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  1. Not in the north but very good you could send them to them banded wheels Essex
  2. How did I miss it! I’ll have a go later 👍😂
  3. I’ve thought about building one myself but when I rang the dvla they said it needs to be ford approved to Retain the original registration, but who knows if you have the V5 etc already
  4. Glad you brought it home nice looking Capri you have 👍
  5. Look forward to the updates however slow they are lol i haven't done anything on mine lately!
  6. What colour is it meant to be? As said rebuild the original and keep it in the corner of the garage
  7. Ooh coming along nicely look forward to the masking coming off
  8. Love those, I’m sure the spares shop down the road will have a few of those I’ll check
  9. It’s very similar to the alloy sump as I’ve had the two next to each other I’ll get some pics, it’s a very nice piece actually
  10. You really need to put better pics up floorpans, boot floor, inner arches etc
  11. I’m going to use a normal base coat with a semi gloss lacquer, all paints are baked on nowadays anyway I wouldn’t worry to much
  12. That’s what I mean, the state of that repair you can only imagine what’s underneath
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