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  1. Pins look in good condition a lot better than the ones I removed from the mk2 Mexico
  2. Looks good what are the plans with ? Stock or modified
  3. Have you checked that the dip bulb actually works and hasn’t blown? Maybe to obvious but sometimes the simple things
  4. Cosworth flywheel is bigger than pinto but still fits on standard block bolts transit is same size as cosworth as you can use the transit flywheel with pinto crank with cosworth box iirc v6 is bigger than both
  5. Looks more solid than the stuff in England lol
  6. Had a call from the trimmer today and seats are ready finally so will post pics up once I collect them tomorrow
  7. If you fancy seeing a few classics on a Sunday morning you can meet at Young’s farm opposite cranham golf course (upminster) from 9.30 for couple of hours
  8. I was hoping to be racing in the EnduroKa championship this weekend but doesn’t even look like we will make the Indy 500 race at brands at end of October the way it’s going tickets have to be purchased online as no ticket sales on the gate
  9. Why do people bodge stuff now found the bulkhead has had some shit repairs will cut it out make a new panel lucky I have a new panel to copy
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