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  1. He is doing my cage on my Evo at the moment as well
  2. He done the fabrication on this car!
  3. My friend does the fabrication work for (Baggsy) who drives a skyline with turbo V8 for monster energy he might be able to help
  4. I’m going to repaint it anyway so orange and black pinstripes are going! I did speak to the previous owner and it used to have a twin cam in it! Also received the V5 last week and only 2 previous owners not bad for a 1960 car
  5. Been buying bits as they come up, bought a dry sump system, some twin 40 dcoes (need a inlet now!), nice c&t rocker cover which I’ve welded up for the dry sump, I’ll get it blasted then wrinkle finish and then machine the top again
  6. The different bolt locations give different castor settings, but I’m not sure what they are
  7. My 7x13 4 spoke copies will be for sale soon
  8. I bought my first mk1 Escort without my parents knowing! I parked it round the corner till they looked at my bank account lol and I’d spent a whole £150 on it! 😂 it was a long time ago!
  9. Clean it and get it in and running, how many miles do you plan on doing in it a year ? If you feel the need change to an injection head later
  10. I’d clean it and stick a cam belt on it, and drop it in! Making more work for yourself
  11. Nice prep work, look forward to some more pics
  12. https://motorsport-electronics.co.uk/products/ignition-only-systems/nodiz-pro/ ive just thought that is just your ignition, carbs will need rejetting if not done already
  13. So your nodiz would need a base mp to run the engine then that gets mapped to suit on a rolling road
  14. Have you put fresh fuel in it? Has it been mapped?
  15. I like that as well, lovely bit of work gone into that
  16. What I meant was the rs2000 used the 32/36 DGAV 👍
  17. What about mk1 Granada or should I say consul
  18. That was a classic Capri so not really the same as the mk1 Capri which Steve is talking about
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