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  1. Been faffing with my mor dor mk2 Was a x flo gone pinto Gone thro 2 sets of ghia/sport clocks no joy Seen Ali dash on ebay (less clocks) under £30 anyone done similar
  2. Have fun Zetec pinto engine useable giggle car
  3. Woo got my v5 first registration Ta vista for help
  4. Thank you I'll send as is worst case it gets returned Been a faff as new to it all but great help on here from all you guys
  5. Sweet ta I just saw all questions must be filled in.... Getting mixed opinions on mot Pal says he's done without Others say need to mot it
  6. Hello all tried searching threads Imported a mk2 Doing the nova than Much help from Vista 're dating cert etc Finally filling in v55/5 Downloaded form to help filling in v55 Lotta questions say See certificate of comformity Any help appreciated Nathan
  7. Thank you all ! I can be found in the classifieds looking for goodies.. .
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