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  1. 1 Chevrolet Impala x 2 - Bruce Wayne 2 Fiat 850 sport spider 68 3 67 camaro but you probably want to know what the truck is behind 4 944 Porsche 5 Aston Martin db4 6 lambo Diablo 7 lancia Monte Carlo 8 Nissan skyline R34 9 Lotus Europa 10 Ford RS200
  2. I’ve done the repair, etch primed and primed just needs some top coat now, looking underneath it still has the original floor pans but has had repairs to inner sills so will be left as is! Plate made and ready to be welded looks better in the flesh I’ve got a bit carried away and pulled the engine and box out! Bought a 1.6 pinto which will have a check and get new bearings and repaint, then fit the original 4 speed back in whilst the engine is out I’ll give the engine bay a clean maybe straighten the heater bowl up a little and maybe repaint the front crossmember, anti roll bar, rack and arms (why not lol), and fit new bushes as these poly ones are crap ive removed the spot lamp brackets, just need to sort the front valence took the head off to find the apparent 2.1 has just +.75 pistons, went ok but just goes to show what rubbish people tell you! The head mind you is a different matter, lovely porting work, very big valves, the cam is a Kent FR32 i bolted the idf inlet as I’ll port match it to this head for the mk1
  3. Few more days like that and it will be running 👍
  4. Glad I’m not the only one 😂
  5. Cut the crap repair out cleaned around the repair, made a repair section and drilled holes to weld onto chassis rail
  6. Doesn’t look like an anglia
  7. It’s not an anglia col! Lol sunbeam alpine possible
  8. Pic of under the drivers seat interior removed
  9. Anyone a member of the cortina owners club? Might be worth purchasing
  10. Whilst I was at the NEC I was chatting to a guy who said he had been looking for his old Daytona yellow 1300 sport he told me the Reg and it’s only this car! What are the chances of that! He sent me some pics of how it was when he used to sprint it! Ill post them up
  11. I’m not sure how rare but def up there
  12. I’m after a pair of these knurled tops please
  13. Going to get a couple of days on this next week so will get a decent progress report up
  14. £66000 seems a reasonable price, like you say they normally price high
  15. 36-1 just counts the rotation so you fire two injectors at the same time! As the engine will have 1 & 4 or 2& 3 on fire ping stroke with the cam sensor the ecu knows what cylinder is on it’s firing stroke so can inject a more precise amount of fuel for the desired throttle response
  16. The reason for that is that’s not a Weber 😂
  17. I’ll dig out a front pulley and get a couple of trigger wheels made up if you want tbh because of the missing tooth it should be balanced with the crank etc
  18. Sign up now become one of us
  19. I got one laser cut, machined the back of the standard pulley and bolted it on the back, used a cosworth crank sensor bracket
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