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  1. Looks reasonably simple and think I’ll do this on my mgb conversion
  2. £30 to join the owners club so makes it expensive doesn’t it
  3. Hello and welcome Bob lets see some pics of the car 👍
  4. I reckon it’s had rear quarter damage in the past hence cracks in inner wheel arch and rear quarter marks looks like a good shell to start with in my opinion
  5. Think I would get the front blasted looking at the pics, remove the wings, leave the rear as is don’t make yourself work what are you going to gain
  6. That’s a start I guess, looks like it’s seen a good few rallies with the damage on the side
  7. Have you read the whole thread? 😂it was a general question about draining any enclosed section really must have drunk to many Fosters last night 😂
  8. with the blasting he will do any bit you want so you could leave the main panels and just do the bits you want
  9. oooh lovely, what ecu will you be running?
  10. i know of a split screen camper that was dipped and now has rust running down the sides, but lets see some positives from someone please lol
  11. that is so true, There are also loads of keyboard warriors that like to jump on the band wagon also
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