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    new to here

    cheers everyone
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    Mk1 escort square headlights

    Old Skool Spammer, just reading through some of the chats and found this thread, I am searching for the square headlights that you mentioned above , you said you had some in your old stock parts larder. Were they for your own use or were they possibly available for sale please ? Many thanks, Roviw
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    new to here

    Hi, new to the forum. I have always liked the old Fords and in years gone by have had a couple of MK3 Cortina 2000e and a 3 litre Granada Ghia, my goodness I wish I still had that one, then had a 2.8 Ghia after that one. Not driving a Ford at the moment but who knows what the future may hold. Looking forward to reading through the forum a lot and seeing what everyone else has. Just found it today !