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  1. If it doesn’t leak oil it hasn't got any oil in it! That’s how I look at things 😂
  2. Stripped the engine bay as I’m going to repaint it, I’ve found a bit of damage to the inner lower crossmember behind the front panel so I’m going to replace it whilst I’m there, will get suspension off this week and get it stripped and blasted then I can paint them, whilst I’m getting those bits blasted I’ll get some of the mk1 bits done at the same time pics to follow
  3. Nice work look forward to more updates soon
  4. I’ll pick you lotus up off you then lol
  5. I think someone mentioned that the butterflies where possibly the wrong way round due to you winding the mixture screw all the way in
  6. I’ll ask someone in the morning, I know he’s sold the bulkhead and dash panel
  7. I’d change the fuel pipe as that clear stuff goes rock hard, I’d also get rid of the inline fuel filter imo, there should be a filter in the carb and the tank
  8. I love the way you have got stuck into this, minor but well worth issues that teach you and us the daily things that crop up, it makes in the long run a much better car to drive just by doing these simple but forgotten issues
  9. Key to the jigsaw is don’t take it apart fully as it (probably) won’t go back together, especially in your situation without the experience we all can help on here but when it’s infront of you on your own it’s a massive undertaking
  10. Air compressor for airbags had some stripes put on the side of the truck, thought I’d run them over the front lights but I’m not sure I like it! But can easily remove them EnduroKa is finally ready for Monday’s track session
  11. Had bit of a sort out in the workshop this morning and got the Mexico in it needs a good clean, but will get on with a few bits this week hopefully
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