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  1. Cant you weld the top of an escort one onto yours
  2. I’m going save that for my signature! never a truer word said, that is my day to day life trying to explain that lol 😂
  3. Im sure I saw a blue Anglia for sale recently with a Fiat Twin cam fitted
  4. Truly lovely restored cars though, as said the underneath of the red one is stunning how much would a resto of that level cost realistically?
  5. Waste of a 32 ford that is!!
  6. Can’t believe I missed the warley event today I’m only 15 mins away!!
  7. you can buy 2inch blocks with angled tops which gives better axle location
  8. Measure the block they maybe 1.5inch not 2inch but can’t tell by the pics
  9. I still think you should pull the jets and write down what you have and just have a read of the guide sometimes it’s just good to understand the workings when you go to the rolling road you can give the guy the list of jets that are fitted which saves time which saves you money in the long run
  10. http://www.s262612653.websitehome.co.uk/DVAndrews/webers.htm
  11. I would strip the carbs and write down what jets you have to start with idle mains air correctors emulsion tubes choke size once you know what you have you can then start from there as it’s all a guess otherwise
  12. Banded wheels Essex is very good
  13. How many miles do you do a year in it?
  14. Fair enough, I’ll ask someone as they might have a pair of 40 DCOE 32 why are you going with Weber’s? aesthetics? Just curious? You didn’t reply last time on the other thread?
  15. I’ve got some dellorto’s
  16. You say a few years ago why have you not asked before then?
  17. Why do you ask? A weird thread to bring up for your first post
  18. I’ve been doing track days for a few years and will get the Anglia round brands once it’s done I bought all the dry sump stuff for £175 so not a great deal of cost
  19. Pulled the engine out and was hoping for nice bits to appear as in fast road cam etc but apart from lightened flywheel and Ap clutch that was it! No stamps on cam, no duplex timing chain ive been offered a 1600 xflow bottom end with some flat top pistons (yes I know it shouldn’t have flat tops), so will build that with my head etc Ill keep stripping the car boxing bits up then then can get on with welding
  20. Nice, haven’t seen those for years
  21. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk1-Cortina-GT-Lotus-Tramp-Bar-Mounts-Support-Plates/183745667662?hash=item2ac818624e:g:pdQAAOSw5L5clvH3
  22. Making the boxes for the 4 link is your only obstacle as floor is different shape to the escort but you could use the kit and modify boxes as rest of kit will work I found cortina anti tramp brackets on a site but where about £400 just for those
  23. Factory locations are pretty much same as the escort straight tramp bar setup
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