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  1. In what way are you experimenting
  2. Venitian or carnival I’m not sure and never checked tbh lol
  3. You don’t need twin cables on a road car, rally car yes as in case one breaks you also need a throttle stop if you run twin carbs on your standard 1600 x flow which your bolting the dcoe’s on as the will go out of tune this is why people moan about Weber’s ‘going out of tune’ as bends the throttle spindle it’s wives tale
  4. Love the colour 👍 will look great when the glass goes in etc
  5. Before doing anything I’d do a compression check
  6. I’m sure my mates sport had it mounted on the column surround that was many years ago though
  7. I wouldn’t bother they don’t seal as well as an original
  8. Not many sold as the rs2000 wasn't much more money
  9. Possibly try the RS owners club but seem to have moved on to more modern RS models
  10. Lancia fulvia 300sl gulwing renault possibly diablo kit car? British Skip datsun toyota Ferrari 288 kit car MG Magnett Ferrari Daytona
  11. Dave if he’s not interested let me know the price thanks carey
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