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  1. sorry I have not got back to you I have been away, I am ok now I have managed to get one.
  2. Hello all I am sorting out my 1977 Escort mk2 van mot exemption, and the ruling states that for engines " alternative cubic capacities of the same basic engine" ( ie kent engines are ok like for like 1300cc to 1600cc for instance )" alternative original equipment engines are not considered a substantial change". My van is fitted with a 2.0l sohc Pinto engine, does this mean that it will be covered by the alternative original engine as it is 4 cylinders and a Ford engine, so not considered a substantial change and still be come mot exempt even though I will still get it mot 'd every year just that I am not restricted by date and can test any time. How do you all interpret this
  3. Hello to you all from a newbie to this site I have a mk2 Escort van that is fitted with a 2l sohc engine and type 9 5 speed gear box with 185 60 13" tyres but it still has the standard van diff ( 4.125 ) I think, as driving you have to quickly go through the gears and be in 5th gear at about 25 mph. I am thinking of getting the crown and pinion gear replaced for something with more relaxed driving what does everyone recommend and where is the best place to buy these parts from as per the quality and price.
  4. Hi All Have just purchased Ford Escort mk2 van with 2l sohc engine fitted but cam belt cover is missing, would any of you have one for sale. Thanks.
  5. Hi All Have just joined OSF, I have just purchased a MK2 Escort van with 2l sohc engine and 5 speed gear box I think this forum will come very useful will upload some pictures later.
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