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  1. @Vista I’ve read that four or five times and can’t get your meaning, I’m sure it’s positive lol
  2. Hi and Welcome Jim, nice looking mk2 you have, did you build it yourself?
  3. Looks stunning Dave, many years till I’m at the stage of washing mine lol
  4. I have group 4 crossmember, adj tca’s, original mag sump guard, atlas LSD, Fuel cell, Bilsteins, engine, carbs, straight cut quaife box, I need to build a cage which isn’t a problem and add the seats which I need to buy whatever and if I needed RS sheels they are probably more than a set of contours lol @Vista would it de value it? This is my dilemma
  5. This is how I bought it 😳 This is at the 1977 Rally Acropolis, they went out with radiator failure
  6. Anyone else want give there opinion?
  7. Maybe he’s not interested in selling? Have you messaged him he may get an email if your lucky
  8. Swap the leads, to see if it’s 180 out swap one with four and two with three if you get my meaning lol
  9. Floor all tacked in place, just needs seam welding and welded to chassis need to order inner hinge support and sill closing panels before we can progress, door lines up ok considering
  10. Is that not a ‘66 Mercedes then?
  11. If you have drive line parts and the engine what else are you after
  12. What an iconic car James! I’d love one!
  13. Drivers floorpan stitched together and had to straighten the chassis rail floorpan drilled along chassis rail markings Outer sill trail fitted, even with just the two mole grips the shell has become ridged, seat crossmember to go in tomorrow then line the door up, may even get the bulkhead on
  14. That is coming along nicely, what’s next on your list of jobs? Not a fan of the headlights myself but we can’t all like the same things lol
  15. Audi A5 etc run 21s now with 35 profile
  16. I have a standard mk1 RS2000 aswell (needs light resto lol)
  17. Thanks for the decision Col that’s made my mind up 😂
  18. Some of you know I have a sorry looking x rally car mk1 RS2000 and needs pretty much every panel replacing I have the engine parts sorted, straight cut gearbox, but decisions on the rear axle need to be made I've found a fully floating rear axle at a reasonable price but will need bubble arches due to its width do I go full grp 4 with bubble arches the rear quarters need replacing so could buy them complete or stick with a baby atlas under standard arches some of you I know are going to say it’s my decision but I want some feedback please, as do I build it as it was back in 1976 or is it ok for it to evolve, I want to stick with the pinto as that’s what it was built with! I do have a RWD st170 on TB’s ready to go lol (no no no)
  19. Haha, I wonder how many are left
  20. Hopefully can get it sorted this week, will post more up Friday
  21. This is what we have got to tackle this week, we have already made a stepped infill panel for the floor under the seat crossmember which has been tacked together, this was done by straightening the repair panels out then making the infill, as these panels normally go over the seat crossmember, and obviously didn’t want to do that, once we are happy we will weld the panel together then grind back so the welds are invisible This is the previous owners A post repair, we are also missing the top hinge but one ordered today, let’s see how this goes
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