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  1. If you wrote off a new car and it needed a shell it would just be reshelled
  2. What’s it going to cost to convert it to RHD you was going to pay 7k for a shell offer the guy 7k he could only say no
  3. It is stashed away, I was going to use it this year for the summer but didn’t get time
  4. What would be the plan if this was bought? At least all the trim and clips are there sodabasted and painted? Changed dash obviously and weld up holes in bulkhead
  5. Someone asked me why I was reverting back to how it was, I said I’ve done all that rubbish before and it doesnt work lol Weber’s usually go out of tune as there isn’t a stop on the throttle pedal this then pulls on the spindles in the carbs throwing them out of tune, so if you do go the twin carb route always fit a stop at full throttle
  6. The Mexico your referring to is a group 4 shell is it not? And standard shell is available I believe but has it got all the correct trim mounts etc it would be good to actually see a shell without say 20 or 30 other people crowding round at a show
  7. Great idea and why not, they do it with E types, mgb’s etc now with late running gear electric windows, power steering etc as you say the key is plenty of sound deadening and stopping all those bangs and crashes, standard bushes and not poly ones I’m trying to get the Mexico to drive nice again and going back to standard height, with original springs, removing the 5 speed as it’s to tight on the tunnel imo and going to get some sound deadening back in it, I’ll post up how I get on
  8. 2.3 auto Granada Consort on doing some research there seems to be only 6 left in existence will be MOT’ed this week
  9. The route I didn’t really want to go tbh Ray but it’s probably the only way
  10. Yes your pretty much spot on with that calculation imo
  11. I did think wheel hp looked low but didn’t want to start being negative as you should be looking at 122.4bhp at the wheels after knocking 20% off for transmission losses as said I’d pull pads out one side at a time and check resistance, the diff does give some resistance being LSD also
  12. Lovely looking mk1 you should have kept the quarter bumpers on imo but each to there own, nice to see it getting used
  13. Thanks I’ll get some more pics and details on tomorrow
  14. 1981 mk2 Granada 2.3 consort will have years mot from next week and I’ll update add with more pics and details over the weekend located in Upminster Essex
  15. Welcome there is loads of info on here
  16. I prefer them as you sit in them rather than on them
  17. I’ll get some pics for you anyway where in Essex are you
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