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  1. More progress on the rally build, the car is now on the jig with front end removed, chassis legs have been mocked up with inner wings.... now to repair and make the bulkhead water tight before final fitting the front end.
  2. It will be built for classic rally, thats 75% new panels to remove the rust from the car. Retro fabricated rollcage, seam welded, leaf sprung rear axle with an anti tramp kit, Not sure on engine yet but will have an enlarged gearbox tunnel too
  3. Now starting this LHD Mk2 Escort resto/ build thats going to be a classic rally car in france........jeez its rusty
  4. 1-2 weeks mate on banded wheels, that's fine just let me know when you are ready.
  5. Rs2000 floor, sill, and wheel arch repairs, i would have prefered replacing the whole floor with a complete one but all panels were supplied by the owner
  6. Thanks everyone, here's my scruffy but solid Anglia.
  7. Hi ive only just found this website and thought i had to join as im a old skool ford nut myself, i own a 105e anglia which im currently repairing and hoping to have a drive in the next month, it should of been done by now but i'm spending all my time restoring other peoples projects. great site and i'm enjoying reading the posts
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