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  1. Bought some twin 40 alloy inlet manifolds today which are the separate type but seeing that people have said there are issues with vibration between the two I’m going to weld them together once they are bolted on the head which should solve that issue so now have twin 40 dcoe or Dellorto 40s need to check the jets in each set ported and polished cylinder head full dry sump system toothed belt water pump/ alternator drive kit rebuilt bottom end but unsure what cam is in it as yet Aldon dizzy I’m still looking for a gear drive kit for the camshaft if anyone knows of one? Really need to get some evenings on the Anglia the next few weeks
  2. I have to agree with the majority don’t part with it if you can help it!
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-MK1-PAIR-NEW-REAR-SHOCK-ABSORBERS/362622813377?epid=1916243605&hash=item546e0104c1:g:w1cAAOSwaWtcteZL
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Escort-Mk1-68-74-Bilstein-B6-SPORT-Rear-Shock-Absorbers-Pr-Suit-Standard-car/273874026042?hash=item3fc429fe3a:g:tGUAAOSw37Rc9O9N
  5. I know these are 5x10 but definitely the same wheel
  6. They are GKN ALLOYS I’ll find a pic
  7. Not rostyles or roadmax as you stated GKN alloys Actually
  8. So what’s it worth do you think? Now and painted etc
  9. So what’s it worth do you think? Now and painted etc
  10. Look like period cosmic alloys to me! the people that have said they are not cosmic are probably thinking that’s the style ie the 10 spoke classic design but cosmic made many different designs nice to see something different
  11. What about fitting a heated screen?
  12. Lovely looking car you have there, crying out for a zetec etc if you ask me good luck with the sale
  13. I’ll measure the back space on mine today as don’t have any rubbing issues on strut body
  14. So cortina hasn’t sold so looks like I need to paint it and get the interior sorted I’m going to need some lowering springs, some fishnet recaros (possibly some in the pipeline) and some time! I put the replica 4 spokes on today and they fill the arch nicely track wise but needs dropping
  15. Q plates no longer get Issued I’m led to believe! See what I did there?! A whole new topic lol
  16. The chassis rails are only made of 1mm steel by the looks of thinks! A fag packet would be stronger
  17. GBS Sell new 2l zetecs for 1k currently, throttle bodies £1100, ecu and wiring prob another 1k
  18. Where did you source the inlet manifold
  19. Very jealous, lovely looking bit of kit here my rocker cover just need to blast and machine the top
  20. I’ll pass the message on I’m sure he will appreciate it 👍
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