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  1. 2metalheads

    Recaro seats wanted

    Yeah, not bad for 30 year old seats. The drivers seat has a small tear in the fabric, but otherwise it's good. Just exited to get them in the car now
  2. What shows are you all going to this month? We are going to: Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show on Sunday 12/08 Chapel Classic Car & Bike Show on Saturday 18/08 and we are concidering going to the London Cartel International Auto Show on Sunday 19/08... We have not applied tho... yet... lol We also hope to make it to the Classic Vehicle Meet and Family Fun Day at Queens Head, Barns Green on Saturday 25/08 and to the now re-arranged SADCASE Show on Monday 27/08
  3. 2metalheads

    Recaro seats wanted

    We got them They look great. Minor repair work to be done one one of them and then they will be put in the Capri. (Pic is of the one that doesnt need any work)
  4. 2metalheads

    Recaro seats wanted

    Thanks. We do have our eyes on a pair of front seats on ebay, but we might not win the auction. Might also look into having our current Recaro seats restored.
  5. 2metalheads

    Recaro seats wanted

    Looking for some cloth finish Recaro seats for a mk3 Capri. What have people got and how much?
  6. 2metalheads

    Hello from West Sussex

    They sure are :)
  7. 2metalheads

    Black car paint restorers, witch is best?

    Thank you. Poor boys black... I'll look in to that.
  8. 2metalheads

    Black car paint restorers, witch is best?

    Thanks. I'll look that stuff up.
  9. 2metalheads

    Black car paint restorers, witch is best?

    Thank you. There are a couple of little scratches and slight damage to the paint on the bonnet. We have a mop, so that makes it a bit easier.
  10. Just wondering what black car paint restorer is the best one to use...? After giving the Capri a little going over yesterday, we need to order more. We would normally go for T-Cut, but if there is something even better on the market, we'd try that next.
  11. 2metalheads

    Hello from West Sussex

    Thank you. We love it! Got it for a steal as well and with some spare parts thrown in too. Happy days.
  12. 2metalheads

    Ford Capri

    Ford Capri
  13. 2metalheads

    Hello from West Sussex

  14. 2metalheads

    Hello from West Sussex

    We gave it a little clean and polish today Can't wait to go to meets ect. Think we will be at the Bordehill later this month.
  15. 2metalheads

    Hello from West Sussex

    Hey everyone. We just bought a 1985 Capri and thought we would join here. Can't wait to go to meets, shows ect. Hope to see lots of you out there.