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  1. Yes they are just Granada Ghia alloys 5 stud rather than mk2 Escort, mk4/5 cortina 4 stud
  2. Pics would help round ford oval ford lettering round headlight square headlight flat headlights
  3. How many drill bits you snapped so far lol
  4. Hi and welcome nice collection of cars you have
  5. Mexico’s started with GCAT also what’s the engine code on chassis plate
  6. Your not missing much RP lol but still wish I had my mk1 xr2 would be worth a small fortune by now! Hindsight is a wonderful thing 😂
  7. It’s always for sale on eBay by various scammers unfortunately
  8. A few of those high tops about
  9. Very nice indeed look forward to seeing it come together
  10. Don’t get us all excited then put that pic up!
  11. Nice one Craig where are you actually going to start with the welding? You possibly need to start a project
  12. My 1973 P5B rover has its original plates they are yellow/white I wouldn’t change them as they suit the car
  13. Have you got a rear seat already? Buy a cover from Aldridge
  14. I like the tartan interior, I’d love a chevette HSR (don’t tell anyone 😂)
  15. It’s complete, retroford sump water rail alternator kit flywheel etc not sure on ecu as yet but either emerald or standard was going in my dads ‘67 mgb GT
  16. Lol i bought the jenveys for £120 as no one else bid came with rails and throttle bracket not sure where to put the injectors yet
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