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  1. Looks like a great little escort,personally would leave the floor and repair the repairs.
  2. Unfortunately the bonnet did not make it back on the car.
  3. This was my old orange before it went new.
  4. Hey mark your pretty much finished now the car looks great,amazing job. There's so much more work and time involved in these restos,tuns more than most people think. Better with the qtr bumpers. Hopefully see it about
  5. Great job on the decals,bumpers on or off to me makes very little difference to an awesome car.
  6. They all look good to me ,each to the own I say,would love to a have real rebel of an escort as well but my garage ain't big enough and the wallet can't cope no more.lol Might see you about cheers.
  7. No worries probaly be a little tricky round them bubble arches,your car looks the tits as well ,great job on the rebuild. May see you about you're not to far away,are you doing any shows this year.
  8. It was to the edge of the 1st black thin stripe.
  9. Hi mark On page 4 of this thread you can see the measurement for the decals when I fitted them,it's 32mm from the ridge above gutter.
  10. Haven't posted for a while had the cars 1st mot, passed with no problems. The next morning found fluid on the floor in the garage under the car,quickly worked out I had a brake fluid leak it must of happened on the mot rolling road brake test.I thought it was a bit much on a 45 year on car. The seal on the brake servo unit was the problem with brake fluid running down the front of the master cylinder,there's no luck with brake fluid and paint. Had to repaint along with a new set of seals. It was not to bad a job and the brakes are far better now than previous outing so work
  11. With the brake servo unit in and brake pipes connected more bits soon started going back on. A few of the hardest to get parts were the nos Motorcraft battery and the delco remy alternator. Adding the air filter and the radiator with just the finishing decals to go. After cranking the engine over with the distributed cap off making sure the oil was getting up it wasn't long before the cap was on and the first splutters and the engine breathed for the first time. I really can say that it's probaly the most nerve racking bit apart from the the first test drive.
  12. The Air filter was repaired by removing the bottom section and making a new piece,I can't take any credit for the welding as it was not me,I thought he done a great job and I was chuffed with the repair he made.I just prepped and painted it.Overall I'm happy with the finished result.
  13. With the shelves,dash clocks and seats fitted the Interior is pretty much complete just got to change the hazard switch over.
  14. Thanks again guys there's times in the build when it nearly breaks you,I thought about selling the car once in the welding stages it never seemed to end and with all the days and nights in the shed going through endless boxes of parts nuts and bolts which needed the same attention. But it's true the painting of the shell changes everything it gives you a lift that motivation and the first real smile of achievement. The next stage the rebuild is pretty good especially when it's just down to me.It goes together as quick or slow as I can go there's no waiting around for others,just do
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