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  1. I think he’ll knock through
  2. Definitely the best way to bolt it all in from underneath
  3. Looks the dogs bollox! Perfect day for it to dry as well
  4. Fresh paint, 2000 wet n dry, 3m polish and wax
  5. I look forward to it’s arrival, not sure I’ll be able to send it back though 😂
  6. A Mercedes I done a few years ago this is was the reflection on the bootlid out of the workshop
  7. I was sent some pics of the original owner competing in a sprint at curborough sprint course in the 70s
  8. I also managed the door the door pins on the passenger door just need to bolt it back on! the more I look at the inner sills the more I think about redoing them! Ive got the interior out, no engine or box, the front suspension is coming off as I’m going to paint it! as the world is currently on lockdown am I going to be able to sell it once these bits are done or shall I bite the bullet, do the inner sills, tidy the wiring ( I’ll get a pic), new fuel lines, and repaint the engine bay and floors as are prices going to drop then hopefully grow again, this way it will be a lovely car that needs nothing and hopefully worth more
  9. Welcome Shaun nice original car you have there
  10. One for the Mexico, one for the rs2000, one for voodoo, I’ve sent the IDF off as well
  11. What jets do you have now? Could you solder them and redrill them
  12. No having the weekend off, need to paint indoors lol
  13. Once the bulkhead is on I’ll be well happy
  14. Look forward to seeing what you build
  15. I’ll try and add a few more words over the weekend lol
  16. Now have the door shutting spot on, will get the drivers side floor and sills fitted then onto the bulkhead and inner wings
  17. Door pin was stuck solid need oxyacetylene to remove it, this blow gun didn’t help original ford welds didn’t hold up well Door test fitted Jacking point welded in place
  18. Been a while since I’ve been able to get some work done on this, but have a little more time so here’s this weeks progress floor welded in, all seams ground back Pouter sill test fitted
  19. Received the alloy bits back this afternoon well pleased with the finish inside the sump front covers and sump in place
  20. Mk1 rs2000 are 8inch rears
  21. All that matters is your happy with the price, when will you find another one in that condition
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