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  1. Some of it bores the hell out of me and I don’t like the dash and I think the rear suspension is going to far away from an escort imo but technically brilliant
  2. These where absolutely knackered before I sent them off to my guy, I actually thought they not going to be possible to do! 6.5x13 which is a nice width
  3. notenoughtime


    Not bad price probably wouldn’t look out of place in a mk1 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Full-Recaro-Leather-Interior-for-Ford-Puma-Front-Seats-Fiesta-Millennium-Thunder/123577379395?hash=item1cc5c92a43:g:VMoAAOSw-4JcLhjr
  4. Still a Saab convertible auto
  5. You should be ashamed in admitting that 1 it’s the fastest thing you’ve driven and 2 a convertible auto ? Some people’s car history is terrible lol
  6. In the second pic is he smoking crack? If not he should be! ?
  7. Ooh nice what’s the plans with it
  8. I’ve got the Bosch 044 pump and filter sorted with eBay bracket and some unions which I think looks the part also
  9. You keep it! That towie lot are about 15 mins away unfortunately! Tossers
  10. No good to you up there though ?
  11. My mates truck, Essex vehicle recovery, think it would be worth a bit now that plate
  12. Don’t know yet lol, all still brand new not got it SVA’d yet
  13. My dad had a caterham seven with AX block 1700 that was quick, I also have a GBS Zero with 2l zetec on throttle bodies
  14. Well it should have about 2.5 times the original horse power so should do that’s the plan lol
  15. My dad bought the mgb unfinished, we fitted the doors but wher3 it had previously been welded door shuts where to tight so rear quarters/sills where cut and rewelded car had been welded and rebuilt with lots of new parts inc new steering rack, column, brakes, suspension, wire wheel conversionand new leather covers for the interior including foams, new chrome bumpers the list goes on the original engine was bored +30 and block was honed for new pistons and rings, H beam rods where bought but a ST170 engine came up for £150 and I said yes please when the engine turned up it had a retro ford water rail, alternator kit, rwd sump and flywheel so a bargain I found a type 9 gearbox with alloy bellhousing and zetec engine for £250 but turned out to be 1.4 so threw the engine away and sold the bellhousing for £100 another eBay find where the throttle bodies which are from a radical, brand new and £100 fitted with silicon hoses to a original st170 manifold, I have a spare emerald k3 ecu which I just need some wiring to sort out
  16. Yes I know it’s not a Ford but rather than spending a few k on a engine build for the original MGB iron block and gain probably 40hp I though of a better plan, put a st170 engine in it with 5 speed and throttle bodies a few pics to start you off
  17. Not teasing you Phil but these are the ones I had refurbished for the blue escort
  18. I’ll ask the guy again if he will think about his price
  19. Doesn’t mean the old one is any good though
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