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  1. Maybe converted by GAZ (Basildon Essex) the triangle is a strengthening piece usually done when going rallying what shocks are on the back?
  2. There used to be one of those on the A127 near Southend, I wonder where it went?
  3. What are you using them for? Prob not hot enough
  4. Have you done a compression check? Valve has broke I reckon
  5. You all know I like to buy the odd car here and there!! Ive purchased this........ That was from the 1977 rally acropolis unfortunately it doesn’t look like that at the moment now I just need someone to buy the anglia!!
  6. Do you know what it is there is possibly a new one in my grandads garage, that has been there 20 years
  7. Do you know the width by any chance
  8. As title please what you got?
  9. Couldn’t have put it any better mate as you say it’s reasonable price with a bit of Tlc needed not a major restoration where cars go from owner to owner and never get done my Mk1 will need floor, boot floor, chassis rails to start lol and will get finished lol i can then start the other Mk1 once that shell is done 😳
  10. Was never a keeper for me tbh, sort a few bit and let it go to someone who likes mk2’s more than me lol need to restore the Mk1 rs2000
  11. Get it bolted up about central to start what’s the car going to be used for?
  12. I’ve heard of them but not seen one
  13. It’s a lovely car tbh just needs a few niggles sorting which I think is perfect for someone wanting to do a few bits rather than stripping and rebuilding
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