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  1. I also bought a 1600 pinto from a ginetta for the grand some off £90 inc a rear bowl big wing sump stripped it yesterday to find freshly ground crank new bearings, new camshaft and followers, skimmed head, new clutch, seems a shame I’ve got to by a set of new gaskets lol will get it painted and bolted in the Mexico
  2. Youve been sucked in! You didn’t want the sandwich and spent a whole 28 pence lol
  3. We all have said this from the start, I’m only giving my recommendations on what he wants lol
  4. I said you need a 7772. 6 or 7 not a 7772.5
  5. To rich I think start your selection with a 7850.2 air bleed As well
  6. Get you at your starting point, you can then tune from that, you may need to change idle jets but until you try we won’t know
  7. If you go up to a 32mm choke you need 130 main and 180 air corrector which you have already, so might be cheaper to buy chokes and emulsion tubes, idle jets
  8. Ok try these lol Main 120 air corrector 170 choke 30mm 7772. 6 or 7 emulsion tube Idle jet 40/45 7850.2 idle jets are main cause of stutter on part throttle, people start messing around with mains etc and it’s idle jets that are the issue as they are not just idle jets
  9. Indeed they are I’ll get the DHLA jet sizes
  10. Rs2000 sump, pickup and bellhousing, no rush what you got? Thanks
  11. As said already, don’t buy one of those carbs get a rebuild kit
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