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  1. Getting there! We are all in the same situation just going to be a tough few months
  2. Unfortunately I don’t think there will be many shows on this year!
  3. Is that outside your workshop mark
  4. Yes a damlier! This car was used to film the queens coronation in 1953 has a camera that goes on the roof
  5. A jig you say? Mine needs a fork truck to move it though! And currently for a mk1 but could be modified
  6. As title handle recess has been filled but can be easily removed solid door otherwise £100 prefer collection but will post at cost
  7. What was left col? You never let us know or is it that bad lol
  8. I think the Sierra and Escort cosworths will have their own club soon
  9. Not the best pics but here goes put the tool through the pin, there maybe some persuasion needed Pin removed and you can see the wear Actually a simple job with the right tool, best £35 I’ve spent rather than messing around for hours
  10. Bought a tired beta cloth rear seat for £56 today
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