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  1. I’d probably buy that as well but you would probably guess that
  2. I use a 185/60/13 but depends on what you want?
  3. I’m slowly collecting mk1 RS alloys and getting them refurbished with correct colour insert if you want some let me know
  4. No one has seen pics yet, it’s in another workshop locked away till I get time lol yes very rare indeed I do know where another two sets are as well
  5. Think I’m down to 12!!! Lol not all fords, Rover P5b coupe , vw golf mk2 gti 16v, mk2 Golf 4wd 1.8T, gbs zero, mgb with st170 engine, mk1 rs2000, mk2 Mexico, Clio 172 track car, Audi S3 track car, Audi S3 track car yes 2 lol erm blue Mexico isn’t mine shockingly lol, been off the road for a few years and needed some tlc to bring it back to life, inc refurbishing the 14inch Pirelli 4 spokes, interior, handbrake fitting for the rear disc conversion, some paint work etc etc now MOT’ed and will be out in the spring
  6. Very true, but you want a set with casting marks or without wouldn’t you lol
  7. I spoke to my trimmer and he said the betacloth was £90 per square meter so plus his labour wasn’t worth doing I also bought another two pairs of mk1 roll top sets and door cards for this
  8. £358 posted to me but I do get a bit off for trade rear Seat is original and I’ll decide wether to retrimmed it once the fronts are back in, they sell a matching rear cover also
  9. I’m debating wether to buy panels as I go before I start, inner wings, upper bulkhead etc wings are good and I have a new front panel already it’s the big debate wether to sodablast it!
  10. Early 4 spokes don’t always have stamping in them, depended on who made them I believe this set are mainly 72 dates my other set have markings
  11. Yes better than trying to weld rusty old metal back together lol I have got the dilemma on the mk1 rs2000 wether to strip it completely or do a more rolling resto
  12. I do need some original gutter trims if anyone hears of any, I want to change the rad for an original one rather than the alloy one in there at the moment, I got the original 4 speed with the car which I’m going to refit as for the amount of motorway driving Is going to be minimal drivers parcel shelf needs fitting correctly and needs a rear parcel shelf fuel lines need replacing as currently in copper and don’t run neat enough for my liking and I need to remove the facet pump and replace with a factory mechanical one I’m sure the list will grow and grow
  13. Thanks, yes covers from Aldridge for Scheel roll tops, hoping to get them sorted over the Christmas period. ill let you know about the roller top mounts Thanks, Few bits to do but it will get there
  14. I’d send those to my refurbisher to get dipped to see the extent of corrosion
  15. These are my mk1 alloys I’ve had refurbished centre caps are avaible on eBay or avo club which I’m a member
  16. I had also bought some 7x13 replica 4 spokes with some decent Yokohama tyres which I put on and removed the lowering blocks and bought some standard height front springs Im still planning on fitting some roller bearing top mounts to ade steering slightly, and since going back to standard height it drives much better
  17. I recently purchased my 1978 from a friend who has owned it since 2005 It was pulled apart welded and painted inside and out but never really finished it came to me several years ago for a type 9 gearbox to be fitted but I’m not a fan personally This is the picture I received but had been looked after and since then it had been left outside unfortunately It arrived probably a month ago now and I’m slowly going through it new door pins ordered, need to loose the spots, sort the front spoiler and ordered some Aldridge seat covers which arrived Friday headlights need the inners rechroming and as they are carrello FORD ones so need to keep them on the car, the radiator fan switch was a manual one which I’ve now changed to thermostatically controlled switch
  18. Nice looking cortina you have there, my friend owned a very similar car but was a manual one, fitted with twin gxl headlights just as you want to do I’ll try and find some pics
  19. Hitch doesn’t really look man enough to me as stated already I think I’d go and buy a new hitch and attachments
  20. Are you going to paint behind the grill black? Just a pet hate of mine lol
  21. Going up one on idle jets can sort it
  22. Don’t get to hung up with the spitting back, if cold normally fine once it’s got some temp into it, and if cammed even more so is it when cold or warm?
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