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  1. Absolutely no point strengthening the axle with 160bhp unless you will doing some of this lol we had a 90 right as we landed
  2. Don’t do either of those
  3. Did anyone see that REP101N was stolen the other night but luckily recovered the next day
  4. Actually nice to see a car get a few bits done rather than a full resto as it becomes a very usable car rather than something that you can’t take anywhere!
  5. Tbh you could buy a 3j one not heard any bad reviews and not bad money
  6. Look good nick what’s it like on the inner wings
  7. Couple of days work eh Ray a man of your calibre!
  8. Nothing wrong with the English axle, my mate has a 300bhp Cossie engine and English axle with LSD he has no issues
  9. Your final drive in the gearbox will be 1/1 no different to any other 4 speed with the 3.54 it will be much better my old cortina 1700 x/flow with 2000e box and 3.9 diff was excellent but the 2000e box has long first the T9 box has horrible first gear, you will need a quick shift but I personally don’t think it’s really a nice box to drive! My mexico has a 5 speed T9 which I’m going to remove and refit the original gearbox as it doesn’t make the car nice to drive
  10. Go and buy a 3.54 diff, I don’t think the 3.89 you will notice much difference and some new wheel bearings, put those in the rear axle get a decent ported cylinder head and maybe a mild/fast road cam with a twin choke Weber (usual stuff) this will give you a bit more revs for off the line and more power for the motorway speeds i wouldn’t recommend a T9 personally don’t think they are geared for what you need
  11. The only difference is the seal on the sump cork pre xflow or rubber xflow but I’m sure early xflow also use cork
  12. Nice looking Anglia, good luck with the sale
  13. Looks reasonably simple and think I’ll do this on my mgb conversion
  14. Out of interest what you putting it in?
  15. £30 to join the owners club so makes it expensive doesn’t it
  16. Hello and welcome Bob lets see some pics of the car 👍
  17. I reckon it’s had rear quarter damage in the past hence cracks in inner wheel arch and rear quarter marks looks like a good shell to start with in my opinion
  18. Think I would get the front blasted looking at the pics, remove the wings, leave the rear as is don’t make yourself work what are you going to gain
  19. That’s a start I guess, looks like it’s seen a good few rallies with the damage on the side
  20. Have you read the whole thread? 😂it was a general question about draining any enclosed section really must have drunk to many Fosters last night 😂
  21. with the blasting he will do any bit you want so you could leave the main panels and just do the bits you want
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