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  1. I would put Kent pulleys on then
  2. Im sure RP will be along shortly 👍
  3. To be fair it doesn’t look to rotten! But could be! Lol
  4. What gets you £3.5k nowadays? A rotten English 2 door sport And a V5 which you may not get back looks solid needs loads spent but yet again what do you get for your money spend 10k on it to get it nice if you do it yourself
  5. I’d think it will be a flat shouldered but but will wait for pics
  6. Do I have to purchase one to talk to you lot at the show lol
  7. Some Ford adverts show chrome handles prior to 78 on RS models
  8. My ‘64 cortina had consul on the badge
  9. I’ve owned on of those! I’ll add it to the list not worth that money
  10. So you’ve cut the seat crossmember out yes? have you got a new one to go in? Is it just not a case of putting the floor in then welding the seat crossmember back in?
  11. Has anyone seen a RS1700T In anger? Not me for sure
  12. Accident or learner driver and pissed off I reckon
  13. How many mk1 rs2000’s are left? not many I reckon
  14. Luck I think! Probably should keep them for my other mk1 rs2000 but it will be a long time before that gets done! Haha soon as he gets back to me I’ll let you know
  15. Rear axle is now fitted not sure how long floor is going to hold out though 😂 also got front crossmember and tca’s fitted just struts and steering rack and it’s rolling
  16. Surely you wouldn’t drive into the brick wall just the door if it was a JOB? No cameras nearby? Scumbags! Hope you get it sorted 👍
  17. Phil what year is your car? Not all mk2s had a fog light as was introduced in 1978/9 iirc ill try and look at my Mexico
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