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  1. notenoughtime

    Hello from Edinburgh

    Hi and welcome RS Looks lovely
  2. notenoughtime

    Steering wheel

    Wheel looks nice
  3. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Lotus Cortina

    I’ll start a build thread at some point pits had new strut tops welded in so look factory lower wing bottoms, wheel wells and lower rear corners
  4. notenoughtime

    Weber twin 40

    I’ve got some 40 Dellorto’s if that helps
  5. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Lotus Cortina

    Simple answer lol
  6. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Lotus Cortina

    I’ll let one of the English guys reply lol
  7. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Lotus Cortina

    Something I’m restoring for a friend, not a lotus something rarer
  8. notenoughtime

    Mk2 Lotus Cortina

    I could have bought one many years ago for £1000 but gave it a miss! Very unlike me! Lol it was black metal flake paint with silver stripe
  9. notenoughtime

    Body Jig ( spit roast )

    We need to see a build thread 👍
  10. notenoughtime

    Australian Twincam Thread

    As above stick with 63mm and order the correct centres look forward to the progress on these
  11. notenoughtime

    Just plain wrong!

  12. notenoughtime

    Just plain wrong!

    whilst we are on the topic of gassers anyone watched drag week 2018? some proper quick drag cars which are road legal
  13. notenoughtime

    Anyone live near Nottingham?

    I’ve just bought a rad but the guy wants it collected any one live near NG15 7TF that could collect it for me? thanks in advance
  14. notenoughtime

    Anyone live near Nottingham?

    Sorry hadn’t seen this I’ll pm you now
  15. notenoughtime

    Just plain wrong!

  16. notenoughtime

    Just plain wrong!

    I have know idea what apple pies has got to do with w**kers
  17. notenoughtime

    Just plain wrong!

    Yes but will they paint it like tron? Apple Pies
  18. notenoughtime

    Is this a scam or is it me??

    It’s the same scammer as email is virtually the same every time ‘cara@‘ something
  19. notenoughtime

    Fuel pipe question

    Nylon/plastic pipe for me nowadays unless it needs to be factory heat it to bend it to shape, p clips to hold it abbey hose sell it, plenty of fittings to be able to use any pump etc
  20. notenoughtime

    Discussing the Retropower Mk1 Escort Project

    Reference to the IRS rear end i believe a mk2 Escort that was built for Colin McCrae used the same setup possibly by Gartrac
  21. notenoughtime

    Mk1 Escort sill and floor

    As said it’s bit of jiggery pokery trail fit everything and drill holes and self tapper the panels in place or clamps etc trail fit the door to get gaps correct and that it sits flush with rear quarter tack weld panels in place and check gaps again then get on with some welding checking as you go to make sure nothing distorts
  22. notenoughtime

    Anyone live near Nottingham?

    Mk2 rs2000 thanks, I’ll check to see what I’ve got at the workshop tomorrow if nothing I’ll take you up on the offer cheers Phil
  23. notenoughtime

    Anyone live near Nottingham?

    I’m going to see if I can find a box and send it to him with return postage if not, I don’t want to put anyone out
  24. notenoughtime

    i blame colr6!

    222hp 224ft/ib torque
  25. notenoughtime

    i blame colr6!

    Is that the 200hp model