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  1. Might need a sc rocket box if anyone has one? Also roll cage for a mk1
  2. It was in my youth could I be excused 😂
  3. I drove that as it was shipped through where I worked many years ago
  4. Wait your turn there’s a queue lol
  5. I have a P5b Rover, my mate bought it in about 1993, had lots of welding done back then! I ended up buying it! This it when it first arrived My mk2 golf 20vt 4wd
  6. I think you should do a resto thread on this
  7. I’ll give you 7k everyone’s a winner
  8. Stick it in an proper auction don’t clean it
  9. Loads where black really depends on condition you know that anyway lol interior what’s it like?
  10. I was doing a little research only 275 where ever made price tag was £470k 😳 produced 542bhp in road trim not bad for a metro engine
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