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  1. Hi and welcome you could do Zetec\St170 engine turbo or N/A or even dare I say red top (for col) 😂 but depends what you want to get out of the car get some pics up
  2. Stunning looking cars, not a fan of a mk3 but that does look good why are you selling up? Have you found something else
  3. It has an mot 😁 few advisory bits, lower wishbone bushes, brake lines have small amount of corrosion, tyre, battery was loose but I’m very happy with that outcome
  4. The ball goes in between the two pieces and the lever locks it on if you get what I mean lol
  5. Nothing wrong with that car, nice to have a car you can use everyday if you dare lol and not be to worried as some cars are just to good to drive now lol
  6. So it arrived on the recovery truck today and i asked the driver to drop it straight off at the mot station for a test in the morning no point it sitting there, void bushes seem fine and chassis and sills are great will report with tomorrow’s mot update
  7. I like that a lot, but I’ve just bought a mk4 cortina
  8. Mk5 Rs2000 my mum had a pre production mk5 RS2000 4X4 Which shared some Escort cosworth parts whenever we rang fords for parts they said there wasn’t such a car it was bought from a Ford main dealer lol and was used as a test car apparently sadly it was stolen off the drive
  9. As col said that isn’t the correct nut for a Capri alloy wheel as it should have a shouldered washer type
  10. You need to change the studs to m12x1.5 as said already that’s your option only really
  11. Check these out https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Cortina-MK4-5-New-Genuine-Ford-lower-spotlamp-brackets/392236507522?hash=item5b531e2182:g:JxUAAOSwb-JcYb4c
  12. I had a 78 2L Ghia back in 1994 ish I’ll find some pics
  13. Thought you guys would like to see this 23,000 miles, 2 owners 2.3 Ghia mk4 cortina A little tatty around the edges but how many off these do you see nowadays?
  14. If you use one of those odyssey ones you could mount it virtually anywhere, under the rear seat if you don’t have passengers, up in the bulkhead on passenger side, under your drivers or passenger seat
  15. notenoughtime

    Ebay scam?

    It’s the same person goes on every few days with 2 3 400 different cars for sale with contact my brother uncle etc normally cara@ email address can’t see why eBay haven’t found them yet with it addresses etc
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