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  1. I’ve come across a 3.1 Essex engine and I have a pair (obviously) of lovely gasflowed heads with what I can say are the biggest valves that will fit in the head I’m going to refresh the engine what do you guys think it’s value is before I start?
  2. That wasn’t the question, the question was if the block is good enough, which it is
  3. You would think so, I had someone offer me 12k for the Mexico last week, what planet are they on! Said it needed a full bare metal respray (who do they think they are kidding) blah blah blah they hadn’t even viewed it!
  4. I can check my snap on diag might be able to reprogram keys, I hope so for the cost!
  5. Prob better than some of that stuff! 😂
  6. I think if it hasn’t got any rot and it’s a uk car you’ve had a right result, even if it’s a service shell
  7. Have you seen some of the stuff posted in this thread James? Lol 😂
  8. Cheaper to put a zetec in it and put one of those BDA look cam covers on
  9. Looks nice, can’t beat a set of lotus rims
  10. You had your work cut out with that! Lol cant beat a murex welder, I had one for about 15 years which I bought second hand, the best £150 I’ve ever spent on a welder, and sold it for £120
  11. Look forward to seeing it on its wheels 👍 im guessing your going to paint the legs etc first though?
  12. Definitely a better base to start with than most mk2s Have the floor pans been changed I could really see? Are you keeping it standard if not what are your plans?
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