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  1. Look forward to the finished paint job 👍
  2. As title been refurbished, 5.5 not included I’ll take £500 for them
  3. Maybe they should have spent there money on something else!
  4. Really? Are you feeling ok? 😂
  5. Let me see if I can find some for you
  6. No lol BUT You can change a car to RHD as it was built from the factory like that your not modifying it, get that sorted, I can’t see there being an issue as your not changing lots of stuff in one go then do a cc change
  7. Take everything out of a st170 focus and fit it in the fiesta bay keep the injection etc 170bhp so powerful enough and reliable
  8. Send the V5 off stating a change to Rhd tell the insurance it’s fitted with 1600 x flow once the V5 is back send it off and tell them a change to 1600cc
  9. Let me confirm it’s actually happening but they where neighbours last year 😉
  10. Have to agree with you on that lol 😂
  11. My missus would have chucked it out lol, we have recently had a new kitchen so no chance anything allowed in now not even me! Haha
  12. My thoughts exactly, everything is Normally polished to death lol no chance here!
  13. Not all E’s where built at Aveley either the one I had in the workshop recently didn’t have any strengthening panels either I’m sure I have the chassis number on my phone I’ll check where it was built
  14. I remember them not being available many years ago though
  15. Who said it was going to be finished? I’m not even going to start it! 😂 if it’s lucky it might get some suspension fitted that’s if what’s left of the chassis rails take the weight 😳
  16. Registration is weird and doesn’t sit right with me not all E’s had strengthening Plates as people think wings may have been replaced many years ago when Flared wings weren’t available lets see what it makes 😂 £8700 already
  17. Paid for the complete floor today! Plenty more to buy though 🤬
  18. A friend of mine is putting a Mazda engine and box in a Morris minor
  19. A friend of mine is putting a Mazda engine and box in a Morris minor
  20. A friend of mine is putting a Mazda engine and box in a Morris minor
  21. That’s a great hurdle to get over 👍
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