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  1. I’ll give you a bit above scrap money for it love!
  2. I’m going to get the roll bar the brackets and clamps for you! The TC roll bar is shorter than the mk2 one and exaggerated if you have Mexico brackets ill get it unbolted Saturday
  3. I love it, just what it’s all about 👍
  4. I have some on a car with a roll bar but need to remove them
  5. You need the bracket on the left with a mk2 roll bar simple as that
  6. I’ll try and check tomorrow
  7. He’s had the original bar fitted in the first place then changed to TC roll bar as he had issues but not changed the actual brackets yet? This is correct zondas? Yes? So he needs to change or check the brackets before he does anything
  8. I would check them against each other first
  9. My signature below isn’t worded to you it’s just something I copied which I thought was funny from a topic your not the first to react to it lol it may be worth going back to the original anti roll bar and finding just the brackets
  10. It will be worse with the TC roll bar as it’s shorter I would be interested in that though 👍
  11. Seeing as you have a mk2 I would purchase mk2 mounts with a mk2 roll bar
  12. RP It’s not just the seats it’s the door cards and dash top that transform it 👍 looks so much neater
  13. Hi and welcome Very nice and something different to the normal escort/Capri/Anglia’s we see lol what suspension and axle etc
  14. http://www.neilfletcherracing.co.uk/mex_arb.htm Hope that helps?
  15. There are few types of ARB bracket I’ll try and find the info
  16. Or ring tec-del and just get some proper miniltes
  17. Hey its your car do what you want lol, if it was a TC you wouldn’t obviously why not buy a anti roll bar kit that fits with compression strut kit, may not work but an option and this topic is useless without pictures 👍
  18. I thought that as well until I looked at a couple of other pictures
  19. You need to send the V5 of once you have taxed it you can also fill out a form for mot exemption but I don’t think you can actually get an mot once you have applied, personally I would mot the car every year! 1 you know it’s safe (not that I wouldn’t be) 2 if you ever sell it there are decent records of mots which looks better for the history file you also send the V5 to a different department so the likelihood of it being held is minimal (I spoke to the dvla last week regarding this)
  20. We definitely had 1600 4 door sports here my friend had a dark blue one, I. Sure I remember 1300 4 doors also
  21. They are quite thick iirc I’ll see if I can measure it
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