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  1. Thought you guys would like to see this 23,000 miles, 2 owners 2.3 Ghia mk4 cortina A little tatty around the edges but how many off these do you see nowadays?
  2. If you use one of those odyssey ones you could mount it virtually anywhere, under the rear seat if you don’t have passengers, up in the bulkhead on passenger side, under your drivers or passenger seat
  3. notenoughtime

    Ebay scam?

    It’s the same person goes on every few days with 2 3 400 different cars for sale with contact my brother uncle etc normally cara@ email address can’t see why eBay haven’t found them yet with it addresses etc
  4. They aren’t rear fog light brackets are they
  5. Exactly why I don’t watch them!
  6. Nothing like what I’ve seen before
  7. I like that though
  8. Lovely pics all very nice looking cars 👍
  9. As I said could you not go through the inlet between cylinders 2 and 3
  10. No chance then, like col said tbh no gain will be experienced anyway
  11. Maybe take the linkage off and check for roughness where they slide together sounds like the issue
  12. Have you greased the linkage part on the outside, not with wd40 but proper grease
  13. 5/8 if tank is 2 metres or less from pump or 3/4 if in boot etc
  14. Bought some 8x13 banded steels from eBay at the weekend and had some old 205/60/13s which I stuck on them for now
  15. If you was really ingenious could you not go through the inlet itself with a fabricated brace
  16. I’m sure people have fitted a strut brace with the efi bits on have you got a pic of how much the inlet protrudes above the inner wings? Maybe have to use a weld on type which sits on top of the inner wings
  17. What about rally design what do they list? my mk2 Mexico had shorter springs with bilstein legs and drove terrible I recently changed to standard RS springs and it drives much better
  18. I went to the swap meet at north Weald today and bought a few bits
  19. Cheers but just bought a Aldon dizzy on eBay will buy a an A3 cam and fit some 40 dcoes when I rebuild it with a 11.5 compression with the flowed head all those guys that build stuff with 10.5 isn’t any good the last pic shows a lip on the arch which I’m going to remove
  20. It finally runs but broke the dizzy drive today
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