://www.autosparks.co.uk/fd295-ford-escort-mk1-rs2000-engine-bay-harness.html
  10. Never mind the rs. The mk1 lotus sunbeam. Oh yeah baby. Defo one for my collection if one came my way. Had one 25 years ago. Maybe more to be honest. The first, the original hot hatch. Yeah baby.
  11. Ha ha ha. I know the feeling. I have a few classic cars and compete in local classic rallies. Part of it is an individual time trial. I sit and tell myself to take it easy. Excelerate gently. Balance the car. 3....2...1... ahhhhh banzi. Ha ha. Yep i know the feeling
  12. Ok. Its got nothing to do with the diff. Just the axle.
  13. I am looking for a 2.8 axle. The 2.8s came with a LSD. I will off course change the gearing. I have 2 spare t9 gearboxes for the car. Its a wee bit of trial and error to be honest. And i just want to have fun. At 52 years old and having never hill climed i seriously dint see myself as being competative. But i will try to have fun with the car. As for having the right cam. i will wait and see. The exhaust is a simpson race system. You should be able to find on line.
  14. Before you try any set up and are stuck with the jetting for now, first things first. Check the float levels. I wont digress as google will show. Dont worry its easy to check and to fix. So you now have 4 more steps before messing with needles etc. 1. Venturi size. This depends on cc revs and hp and where you want the power. If your looking for low down power then a smaller venturi. Always good to have a top end set as there easy to swap out if your goi g for a long motorway drive for example. 2. Correct trumpet length. Dont go short and stumpy and not to long. Again this effects the torque of the engin 2.b. inlet length. I believe a medium length is better to give air and fuel time to mix before entering the chamber 3. Ballance. This is what your air meter is for. But get the engine warmed up. You only need to make sure the left and right seperate carb is drawing the same air. Disconnect main linkage and use the ballance screw that conects both carbs. 3.b. if no air meter you can listen for the ballance by removing plug leads and listen to the drop of the engine to determine this. 4. Air fuel mixture. Invest in a gunson colour tune. If not its the ear and hose time. Get yourself a 40cm length of garden hose. Listen to the inlet of the carb. Hissing and popping. Start by screwing in all mixture screws then unscrew about 3 full turns. Good starting point. Now one at a time with the engine warmed up listen to each inlet. What you want is the hissing to just drop and hear a crisp popping. Quarter turn at a time and give a few seconds for the effect to work. When all done check the ballance again. Attach the main throttle linkage. Get the revs to idle about 750. Then check ballance again. Always check your temps while doing this. Once thats done and its not playing the game. Get it to a rolling road who specializes in them and get them dialled in. Takes the guess work out and well worth the money and investment in the carbs. If i missed anything guys. Sorry Foot note. 40s like a nice even fuel pressure around 3 to 4 psi. Consider a pump and in line regulator My triple webber set up bellow
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