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  1. You could run xflow bottom end lotus pistons with ported pre x flow head
  2. Surely it’s pointless?
  3. I think Jeff Uren had a bit better metal work skills than those used there! 😂
  4. I went to a funeral Friday and drank far to many peroni’s Ill get it off this weekend 👍
  5. Hi and welcome I would try and fit the original airbox if not a K&n filter if you want to buy some pre x/flow Weber inlets and 40s let me know
  6. Sounds like a reasonable car for the money, pics depending obviously lol
  7. I need to watch episodes 12,13,14,15 be back in 15 mins after I’ve watched just the interesting bits
  8. For the hassle of getting to the gearbox/ bellhousing bolts I’d remove it in one go
  9. Is it a genuine dizzy as sometimes aftermarket ones aren’t as good which swings the timing I would find another carb and stick with that for the moment regarding meets they now slow down due to time of year look in the various sections 👍
  10. I’ve got some in the car I’ll measure them
  11. Capri strut is 1in shorter but that’s possibly how the tube is welded into the hub assembly
  12. Hey and welcome Marcus, What do you need? carb advice or an actual set of carbs? Has it got a standard cam if so set the tappets to factory? As the timing if it’s got a standard carb stick with that for the moment as it will make more power and drive better tbh you would need a decent cylinder head and fast road cam to get the best out if the Weber’s/dellortos
  13. Nice, seems to be a lot of use of the Dunlop d1 alloys on cortina s lately
  14. I seem to remember seeing a small amount of grease on these parts when I’ve removed them, with loads of dust etc stuck on maybe they should be cleaned and re greased every couple of years to give an even better life
  15. notenoughtime


    Have you got a pic of your setup?
  16. We like those because they aren’t rusty!
  17. Make good money now, I wouldn’t want to pay the money
  18. How bad is your car? Normally on the front bumper irons and bolts through the rear valance
  19. As title prefer a short one but not really fussed as havent got one at all
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