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  1. Col that’s looking amazing! I know the feeling of how many times you have to fit and refit time and time again to get everything looking right have you tried cleco pins? Prob a bit late now though
  2. Maybe you should mention ‘not fit for purpose’ when you contact them see if they are will to help! I’m sure they wouldn’t like it plastered over the internet
  3. That green looks bright 👍 i like the adjustable radius arms
  4. I don’t think you can beat a set of mk1 4 spokes on a mk1 Escort
  5. There should be a date on the back aswell
  6. When I fitted rear discs on my mk1 cortina back in the early 90s I had exact same issue I was gutted as the lotus rim doesn’t have much room behind it due to the 2 piece construction sorry if that’s not much help!
  7. Perfect sounds like you will be ready then 👍
  8. Where do people get there imagination from 😂
  9. Picked up a better spot welder which has a selection or arms aswell inner arch cut out engine should look nice in the bay, way off that going in though 😂
  10. Thanks, I think some 8 or 9 in should go nicely under there
  11. http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1823755 1600 x flow for sale
  12. I have a steel pinto sump I’ll get some pics
  13. 5.5 x 13 type are fitted to mk1 escort and mk1 capri centre bore for the centre cap is different between the two
  14. Thought I’d have a a quick go at cutting the arch out, I can then replace the inner tub easier fitted the arch under the quarter as I can then weld to the arch rather than over the quarter which would creat more work to get it to look right
  15. Just read the whole thread hats off to you! Some great fab skills and you kept going which some people would have given up 👍
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