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  1. No chance then, like col said tbh no gain will be experienced anyway
  2. Maybe take the linkage off and check for roughness where they slide together sounds like the issue
  3. Have you greased the linkage part on the outside, not with wd40 but proper grease
  4. 5/8 if tank is 2 metres or less from pump or 3/4 if in boot etc
  5. Bought some 8x13 banded steels from eBay at the weekend and had some old 205/60/13s which I stuck on them for now
  6. If you was really ingenious could you not go through the inlet itself with a fabricated brace
  7. I’m sure people have fitted a strut brace with the efi bits on have you got a pic of how much the inlet protrudes above the inner wings? Maybe have to use a weld on type which sits on top of the inner wings
  8. What about rally design what do they list? my mk2 Mexico had shorter springs with bilstein legs and drove terrible I recently changed to standard RS springs and it drives much better
  9. I went to the swap meet at north Weald today and bought a few bits
  10. Cheers but just bought a Aldon dizzy on eBay will buy a an A3 cam and fit some 40 dcoes when I rebuild it with a 11.5 compression with the flowed head all those guys that build stuff with 10.5 isn’t any good the last pic shows a lip on the arch which I’m going to remove
  11. It finally runs but broke the dizzy drive today
  12. I have two here one currently in the Mexico which needs to be swapped with the original box the other one I bought with a st170 engine that I’m using for the mgb which is already out of the car £250 + postage
  13. Changed the points today and after finding several gremlins in that neat bit of wiring it has a least coughed and popped out of the exhaust and carb when spinning over and oil is coming out of the rockers so that’s also a good sign, now that I’ve got that far I might just pull the running gear off and get it on the rotisserie as I've priced up inner/centre/outer sill repair panels as well as front jacking point and rear spring hanger/jacking point so looks like I’ve persuaded myself to rebuild it! Not that I haven’t got enough of my own already to do
  14. It was red in the original pics not sure about Alan Mann as you say might be a bit out there lol its definitely a one off lol
  15. Spot the areas where the red paint was many years ago lol
  16. Stripped the vinyl off the roof today and was thinking I was going to uncover alll sorts of horrors but just 1 corner that needs some welding, also put a battery on checked the oil and very clean spun it over but no spark cleaned the points and still nothing so ordered some new points and condenser which I need to pick up tomorrow looked underneath and needs both front jacking points and some inner sill repairs, floors are good, once I’ve got it running think I’ll pull the running gear off and put it on the rotisserie maybe alan Mann or broadspeed colours what do you think? Opinions welcomed
  17. Yes can’t you tell!? That’s why it’s so good
  18. I’m speechless 😶
  19. Pic of under the bonnet not the best pic as just took it in the pitch black lol
  20. Thanks I thought they were but wanted to check
  21. Anglia arrived today it’s going to need some jacking points and rear inner sill work but generally good apart from that! Top plates have been welded but generally good as are chassis legs, It has steel bubble arches and the roof chop has been done well I’m going to remove the head tomorrow to see what (if any) has been done internally, what end is a xflow cam marked is it the flywheel end?
  22. Send me your number and a list of what you want
  23. I’m on the search for some decent banded steels and I’ve possibly got some JAP mag wheels coming
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