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  1. There are a few out there but can’t remember of the top of my head I can guide him if needed
  2. Have you tried eurocarparts for a flywheel if you know the part number of reg you never know looks like a great project
  3. Looks great, nice fab skills
  4. Did you see the price of the 3000 mile mk1 RS Focus that sold last week!! 50k
  5. I like that looks proper already! I think that st170 that @Jiffer was selling was very reasonable tbh given the bits that where included in the price
  6. notenoughtime


    That was lucky the KA didn’t go up and then your place, fires are scary!
  7. I’ll find out this Sunday as not sure what my dad wants to do
  8. Raised tunnel for box and retro ford gearbox crossmember arrived just trying to find some time to get them fitted as busy with some other bits
  9. Glad you actually made it as it’s a load of pressure getting there! What was the valve train issue
  10. It’s got history that’s what people are paying for, rs500’s are 100k now without any racing history
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