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  1. Look forward to the finished paint job 👍
  2. As title been refurbished, 5.5 not included I’ll take £500 for them
  3. Maybe they should have spent there money on something else!
  4. Really? Are you feeling ok? 😂
  5. Let me see if I can find some for you
  6. No lol BUT You can change a car to RHD as it was built from the factory like that your not modifying it, get that sorted, I can’t see there being an issue as your not changing lots of stuff in one go then do a cc change
  7. Take everything out of a st170 focus and fit it in the fiesta bay keep the injection etc 170bhp so powerful enough and reliable
  8. Send the V5 off stating a change to Rhd tell the insurance it’s fitted with 1600 x flow once the V5 is back send it off and tell them a change to 1600cc
  9. Let me confirm it’s actually happening but they where neighbours last year 😉
  10. Have to agree with you on that lol 😂
  11. My missus would have chucked it out lol, we have recently had a new kitchen so no chance anything allowed in now not even me! Haha
  12. My thoughts exactly, everything is Normally polished to death lol no chance here!
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