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  1. I have not seen the finished job, it was actually a friend of a friend, I just had a couple of " before " photos to go by, I will see if they are still in my email inbox. Bearing in mind the actual Marcus was an up market kit car in the 60's here in the UK, they are a very rare car now and I cannot remember the last time I saw one on the road. The owner was very happy that I could help out in sourcing the lights as without them the car would not have been able to pass the roadworthy test.
  2. Hi Not a problem. I did find a pair online eventually, they were for a friend that had an old 1968 Marcos kit car, the insides of his headlights were corroded and it failed the MOT test, he sent me photos of the lights and we narrowed the lights down to the early MK1 Escort rectangular lights.
  3. Old Skool Spammer, just reading through some of the chats and found this thread, I am searching for the square headlights that you mentioned above , you said you had some in your old stock parts larder. Were they for your own use or were they possibly available for sale please ? Many thanks, Roviw
  4. Hi, new to the forum. I have always liked the old Fords and in years gone by have had a couple of MK3 Cortina 2000e and a 3 litre Granada Ghia, my goodness I wish I still had that one, then had a 2.8 Ghia after that one. Not driving a Ford at the moment but who knows what the future may hold. Looking forward to reading through the forum a lot and seeing what everyone else has. Just found it today !
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