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  1. notenoughtime

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    I'll get them to the refurbisher tomorrow won’t be back till the new year now though
  2. notenoughtime

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    Yes totally get that and won’t be going on the Mexico just go with my collection of other stuff lol mk1 Rs 4 spokes mk2 Rs 4 spokes genuine magnesium 6x13 minilites mk1 deep dish ford sports 5.5x13 mk2 deep dish ford sports 5.5x13
  3. notenoughtime

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    My only thought is do I need to keep them original black inserts was t fitted from factory only dove grey on the Mk2 Rs wheel
  4. notenoughtime

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    Definitely not
  5. notenoughtime

    Refurbishing 7.5 4 spokes

    I’ve just bought some 7.5x13 4 spoke alloys which need refurbishing, not sure what I’m going to put them on yet!! what finish should I go for 1 standard silver all over 2 standard silver with polished rim 3 black with polished rim im thinking no 1
  6. notenoughtime

    Hello again - And recommendations please

    Hi and welcome hope you find what your looking for
  7. notenoughtime

    Primary piston seal - brake master cylinder

    It should definitely go on with a bit of persuading
  8. notenoughtime

    Wilkos mk2 1.6 Ghia

    I use brisk with a soft brush
  9. notenoughtime

    Christmas Wish list....

    I remember them parked at Aveley not being sold I should have bought a few then
  10. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Mexico

    A under bonnet pic for you guys nothing special but reasonably tidy, I need to get a cam cover and get some original stickers on inner wings etc
  11. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Mexico

    Indeed it does
  12. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Mexico

    I’ll ask someone else I believe he has 9 of them
  13. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Mexico

    One of the annoying things with it is none of the gauges are working correctly as they all move a tiny amount and that’s it! I believe it may be the dreaded board behind the dash as but will give me something to do during the Xmas break
  14. notenoughtime

    Anglia Van for restoration

    I’d probably buy that as well but you would probably guess that
  15. notenoughtime

    Australian Twincam Thread

    I use a 185/60/13 but depends on what you want?