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  1. Right I’ve had to think it’s been a long day 1300 pistons have small bowl and shorter stroke flat head 1600 pistons have large bowl and longer stroke flat head early x flows have chambered head not many left now valves are smaller in the 1300 and require more work to port iirc use 1300 piston in the 1600 block to get compression to about 10.5/1
  2. If the engine is standard then twin 40 Weber’s are to big for your 1300
  3. So 1300 has flat head I’m correct aren’t I? Thought I was going mad!
  4. How much please and why are you both miles away lol
  5. So is the So is the 1300 i possibly have a ported 1600 x flow head rich
  6. I’m going to need a few items bonnet bootlid steering column complete or parts of wiring loom handbrake lever rear bumper
  7. More of a Morgan is it not? Was it made of ash? Lol
  8. Haha no Vauxhall’s though or an MGF 😳
  9. Some shocking choices in there lol 1989 mk1 Escort 1300, 1600x flow, twin tanks, mex arches, RS2000 front shocks, spas on the rear, when i think back it must have had a lsd in the rear! Got rear ended by a min! Bought for £150 1989 mk1 1300xl replaced the above £600 1990 mk2 1600e £350 1990 mk2 Escort 1700 xflow etc 1990 mk2 rs2000 broke for spares for the above why oh why 1991 fiat 131 mirafiorisport blew the rear diff £80 had to weld the floors up 1992 mini Mayfair 998cc 1992 mk1 cortina took many years to complete 1992 vw scirocco mk2 1994 mk4 cortina 2.0l Ghia 1996 Sierra 3 door cosworth 370bhp owned for 10 years 1998 new ford escort GTI 1999 MK1 XR2 white 1999 MK2 XR2 white 1999 mk2 XR2 White not a typo lol 1999 Nissan micra mk1 work car! 2000 mk1 Escort 1969 2003 mk4 Escort RS turbo white cosworth turbo wire rung etc got written off by my mate! 2004 mk4 Escort RS turbo black replaced the above 2004 1978 mini 1330 straight cut gearbox etc 2004 3 door cosworth race car (road legal) sold a few years later 2005 Sierra xr4i 2006 1971 triumph stag sold the 3 door why why why Not sure the next few years few minis 2014 mk4 golf 1.8t 2014 1990 mk2 golf GTI 16V restored sold this year 2014 1984 mk2 golf 4wd 1.8t Still have it 2016 1984 mk1 golf GTI sold 2016 1988 MK1 caddy truck sold 2016 mk1 RS Focus still have it 2016 1973 Rover coupe 3.5l 2017 2004 discovery TD5 2017 MK1 RS2000 2018 audi S3 track car sold 2018 Clio 172 track car sold 2018 Audi S3 track car 2018 evo 4 track car 2019 MK1 RS2000 I’ll keep adding as I remember them
  10. I believe Kerry sealey maybe able to help with pics of airbox I’ll give him a call
  11. That’s how the wheels came on the car and I haven’t had them done, trying to leave some bits for the new owner to do lol
  12. As title what you got? Ive got floor, boot floor and chassis rails already
  13. I think they should have had a classic car park also for people not booked in?
  14. Why didn’t you stop me as I was reversing into the spot next to the black mk1? I looked for you around your Capri but you wasn’t there
  15. That’s what it was designed around
  16. As soon as I saw it earlier I though wow that was only yesterday we were chatting about that car
  17. Loved that x pack mk1 you should have stopped me!!
  18. Couple of pics thought id took more? Met at halfway house first
  19. Go and spectate that’s all I’m doing this year
  20. They started this in 2016 from 1976 with the original cars ill be going http://lombardrallybath.co.uk/
  21. Would love to but I’ve got enough and no time lol
  22. Nice pre airflow cortina lotus is lovely also some more pics need
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