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  1. They don’t even list the mk2 Mexico lol
  2. Regarding carbs going out of balance did you have a throttle stop on the pedal? If not that’s the reason as it twists the linkage between the carbs
  3. Why do people always say this! What it actually comes down to is your right foot! A properly setup car should produce decent mpg you build a engine to make hp which in theory breaths easy and the gases exit quicker hence should produce more mpg driven properly but we don’t build engines for that do we 😂
  4. How do I put a price on a mk2 Mexico its a good car, with good paint, it’s had welding over the years some of which if you was anal you would do but then it gets to a point can you drive it as it’s to good! there are still a few bits to do! But that’s the point of buying a old stool ford isn’t it Door hinge pins (supplied) new aldridge seat covers (need fitting) and I’d prob replace the rear as would look out of place once the fronts are done but that’s the issue you keep carrying on! needs a passenger kick panel and some gutter trims original strut tops 2.8i front struts fitted with a heathy 2.1 pinto and 5 speed standard height and choice of wheels 5.5x13 4 spokes, 5.5x13 ford sports, 7x13 4 spokes (JBW) In pics ive now added MEXICO vinyl on the bootlid and the ford badge no history apart from a few mots
  5. What about having it soda blasted? Where are you located?
  6. Exactly lol thank you I need to get a few nice pics and get it up for sale next week
  7. That’s a vinyl roof not a webasto, so no sunroof
  8. notenoughtime


    think I’d buy that shelf
  9. Now back to standard height though as I think it drives better!
  10. My mk2 Mexico will be for sale soon
  11. I had a mk2 Escort that use to eat clutch cables on a regular basis, I always carried a spare in the end! Mind you I mastered clutchless gear changes!
  12. Maybe go to the paint shop buy a can of each paint an old panel with both see what you like best make sure it’s out in the daylight as fluorescent lights give a different shade I’ve just painted a mini and it looks almost candy under the fluorescent light but it’s solid red
  13. I think the Daytona is a much richer colour, the signal looks washed out slightly my uncle used to own a mk1 Mexico in Daytona yellow I always wanted one in that colour afterwards
  14. We’ve been through this already! Not even a month ago
  15. Hi and welcome nice looking escort you have there maybe get it driving how you want it and fit panhard rod then maybe get the arches done later but as most have said you need to fill the arches properly Stick with the pinto
  16. Welcome to OSF I’m looking forward to a build thread on this 👍
  17. Brilliant adds My first car was bought for £150 1974 mk1 escort 1600 x flow some weird rally dash and had twin tanks
  18. Look at the bearing very smooth so just wear no tearing or grooves, oil pressure may have dropped when warm but not sufficient to notice if using the RS 5 clock
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