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  1. That's great, thanks everybody. The price is not so great though..I might try making a mould and casting them myself unless I can find some for about !5 quid
  2. My light cream plastic trim on the rear pillars have UV degraded and I need to replace them. Does anyone know of a supplier or a way of malking new ones? Thanks
  3. mort

    mk2 rs2000 door card trim

    here you go. The first one shows the tile trim glued to a wood strip, the trim is then cut along the red line with a Dremel type wheel. The ends are then rounded off with a hammer on a suitable sized bolt. You then have to utilise the original steel mounting strip which you araldite the trim onto, as you haven't got the edges on the trim formed to slide the mounting strip into. Be very careful not to scratch or damage the tile trim that you are cutting off and using as it comes with a lacquered finish and can't be sanded or polished. The third picture shows the finished article mounted on the door
  4. On to the next challenge. The front seat upholstery and supports has been "mended" and you sink into it like you're off to Australia. Does anybody have pictures of the construction of the upholstery on a RS custom seat, or knows of a website that will give details of how to do a half decent job of re-upholstering front seats. Including the seat pad supports and how the fixings to the frame is arranged Thanks
  5. mort

    mk2 rs2000 door card trim

    Well, I couldn't find what I wanted so I bought a metal tile trim from B&Q, cut off the piece that normally goes behind the tiles, cut it to length, peened over the ends to make a hemisphere end as original. Araldited it onto the spring steel backing, the one with the lugs on, and replaced on door card. Although I say it myself, it is impossible to see any difference from the original. Very pleased with the result.
  6. mort

    rs2000 temp sensor parameters

    well mine is definitely yellow..perhaps that's why it doesn't show the right temperature.. I shall have to take it out and measure the resistance at 100deg. C to check... There seems to be yellow, green, white, purple, black...How irritating there doesn't seem to be a website giving the parameters of these animals.
  7. mort

    rs2000 temp sensor parameters

    Ah, but is the colour of band significant and if so what does it denote?
  8. mort

    rs2000 temp sensor parameters

    Ah, I've found out..The NTC sensor in the head has a yellow band on and is approx 180 ohms cold and 13 Ohms hot. If I put the lead in series with a 10 ohm resistor the gauge reads just over halfway on the temp. scale
  9. Could somebody give me the typical hot and cold resistance values for the temperature sensor please? I an not sure that my sensor/gauge is working correctly. Thanks
  10. I'm trying to redo the wiring on my RS, which is heavily into twisted wiring joins covered in PVC tape. I'm either replacing the complete wire or redoing the twisted joints with soldered joints and covering with two layers of heat shrink sleeve. The ignition coil is currently located on the NS inner wing fairly low down near the crossmember. Is this where they were originally located does anyone know please?
  11. mort

    m10 nuts on Rs2000 pinto downpipe

    That's a good idea, but I'm not sure I can face the possible problem of getting the studs out..I'll go with brass nuts I think. Thanks for the input
  12. I used to use Brass nuts on our rally Cooper S, which made changing the manifold dead easy. Is that common practice on Pintos nowadays, or perhaps using stainless nuts?. He asked, just having had a battle to get the steel nuts off an RS2000
  13. That's brilliant, so helpful thanks very much for that. So I'm not looking at a water problem, but a breather problem. I shall investigate the block to see what is there now, I wonder if the oil is just pis***g down the side of the engine and onto the floor. The idle is certainly very lumpy , but I attributed that to the fact is has a Kent KCFR32 cam in it.
  14. there is also a feed off the manifiold to the servo , but that is further along and nearer the engine in the manifold casting, so it can't be for that