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  1. I look forward to reading the article 👍 Some nice fab work going on
  2. Bead spreader out, then use a wide flat blade screwdriver and tuck the inside of the rubber under the lip of the screen surround a little bit at a time start in one corner and work along. Use your whole hand flat on the glass and push out
  3. Found this over the weekend, proper 2.1 not the 2050cc that was in the Mexico lol
  4. That looks good for the money I bought a different card type, is ok but nothing like that, think I’ll buy one of those from them
  5. Standard cam, this is a rebuilt 1.6 as want to put the car back to standard, if someone wants to put a 2 litre in they can, when I sell it would be my luck they say it’s not standard with the 2 litre!!!! ive considered electroplating but Katana has just told us it’s not possible lol 😂
  6. I think this forum is probably one of the best, other forums seem to have succumb to farcebook, which I don’t use keep up the good work everyone 👍
  7. Hi maybe a bit more detail of what your trying to accomplish, will help what engine maybe some pics 👍
  8. There are so many other pumps around now as Katana says, sytec etc all the same size as 044 but you don’t have to have the 044 specifically
  9. Got to torque the head down yet, order a cam belt kit and water pump, need to get the pulleys cleaned up and painted engine mounts ready to go on and bought some genuine engine eyes to go on I wont use the idfs on the mex but couldn’t help bolting them on for a pic Standard carb fitted, still need to repaint the throttle bracket etc
  10. I stripped the head as saw a bit of crap in the port and since it’s all been apart I might as well head cleaned and put back together, new seals all the valves had previously been lapped in and no miles so all good
  11. Cradle https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dual-Double-Twin-044-Walbro-Fuel-Pump-Bracket-Clamp-Cradle-Billet-Black/302575063880?hash=item4672e11348:g:R9kAAOSwyQtVwigg
  12. 2 90 deg full flow an6 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AN-6-JIC-BLACK-90-Degree-FULL-FLOW-Elbow-FEMALE-COUPLER-Oil-Hose-Fitting-Adapter/272610758092?hash=item3f78de0dcc:g:GjUAAOSwSlBY3FH6 1 an6 male/ male join 1 filter fitting 1 pump fitting used an10 on the pump inlet
  13. I made this up, 044 pump cosworth filter and couple of fittings
  14. Gearbox should sit where it is now with the correct mounts you can buy a simple alloy cradle that holds filter and pump together I’ll find some pics what I’ve done before
  15. What the hell is it?
  16. Finally got the sump bolted in place as couldn’t find the sealer to join the half moon seals to the gasket, so a new tube arrived this morning, I try not to use sealer but it’s necessary on those joints, and a small dab where front cover meets block and grease massaged into the cork gasket! thought I took some pics but didn’t! I was going to bolt the head on but looked in the inlet tract and saw some crap on the valve so I’ll strip the head tomorrow, give it a clean and rebuild it. what is the original colour blue is used on the rocker and cam cover
  17. How long till it’s ready do you reckon?
  18. I’ve asked someone they are going to have a look to see what they have
  19. As title please, no rush not got anything to bolt it to yet lol cable clutch type thanks
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