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  1. Cost me more than I thought to get the 2 7.5s done
  2. One is a 5.5x13 mk1 wheel the other two are 7.5x13 RS
  3. Got these back from the refurbisher today well happy as one of the 7.5s had a severe dent in the rim
  4. Last night I kept getting the error but fine this morning
  5. As stated Chinese rubbish I’m in Upminster so not far ?
  6. Hi and welcome ? what make panels where they? I think magnum are going to be your best option unless you can find nos or very good second hand genuine ones where in Essex are you
  7. My missis doesn’t get in my classics and hates them ? I had a lovely bay window camper all restored only got in it once, my mk2 golf GTI 16V she hates and we now need the kitchen doing (you can see where this is going can’t you!) once the kitchen is done she said we should get a nice newish car?? What’s wrong with my Discovery 2 TD5 that tows the trailer and goes all over the country I ask? think I’m going to start looking for a late focus RS crash damaged and repair it she must be happy with one of those unless it will be to fast lol
  8. Maybe just try new springs standard height get some pics up
  9. I bet cylinders 2&3 run lean and 1&4 run rich
  10. Early blocks are 681F iirc and later blocks are 711M cast into them yes you are correct
  11. Only a few niggles to sort out, then you can enjoy it for the summer
  12. A longer shock won’t help you need springs the wildcat is fibreglass so should be lighter than the cortina and sit higher for this reason
  13. That’s not a garage that’s a workshop! And I thought mine needed tidying ?
  14. GAZ Shocks in Basildon can make them for you
  15. As said the fuel pipe should crossover the axle/diff area and down the passenger chassis rail
  16. And the 3 clock dash even if it has Km, diffs, bellhousing lol
  17. People just think Weber’s are better because of the name
  18. Yes and you don’t get the cold start mechanism issues either
  19. Cool no problem what’s your reasoning? Interested in your opinion
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